Friendly Area Neighborhood Newsletter - July 2010
FAN Summer Picnic July 25th
By Bernie Corrigan, FAN Board Co-Chair

The 10th annual FAN Summer Picnic will be held Sunday, July 25th from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM in Washington Park at 2025 Washington St. Bring a picnic meal and relax on the park lawn. There will be food, live music by musicians Rob Tobias & The Northwest Express, and a raffle. This year only, the picnic will also feature Oregon's Largest Slip-N-Slide! The City of Eugene is bringing, setting-up, supervising the use of, and packing away this huge show stopper from last year's Riverhouse River Festival. It is sure to be a hit with the little ones!

There will be information from various community partners as well. If you would like to share information on your organization or group or you would like to volunteer to help set-up before or clean-up after this event, please contact a FAN Board Co-Chair Bernie Corrigan ( or Carlos Barrera (

Our 3rd annual Recycling Event (see article page 6) will also be taking place at Washington Park that day. Donations are being sought for the neighborhood raffle. If you are interested in making a donation please contact Nancy Ellen Locke by e-mail at or by telephone at (541) 431-0533.
Friendly Street Block Party Aug 22nd
By Andrew Fisher, FAN Board member and newsletter Editor

Following on the heels of a successful open house on May 21st, a group of eight Friendly area businesses are planning a neighborhood block party to be held from Noon to 6:00 PM on Sunday, August 22nd. The location for the event will be the empty lots at 27th and Friendly (the former location of the Friendly Garage).

The group of Friendly businesses have named themselves the FAB (Friendly Area Businesses) 8. They consist of Fox Hollow Creek Nursery, KORU Health Center, Friendly Street Market, Healthy Pet, Eugene Acupuncture, J-Tea, Friendly Street Cafe, and STUDIO-E Architecture PC.

The block party is still in the planning stages however Mario Tucci of Friendly Street Cafe says the festivities will include food, music, dancing, and activities for the kids. Event organizers would also like to provide Friendly neighborhood artists an opportunity to showcase their talent and craft. If you are interested in sharing your artwork with your neighbors, or you would like more information about this event, please e-mail the organizers at
This photo shows a newly resurfaced College Hill Reservoir. The surface is an even, bright grey color. A bright blue sky and green trees occupy the background. New security fencing is also visible.
All of the resurfacing of the College Hill Reservoir is finished. Enjoy our neighborhood asset! Photo by Greg Giesy
Who to Call to Report a Problem
By Nancy Ellen Locke, FAN Board member

In the past the Friendly Area Neighbors Executive Board has made a point of providing our neighborhood with a list of contact telephone numbers that citizens can use to help solve their own problems. Please take the time to read over the list below and walk around your own block. You might want to bring a pen and note pad with you. Then report back any problems you think need attention to the proper source.  Graffiti, missing street signs, and potholes may only get replaced or mended if they are reported!

The City of Eugene will need specific information when you make your report. Here are some examples: "There is a pothole in the road directly in front of 1132 West 25th Ave." or "The street sign is missing on the NW corner of Friendly and West 25 Avenue.".

Please help care for the neighborhood - make a call and report the problems you notice!

You may contact Public Works Maintenance at (541) 682‐4800 to report:

- Abandoned Items in Right of Way
- Banners (street, downtown)
- Bollards, Barricades, Guardrail repair
- Bike Path, path & lights maintenance
- Culverts, Ditches, Viaducts
- Dead Animal in Right of Way (not for private property)
- Debris in street or road
- Flooding: streets, paths, parks
- Graffiti on Public Property (not for private property)
- Hazardous spills (after-hours call 682‐5111 or 911)
- Leaf pick‐up
- Manhole covers (missing, damaged) after-hours call 682‐5111 or 911
- Parks
- Pot holes
- Sidewalk maintenance/repair
- Stream Team
- Traffic Sign missing/down (for STOP sign after-hours ‐ 682‐5111)
- Traffic Signal (after-hours call 682‐5111)
- Trees in Right of Way
- Vegetation in Right of Way (or blocking ROW)

You may contact Land Use Complaints at (541) 682‐5819 or via their website at to report:

