Friendly Area Neighborhood Newsletter - January 2011
Shopping & Living around South Willamette - How is it Changing and What does the Future Hold?
By Nancy Ellen Locke, FAN Board member

At the January 20th FAN General Meeting, we'll listen to one another's concerns and ideas about what might happen- or not happen- in the South Willamette area as we plan for the future.

As you heard in the last FAN Newsletter, the blocks around South Willamette between 24th and 29th Avenues are the subject of a promising planning study. FAN leaders and the Southtowne Business Association (SoBA) started working together to find a way to enhance South Willamette as a pedestrian, bicycle and shopping street and to attract more kinds of housing development into the area. FAN and SoBA then invited city Planning and Public Works staff and other neighborhood leaders to participate in discussions about South Willamette, and initiated a pilot visioning process aimed at achieving these goals.

Envision Eugene, the current city-wide project studying how Eugene will accommodate homes and jobs for approximately 34,000 more people during the next 20 years, is looking to this pilot project in South Willamette to see what ideas the community has for using this anticipated growth to build on the successes of the area.  The goal of the pilot project is to find the best way for growth to contribute to thriving and appealing residential neighborhoods with nearby vital commercial districts.

If you attended the October general meeting, you heard an update on ideas people are talking about.  The program at the January 20th meeting will allow you to share your ideas about what the potential outcomes of actively planning for the future: by deciding how Willamette St. can be improved and determining where different kinds of urban housing, such as row houses and apartment buildings, might best be located.

If you are not able to attend but want to stay informed, please use the contact information below to let Nancy Ellen, Matt, or Patricia know about your interest!

Next Event: Project update at FAN General Meeting January 20, 2011, Washington Park Cottage, 2025 Washington Street.

Project leads and contacts:
FAN: Nancy Ellen Locke,
SoBA: Matt Sprick,
Planning: Patricia Thomas,

Information on the Opportunity Siting (OS) program, including Goals & Objectives, the Ten Tenets of OS, the OS Booklet and OS Proposal Toolkit, are easily available online. Surf on over to the City of Eugene's website at
Come to your Neighborhood Meeting Thursday, January 20th!
By Bernie Corrigan, FAN Board Co-Chair

The Winter FAN General Meeting will take place in the Washington Park Center (2025 Washington Street) at 7 PM on Thursday, January 20th.

There will be two areas of interest addressed by the January 20th meeting:

- Joann Ernst, EWEB Commissioner, will be on hand to talk about upcoming projects that may affect our neighborhood. She will also take questions about EWEB from FAN residents (see article next column).

- Patricia Thomas, City of Eugene Planning, will continue with the discussion of South Towne development as a 20 minute neighborhood and visions of how it may change through time (see article page 1).

Meet a neighbor...make a friend! We hope to see you there!
Letters to the Editor

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Neighborhood climbing clases for families and youth
Submitted by Nancy Ellen Locke, FAN Board member. Information by City of Eugene Recreation Services

Wanted! Familie who want to do something extraordinary! Learn rock climbing basics, practice indoor climbing, and spend quality time together in a safe, supportive environment. Fee includes instruction, equipment, and maintenance. Climbers must fit into a climbing harness. Ask about the family Season Pass - a great value at $50.00!

WhereArts & Technology Academy at Jefferson Middle School, 1650 West 22nd Ave.

When: Wednesdays - 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM - January 5th through May 11th (no climb March 23, 2011)

Cost: $5.00 Drop in Fee. Ages 4 & up.

Additional classes and activities are described in the City of Eugene Recreation Services Winter - Spring 2011 Guide. For more information visit and search for "Recreation Services".
EWEB Commissioner Joann Ernst to attend FAN General Meeting
Submitted by Jeannine Parisi, EWEB Public Affairs

The Eugene Water & Electric Board is Oregon's largest public utility, serving nearly 87,000 electric customers. As a public utility, EWEB does not operate to earn a profit or to meet the investment needs of stockholders. Instead, EWEB has a five-member Board of Commissioners who are elected by Eugene residents to serve their interests.  Joann Ernst, one of the five elected Board members, represents an area roughly equivalent to the Churchill, Far West, Jefferson/Westside and Friendly neighborhoods (City Council Wards 1 & 8).  Her main areas of interest as an EWEB Commissioner are energy conservation programs, renewable power, protecting the McKenzie River, and facilitating community involvement and education.

