Public Safety and Crime Prevention


A Public Safety and Crime Prevention Committee is seeking motivated neighbors to share their expertise and time to help make the neighborhood a safer place for everyone. The goals and objectives of this group are still forming. Please contact a FAN Board member to learn more.


Here is a developing list of public safety resources:


Eugene Safe Routes to School

The Eugene Springfield Safe Routes to School mission is to serve a diverse community of parents, students, and organizations: advocating for and promoting the practice of safe bicycling and walking to and from schools throughout the Eugene Springfield area.


City of Eugene: Identifying Hazards and Making Repairs

Public sidewalks are inspected periodically by City of Eugene staff, who look for problems such as sunken, cracked, or raised pavement sidewalks, missing sections, and exposed rough aggregate due to disintegration of the surface cement. Frequently, tree roots push up sections of sidewalk, causing tripping hazards. Generally, a misalignment of more than one-half inch is considered a tripping hazard. Visit the webpage for more information on sidewalk safety.


City of Eugene: Filing a Complaint

Nuisance and Zoning - Complaints must be in writing. They can be submitted through our online form, or by mail, e-mail, fax or in person. Please provide contact information in case we have questions about your complaint, and indicate if you wish the complaint to be confidential. For questions, or more information, please call 541-682-5819.


Crime Prevention Specialists -- Crime Prevention Specialists are assigned to various parts of the City. This allows them the ability to be familiar with crime trends and unique community issues in their areas. Crime Prevention Specialists can assist you with a large variety of prevention and non-emergency police services. For more information or questions about General Crime Prevention please call: 541-682-5137 or email at:


Neighborhood Watch of Lane County

Neighborhood Watch groups, the foundation of community crime prevention, were created to encourage citizen involvement in preventing residential crime. Involved neighbors report suspicious activities to the Lane County Sheriff's Office; members watch out for their neighbors either through observing from their homes or through patrols. Patrols may be foot patrols or vehicle patrols. Neighborhood Watch educates participants in the principles of deterrence, delay, and detection. The program depends on a communication network organized with three levels of participants—the resident, watch leaders, and the Sheriff's Office.


A Safer Eugene & Lane Co.

A forum for sharing information and constructive, civil, mutually-respectful discussion about public safety in the Lane County/Southern Willamette Valley area of Oregon, with a special focus on disaster/emergency awareness and preparedness. Our purpose is to improve the safety and public health of Lane County. Neighborhood safety issues, anti-crime tips, public health and general public safety ''best practices'' may also be posted or discussed here.



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