- Abandoned Vehicle
- Camping
- Debris
- Fences
- Garbage/ Containers
- Home Occupations
- Improper Zoning Uses
- Junk
- Noise
- Odor
- Signs
- Smoking
- Structures
- Trees
- Vacant/ Abandoned Structures
Mobile Cannery Project
By Tracy Gagnon, Site Coordinator, School Garden Project

This summer the community is invited to participate in a series of canning demonstrations in each of the six Eugene Community Gardens. Canning equipment will be hauled to each garden via our mobile bike cannery. With a double burner propane stove, portable sink, tables, buckets, and canning supplies loaded on our bike we’re equipped to jam, pickle, and salsa out of doors with interested community members. Skinner City Farm will coordinate the demonstrations in collaboration with the Center for Appropriate Transport (CAT) with funding provided by a Neighborhood Matching Grant from the City.

The demonstrations will begin with raw ingredients and culminate with a finished jar of preserves. Our canning focus is on what the typical home or community gardener will have in their garden patch.  Our hope at Skinner City Farm is to teach and encourage folks to preserve summer harvests that would otherwise go to waste.  We want to share how simple the canning process can be and at the same time build community within the gardens. Canning, we believe, will create an outlet for excess produce and increase local food security.

The Mobile Cannery is the beginning of a larger project at Skinner City Farm. Our long-term goal is to develop a Food Preservation Center where community members will be able to preserve foods in a large commercial kitchen.

We’ll be canning jam, pickles, tomatoes, and other preserves this summer.  Come participate in these demonstrations and see the start to finish process of home canning. Jam with us on the following Saturdays:

August 14th - River House Community Garden
August 21st - Alton Baker Community Garden
September 11th - Skinner City Farm
September 25th - Whiteaker Community Garden
October 2nd - Matthews Community Garden
October 16th - Amazon Community Garden

See our website at for more information. Please e-mail Tracy Gagnon at or call (541) 344-8322 if you’re interested in joining us or if you’re an experienced canner. 
School District to Seek Buyer for Civic Stadium
By 4J Communications Staff

After an extended and thoughtful discussion and consideration of public input, the Eugene School Board has made a decision about Civic Stadium: The time has come to find a new owner for the property, rather than continuing to own and maintain the baseball stadium.

The school board has elected to dispose of the property using a Request for Proposals (RFP) process. This process allows for the broadest range of proposed uses, including potential preservation of the stadium grandstands, and allows the school board to consider more than the financial bottom line when deciding whether to accept a proposal.

First, this summer and fall, the school district will develop a timeline and specific criteria the board will use to evaluate proposals. There will be opportunities for public input when the school board discusses the proposed criteria in late summer or early fall.

This fall or winter the district will issue the RFP, inviting interested parties to submit proposals that describe their plans for the property and offer a purchase price (or suggest terms of a long-term lease or property trade). Proposals will be evaluated using the pre-set criteria, and if the board selects a proposal to approve, the district will move forward with negotiating a sale, lease or trade.

The school district has set up a mailing list to keep community members informed as the decision-making process continues. To be added to 4J’s Civic Stadium mailing list, please send an e-mail with your name and e-mail address to
Civic Stadium is Officially For Sale
By Greg Giesy, FAN Board member

It is June 16th and I have just gotten home from a 4J School Board Meeting where they have voted unanimously to sell the Civic Stadium property in a Request for Proposal (RFP) process. A RFP process not only looks at the price someone is willing to spend on a property but looks at how the property is going to be use for the betterment of the community. So as an example the proposed sport complex fundraisers started by the Save Civic organization would have a better chance for the property than a strip mall developer.

It is hard to fault the school board for selling Civic after sitting at the meeting through over an hour of people (mostly students) being upset about teacher transfers or teacher cuts do to the school district’s budget lack of funding.

The school district has never been an active manager using the stadium to its full potential so I sit here with mixed emotions as all the good and bad possibilities for the property run through my head. What is the future for Civic Stadium?

With community support there are now two sport complexes on the table that could improve the use of the property. Will the citizens of Eugene step up like they did during the depression of the 1930’s and invest in future generations’ needs?
Neighborhood Garage Sale
By Andrew Fisher, FAN Board member & newsletter Editor

The Friendly Neighborhood-wide garage sale begins Friday, July 23rd and continues through Sunday, July 25th.