Commissioner Ernst has requested an opportunity to meet with neighbors to share information on some upcoming EWEB projects and respond to your questions about utility issues.  More specifically, Joann will discuss the underlying factors leading to the Board's decisions to raise rates in 2011, introduce EWEB's upcoming energy resource planning effort, and share some insights on the utility's first new General Manager in twenty years, Roger Gray. 

Neighbors who can't attend the meeting are welcome to contact their EWEB Commissioner directly at
Eugene woke up to find new-fallen snow late November. Morning commuters on Jackson Street left a variety of tracks. Photo by Andrew Fisher.

Eugene woke up to find new-fallen snow late November. Morning commuters on Jackson Street left a variety of tracks. Photo by Andrew Fisher
Volunteer Opportunities
Summer Solstice Pancake Breakfast seeks motivated individuals. Please contact FAN Board member Mike Giroux at to volunteer your skills at this June event or for more information.

The Friendly Area Neighbors (FAN) Board seeks additional board member to serve as Secretary; recording monthly meeting minutes and contributing to discussion of agenda items and efforts. Please contact FAN Board Co-Chairs Bernie Corrigan ( or Carlos Barrera ( for more information.

Pesticide-Free Washington Park seeks individuals willing to donate a few hours to maintaining Washington Park without the use of pesticides. To volunteer, please contact Lorna Baldwin by e-mail at or by telephone at (541) 682-4845.
Washington Park spray play coming soon!
By Carrie Peterson, City of Eugene Parks & Open Space

Thanks to an outpouring of neighborhood support, we are proud to announce the Eugene Parks Foundation has achieved its fundraising goal for the project.

In addition to expressing our sincere appreciation we wanted to take this opportunity to provide a status report.  As the record-breaking Oregon construction season progressed, it became clear that late summer 2010 would not be a good time to receive the best and most competitive bid for this project. Eugene Parks and Open Space staff and the Eugene Parks Foundation conferred and reached agreement to delay releasing the project for bids from contractors until this winter.  With this change, construction will be completed and ready to enjoy by the end of the 2011 public school year.  Just in time for those hot summer days!

Design development this summer revealed that the large size of the proposed spray play system would trigger   expensive water quality requirements that might use up limited land within Washington Park.  Our original design goals were to use less fresh water and produce no more storm water run-off than the existing wading pool.  To meet those goals, we have asked Eugene Parks and Open Space to modestly reduce the size of the spray play design.  The main changes are elimination of the highest flow water feature and removal of a large concrete walkway intended for maintenance vehicle access.  This will still produce Eugene's largest spray play area but will avoid unexpected expenses.

We look forward to celebrating the grand opening of this wonderful addition to Eugene's parks system next summer.

For additional information visit:
Map of Neighborhood Associations in Eugene
Bond measure to fix 18th Ave next summer
By Doug Singer, City of Eugene Public Works Engineering

The City of Eugene plans to repairs 18th Avenue from Patterson to Washington streets next summer. The work will be paid for through bonds approved by local voters in November 2008 to fix local streets and bike paths.

In many ways, the work will be similar to the repairs done in 2010 on 18th Avenue between City View and Chambers Street. Sections of 18th Avenue will be reconstructed by excavating the entire road and then building a new base and pavement structure. Other sections of the project only need surface repairs, which is done by grinding off the top layer of asphalt and repaving the street.

Curb and gutter and storm system repairs will be made at a number of locations to improve drainage, and some sidewalk access ramps will be reconstructed as part of the street project.

