Map of Friendly Neighborhood with major streets
The neighborhood covers an area of about 1,000 acres bounded by Amazon Creek (East), Chambers (West), 18th (North), and 28th & 29th (South).
The Friendly Area covers an area of 15 city blocks east-west and 10 blocks north-south on the near southwest and south side of the city. The area is generally level, with higher elevations to the south. On the western side of the neighborhood, 80 generally flat residential blocks slope towards the Willamette River from the South Hills. In the center of the area, a high wooded ridge bisects the neighborhood from north to south, covering 60 residential blocks. This ridge is known locally as College Hill, after Columbia College, which was founded on the hill in 1856. The College lasted only a few years, but the name stuck. A smaller residential enclave of 12 blocks lies on the eastern side between Willamette St. and Amazon Park.

The area is bounded on the east by Amazon Creek, which drains the South Hills of Eugene. College Hill was settled from the 1920s, and the flatter areas mainly after 1955. The area is now almost entirely built up.

Our neighboring area associations are:

  • Amazon Neighbors
  • Crest Drive Citizens
  • Jefferson Westside Neighbors
  • Southeast Neighbors