If you sign up to take part in the garage sale, we will display your address and a marker on a Friendly Neighborhood map that would-be garage salers can download from the front page of the FAN website ( You may participate in 1, 2, or 3 days. A different map will be available for each day. If you would like to participate in the garage sale, please e-mail the event organizer at You will receive a confirmation e-mail a few days before the sale takes place to be sure you are still interested in participating. Please provide the following information:

- Your name
- Your contact telephone number
- Address where your garage sale will be held
- What days you want to be listed on the garage sale maps (Friday, July 23rd) (Saturday, July 24th) (Sunday, July 25th)
- A few key words describing what you have for sale (example: "toys, clothes, furniture, CDs, plants, collectibles, etc.")

The maps will only include the address of your sale. We will not print your name or contact information. On the morning of each sale day a limited number of maps will be available as hardcopies at a couple locations in the neighborhood:

Little Y Market - 603 W 19th Avenue
Friendly Street Market - 2757 Friendly Street
Friendly Area Neighborhood Newsletter
Editor & Layout: Andrew Fisher
Letters to the Editor:

This is the official newsletter of the Friendly Area Neighbors (FAN) in Eugene, OR. Funds for the printing & mailing of newsletters are provided by the City of Eugene. Newsletters are produced by neighborhood volunteers and are free to residents & businesses of the neighborhood. Space is available for letters to the editor or articles from neighbors and will be published as space permits. The information provided and the views expressed in this publication do not necessarily represent the position of the City of Eugene or the Friendly Area Neighbors.
Opportunity Siting Heats Up
(This article was originally printed in the May 20th, 2010 edition of the Eugene City Council Newsletter)

As Envision Eugene begins to engage the community in how it grows for the next 20 years, the role of Opportunity Siting (OS) as a tool to sensitively locate new and denser housing types is increasingly important. Created by the City Council as a parallel project with Infill Compatibility Standards (ICS), OS promotes dense housing designed and located in ways that enhance the community. Lessons learned by the Opportunity Siting Task Team led to focusing on areas in and around “Hot Spots” locations that are already magnets for activity.

Based on these hot spots, the OS program now has a pilot study underway. The pilot “Hot Spot” is the area around South Willamette, roughly between 24th and 29th avenues. Last year, the Friendly Area Neighborhood and the Southtowne Business Association began working together to find ways to make the South Willamette area a more vibrant business center and enhance its attractiveness as a place to walk, bike, shop and live. In recent months, they have engaged City planning and transportation staff in helping to envision the future and find tools to promote goals about mixed-use living and commercial success.

Though Opportunity Siting continues to be a tool to promote the right kind of dense housing, this wider visioning approach, as developed by the OS Task Team, also considers the surrounding neighborhood and amenities that make it a good place to live, before narrowing in on a specific site. Involved Friendly Area neighbors and Southtowne businesses are enthusiastic about gradual but important changes to their area. Their work can serve as a model for future efforts in other hot spots and for possible ways to increase density as a part of Envision Eugene.

For more information, contact Patricia Thomas at 541-682-5561 or
Below is a map of the Opportunity Siting "Hot Spots" as identified in the May 20th, 2010 Eugene City Council Newsletter:

This is a map of the Opportunity Siting
The Friendly Area Neighbors (FAN) Executive Board meets the second Monday of every month from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at the Washington Park Cottage (2025 Washington Street). The beginning of each meetiong is dedicated to public comment. If you's like to learn more visit our website at
2nd Event Supports Pesticide-Free Washington Park
By Lorna Baldwin, FAN resident and Volunteer in Parks Coordinator, City of Eugene Parks & Open Space Division

Twenty one volunteers descended on Washington Park on Saturday, May 29th, 2010. Nearly half participated in the first project in March. The new volunteers were primarily neighbors who showed up with knee pads, their favorite gardening tools, and plenty of ideas about how the park should look this time of year. 

The decomposing backboard in the tennis court was replaced by FAN Board Member Mike Giroux. Approximately 90 ninety tree wells and nearly all the landscape beds were weeded. Most of the south end of the very soggy park was edged. The two high school students garnering required community service hours were both a big help! Thanks to everyone for sharing a piece of your Saturday afternoon to keep our park looking and functioning great!