Construction will cause delays to traffic and temporary restrictions to driveways along the street. The project will be designed and phased to reduce impacts to residents and businesses along 18th Avenue. More details regarding construction and scheduling will be available in the spring. Information will be posted to the City's web site at
Friendly Neighborhood...Past and Present
By Andrew Fisher, FAN Board & newsletter Editor

I was honored to interview Mr. Ed Barthelemy recently. Ed lives in South Eugene now but previously lived in Friendly for many years. Ed was born in 1919 and spent his childhood growing up on Washington Street. Friendly is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Eugene and has some very interesting history. This neighborhood hosted Eugene's first college, hospital, country club, and airport! Over time, some of these neighborhood landmarks moved to other locations (Eugene Country Club and the Eugene Airport) while others disappeared (Columbia College and Mercy Hospital). Understanding local history and how it relates to neighborhood character and quality of life may help inform successful, future development and infill. Public participation is vital! I am thankful for the opportunity to learn some local history from Ed. I hope newsletter readers enjoy a couple of his photos and written recollections below. More is online at

We hope to hear from YOU! Seeking additional written recollections, photographs, and ephemera of Friendly Neighborhood to share with the community! Contact FAN Board member Andrew at for more information on how you can contribute!
Sidewalks are present in this photo of Washington Street near 18th Avenue. Photo probably taken early or mid 1940's. Photo by Ed Barthelemy Decades of home remodeling and new landscaping make the exact
Sidewalks are present in this photo of Washington Street near 18th Avenue. Photo probably taken early or mid 1940's. Photo by Ed BarthelemyDecades of home remodeling and new landscaping make the exact "spot" a challenge to locate in this New Year's Day 2011 view. Photo by Andrew Fisher
Looking north down Washington Street in the late 20's or early 30's. The open land to the distant right would become Washington Park. Skinner's Butte & the Coburg Hills are visible on the horizon. Photo by Ed Barthelemy. Washington Street between 21st and 22nd Avenues. Although obscured by new growth, the dark silhouette of Skinner's Butte is barely visible through the trees. Photo by Andrew Fisher.
Looking north down Washington Street in the late 20's or early 30's. The open land to the distant right would become Washington Park. Skinner's Butte & the Coburg Hills are visible on the horizon. Photo by Ed Barthelemy.Washington Street between 21st and 22nd Avenues. Although obscured by new growth, the dark silhouette of Skinner's Butte is barely visible through the trees. Photo by Andrew Fisher.
Growing up on Washington Street in the 1920's through 1940's
By Ed Barthelemy, former FAN resident

Our home at 2162 Washington was the last house on the West side of the street and there was only one on the East side between 19th & 22nd directly across the street from us. As I recall we paid $2,000 for the house in 1923. I was 4 years old.

The street itself was never paved from 19th south until after I left home in 1940. It ended at 22nd with a pair of ruts continuing on to the only house above 22nd on the East. From there south, from Jefferson to Lawrence was vacant to 29th..tho at that time it wasn't called 29th it was the Lorane Hiway.

The folks that graded 22nd at Lawrence street apparently used the same transit at Washington. It was paved to the East side of Washington with a 3 foot bank running North and South leaving one lane on the North side of 22nd from which to turn right onto Washington. 22nd did not continue on to Jefferson & was absolutely impassible in the Winter.

A very substantial ditch ran down the East side from 22nd to 19th & with no storm drains was quite a waterway in a heavy rain & at all other times presented a real driving hazard, Summer or Winter, once in there was no getting out on your own & while I suppose there were towing companies I don't ever remember seeing one, you simply called a friend & he hooked on & snaked you out.

A couple of things that Washington Street meant to me were really not limited to that street. The first was the Newman Fish Truck, operated by the original Mr. Newman. It was a black Model T rigged up with what today would be called a canopy & a hanging scale. He would drop the tailgate & slice off whatever you wanted...

(The full story continues online at along with additional photos and descriptions!)