Several neighbors expressed an interest in “adopting”  tree wells or a landscape bed.  Since we are only planning 5 volunteer events per year (every other month excluding December and January) it makes sense to tend these areas more often during the growing season. At the annual picnic we will have a map at our table so you (and your family) can sign up to tend a tree or bed. 

The weekend after the picnic, Saturday, July 31, from 10:00 AM until 12:00 noon is the next volunteer event at Washington Park. Tools, gloves, and snacks provided by Volunteers in Parks. To RSVP or for more information contact Lorna Baldwin, at (541) 682-4845 or e-mail Hope to see you there!
Common Ground Garden Flourishes, Provides Food and Education for Friendly Neighbors
By Robin Scott, FAN resident and Eugene Friendly Neighborhood Farmer

Thanks to hundreds of volunteer hours and the sponsorship of Down to Earth and the City of Eugene, the Common Ground Garden is now in full bloom. FAN Board co-president Carlos Berrera provided the final touch by installing an information kiosk at the site that he built out of recyclable materials. In May, the Resurrected Refuse Action Team (RRAT) assisted volunteers in building a unique tool shed for the garden out of recycled materials. RRAT is a local business that specializes in creative projects that reuse industrial building waste. Wood chips now form paths around and through the garden. Twenty-two garden beds have been planted with vegetables, herbs and flowers. Neighbors have been harvesting greens since April and are eagerly awaiting warm weather crops.

The garden is located at 21st and Van Buren. Work parties are held every weekend. The first two Saturdays of the month, work parties are held on Saturdays from 10 am to noon. The third and fourth weekends, the work parties are held on Sundays from 2pm to 4pm. No experience is necessary and tools are provided. This is a great way to meet your neighbors and learn about organic gardening, composting and other related topics. The Common Ground Garden was featured on this year’s BRING Home and Garden Tour. Hundreds of area residents toured the garden and will hopefully be inspired to create similar projects in their neighborhoods. Please come by and visit any time. Signage throughout the garden will guide visitors, explaining what is planted and what is ready for harvest. For more information, contact or go to
Friendly Yard Art
The entire page is taken up with a semi-overlapping collage of 7 photographs of various items or locales visible along the public streets in Friendly Neighborhood. The first photo depicts what appears to be a decorated dressmaker's bust lying upright against a tree trunk amongst overgrown grass in someone's side yard. Fragments of sheer material clinging to the torso are visible through dappled sunlight. The next photograph is a metal, wire sculpture of a crowing rooster. The location is the Common Ground Garden near 21st and Van Buren. The next image is a close-up of a roundish and flattened river stone lying amongst some plants. The stone has been painted red, black and some white to resemble a ladybug. The next photograph shows a child's red pull wagon loaded with brightly colored flowers. The next image in the Friendly Yard Art photo collage is a large, custom-made fence and front entryway. It is constructed from what appears to be a flexible, root or willow-like material. The overall form of the fence is a woven form which leads up to an entry gate depicting a human face. A small roof covers the entry gate and resembles a hat perched atop the face. The sixth image is a solid, wood fence decorated with a silhouette of a family celebrating a child's birthday party. The silhouette appears to be cut from a large, single sheet of plywood. The final photograph shows a chest-high metal sculpture in a front yard. The sculpture is in the form of a canine similar in shape to a Great Dane. It has pointed ears and appears to be constructed from found objects such as the blades of a push-lawnmower and such. Rooster Photo by Greg Giesy. All other photos by Andrew Fisher. The white spaces on this page are occupied by clip art renderings of a cricket, a honey bee, and an ant.
Community Partners Support Annual Recycling Event Sunday, July 25th
By Andrew Fisher, FAN Board member & newsletter Editor

Bring your obsolete objects, excess accessories, and surplus stuff down to Washington Park on Sunday, July 25th between 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM. You can reduce and recycle your unwanted possessions with the help of community partners. This event is scheduled to overlap with the FAN summer picnic (see article on page 1). Bring your donations and then enjoy the neighborhood celebration! Donation vehicles will be parked along Washington Park near the intersection of Lawrence Street and 20th Avenue. Our community partners for this year's event include:

- St. Vincent de Paul - accepting donations of useable household items, books, collectibles, furniture and clothing. Please do not bring any torn or stained items. Donated items are either distributed to those in need or sold through the St. Vincent de Paul thrift stores. The proceeds from these sales provide assistance to low-income and homeless families and individuals. For more information visit or telephone (541) 687-5820.

- Habitat for Humanity ReStore - accepting donations of reusable building and home improvement materials.  This includes left over lumber and plywood, dry and clean sheetrock (even small pieces), sinks, faucets, kitchen and bath cabinets, surplus tile, and any number of other home improvement related items.  Other acceptable donations include working appliances, vinyl and aluminum framed windows, some patio sliding doors (in good, operational condition), garden tools and supplies, and unused latex paint in cans that are clean.

The ReStore cannot accept used carpeting or pads, used flooring, oil based paint, opened or used latex paint, blinds or curtains, or items containing hazardous materials (i.e. garden chemicals).  The ReStore cannot accept items that are worn or broken beyond reuse.

The ReStore is looking for people interested in volunteering at the store. To learn more please contact volunteer manager Cindy Nelson by e-mail at or telephone (541) 344-4809.

- NextStep Recycling - generally accepts anything that runs on batteries or plugs in. Many items may be recycled for free however some items require a fee. For more information on acceptable donations and fees visit or telephone (541) 686-2366.

- Sanipac - A recycling station will be set up to accept commingled recyclables. A dumpster has been donated for the event. Volunteers will be on hand to assist with disposing of acceptable refuse. Sanipac supports recycling. For a thorough list of where to recycle or reuse many items in our community visit
Your Neighborhood Now Organizing for Disaster Preparedness
By Carlos Barrera, FAN Board Co-Chair

Faced with an emergency, you might call 911 and receive help in a matter of minutes, but when disaster strikes, it may be hours or even days before emergency responders can reach you. Knowing what to do in the first hour of a disaster may help you save a life, prevent or reduce the severity of possible injuries, and reduce the amount of damage your neighborhood sustains.

FAN is now offering to help organize you and your immediate neighbors into an effective group to help each other in case of disaster.  You will receive an illustrated booklet from Oregon Emergency Management detailing the nine steps to take immediately following a disaster.  You will meet with a small group of your immediate neighbors to watch a short video and exchange information about skills and equipment available to deal with a disaster, map locations of gas and water meters, and where there are households that may need extra help.

To participate in this free service to organize your block, call Carlos,your FAN Co-Chair, at 541-344-5599 or e-mail him at
Community Resources Directory
By Nancy Ellen Locke, FAN Board member

Community Centers:

(541) 682‐5373 - Amazon Center, 2700 Hilyard
(541) 682‐5350 - Amazon Pool (Summer Only), 2600 Hilyard
(541) 682‐5318 - Campbell Center, 155 High St
(541) 682‐5525 - Echo Hollow Pool, 1655 Echo Hollow
(541) 682‐5311 - Hilyard Community Center & Adaptive Rec, 2580 Hilyard
(541) 682‐5318 - Lamb Cottage Rental, Skinner Butte
(541) 687‐5321 - Laurelwood Golf Course, 2700 Columbia
(541) 682‐5521 - Petersen Barn, 870 Berntzen
(541) 682‐5329 - River House, 301 N. Adams
(541) 682‐5312 - Sheldon Center, 2445 Willakenzie
(541) 682‐5314 - Sheldon Pool, 2443 Willakenzie
(541) 484‐0808 - Shelton‐McMurphy‐Johnson House, 303 Willamette
(541) 682‐5351 - Washington Park, 2025 Washington
(541) 682‐5380 - Wayne Morse Family Farm, 595 Crest Dr

Other Resources:

(541) 736‐1056 - Air Quality (LRAPA)
(800) 332‐2344 - Call Before You Dig ‐ Utility Locates
(541) 687‐5820 - Camping (Homeless) ‐ St. Vincent de Paul
(541) 746‐3023 - BRING Recycling
(541) 683‐6600 - Bureau Land Management
(541) 484‐5307 - Convention & Visitors Association of Lane County
(541) 682‐4203 - Lane County
(541) 682‐3645 - Animal Control
(541) 682‐4292 - Fairgrounds
(541) 682‐5291 - Public Works
(541) 343‐4298 - Oregon Country Fair
(541) 343‐3733 - Diamond Parking
(541) 686‐8885 - Vendors‐ Saturday Market
(541) 682‐4120 - Waste Management Lane County
(541) 736‐4544 - Willamalane Park District
Neighborhood Matching Grant Funding Available
Information provided by the City of Eugene

The next City of Eugene Neighborhood Matching Grant cycle opens July 1, with $50,000 available for neighborhood improvement or community building projects.

Grant guidelines and application materials are available on the City web site,, and after July 1st at the Permit and Information Center, the Downtown, Bethel and Sheldon libraries, the Amazon, Hilyard, Sheldon, and Peterson Barn Community Centers and the Campbell Senior Center.

All applications will be required to undergo a pre-review by October 15, 2010 to ensure consistency with grant guidelines and existing plans and policies of the City and other partner agencies. Final applications are due on January 17, 2011. Awards will be announced in early April 2011.

For more information about the Neighborhood Matching Grants Program, contact Cindy Clarke with Neighborhood Services at (541) 682-5272 or
Green Neighbor (not just) Bike Tours Aug 7th & 8th
by Doug Black, FAN Resident, NLC Committee on Sustainability FAN Co-Rep, Green Neighbor Bike Tour Coordinator

Interest among FAN residents in "going green" continues to lead our city along. From media coverage on the recent resident chicken flap, to the city’s first right-of-way cooperative Common Ground Garden, to the best-ever attendance at last summer's Green Homes tours, Friendly neighbors set the pace!

Last August over 70 neighbors pedaled through the Friendly Neighborhood to look into the innovative future of permaculture-related, lower-carbon-footprinted home design. They stopped to see David & Joyce’s shared double backyard and chickens, get introductions into beekeeping, see how Village School students learn about native habitat restoration, and more.

The 2010 series of ten “Green Neighbor (not just) Bike Tours” throughout Eugene’s neighborhoods seeks to cultivate new relationships between neighbors as we move towards greater local self-reliance and a lighter consumer footprint. In an effort to build more participation and relationships, the tours are inclusively encouraging folks who cannot bike along this year to car or vanpool. This summer offers a great opportunity to learn how Friendly residents are taking steps to decrease their carbon footprints and relocalize food and energy production through innovative permaculture design principles. The tour will also showcase local beekeepers, chicken coops, and the garden’s bounty of native, edible and medicinal plants.

Join us for this year’s FAN bike tours, first on Saturday, August 7th at 11:00 AM, starting at the Friendly St. Market (2757 Friendly St). This first tour will showcase approximately five homes over 3 hours, in the FAN area west from Jefferson. Sunday the 8th's will cover the higher half of the FAN from Jefferson east.

For the latest on both bike tour itineraries (including the Sunday start location) please check either the Neighborhood Leaders Council’s Committee on Sustainability’s/NLCCoS new website at, Friendly Neighborhood Farmers at, or go to the NLCCoS wiki: You can also call NLCCoS FAN co-representative Doug Black, at (541) 485-6846. We look forward to seeing you there!
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US Mail

Friendly Area Neighbors
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Photo Gallery: Summer Solstice Pancake Breakfast Serves Smiles!
Photos by Greg Giesy

A young woman smiles towards a man and woman sat across from her at a folding table in Washington Park.
Sharing breakfast and a smile.
Two picnic tables are occupied by residents and neighbors talking and eating pancakes.
The 2nd annual event was held Sunday, June 20th at Washington Park.
A large sunshade, folding tables, and a portable propane grill are shown just outside the Washington Park Cottage. Bright yellow linens cover the folding tables. Residents young and old are lined up to enjoy a plate of pancakes, strawberries and whipped cream.
Event support by FAN Board and Billy Mac's Bar & Grill
Five members of the all-female, steel drum band the Steel Magnolias are shown performing alongside the Washington Park Cottage. The large drums are a metallic blue and the group is surrounded by multi-colored decorations at their feet depicting flamingo, palm trees, and other Island images.
The Steel Magnolias Band brought their island sound.
This is the poster for the 2010 Friendly Area Neighbors 10th Annual Summer Picnic. Washington Park 2025 Washington Street July 25th 2010 from 5:00 to 8:00 PM Oregon's Largest Slid-N-Slide