Friendly Area Neighborhood Newsletter - July 2009 - Eugene, OR
Celebrate at the Summer Picnic Sunday, July 26th at Washington Park
By Andrew Fisher, FAN Board & newsletter Editor

The annual summer picnic for Friendly Area Neighbors will be held Sunday, July 26th from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM in Washington Park at 2025 Washington Street. Bring a picnic meal and relax on the park lawn. There will be live music by neighborhood musicians Jim & The Blue Shades and The Traceys. Also, a raffle, bike registration and other activities are being planned. Our 2nd annual Recycling Event (see article page 3) will also be taking place at Washington Park that day. The Friendly Street Chrch of God is also expected to be on hand with some cool treats for folks.

There will be information from various community partners. If you would like to share information on your organization or group, please contact a FAN Board Co-Chair:

Bernie Corrigan (
Carlos Barrera (

The poster for this year's picnic (see page 8) was designed by Friendly resident, musician and FAN Board member Rob Tobias.

Friendly Neighborhood Farmers host first annual Tour de Coop
By Robin Onaclea, FAN resident

Over 30 people attended the first annual Eugene Friendly Farmer's Tour de Coop in June. The tour, modeled on Portland's popular Tour de Coop, featured seven chicken coops in the Friendly Neighborhood area.

People biked, walked and carpooled the two mile route. A variety of coops were featured, including a moveable chicken tractor-style coop and a deluxe coop that was wired with electricity and had an integrated rain collection system that provided water for the chickens and the surrounding vegetation.

Tour participants met many different breeds of Friendly Neighborhood hens and learned about successful methods of raising chickens in an urban environment. Many Friendly neighbors are interested in raising chickens or have just started raising chickens this year. An informational handout on raising backyard chickens can be downloaded from the FAN website at under the section titled "documents".

Portions of the tour were filmed by a Salem group who are creating a documentary on the urban chicken movement. The film will be entered in the Sundance Film Festival this year.

Over 150 people have joined the Eugene Friendly Neighborhood Farmers online group. To find out about upcoming Friendly Farmer events including workshops, potlucks and work parties, join us at

Lane County Fair
August 18th to 23rd 2009

General Admission
$6.00 for Seniors (65+) and over and Kids ages 6 to 15
$9.00 for Adults
FREE for Kids (5 and under) for more info visit
Zoning & Nuisance Complaints
Submitted by Nancy Ellen Locke, FAN Board

The City of Eugene has four land use inspectors. They are assigned enforcement cases on a rotating basis. If you have a complaint, you may submit it on-line. Here is the link to the City of Eugene:

From the Home page select: Planning & Development Division, then select Zoning and Nuisance. From that location you can submit your complaints regarding:

- Animals
- Camping
- Debris
- Fences
- Garbage and Garbage Containers
- Home Occupations
- Improper Uses within Zoning District
- Junk
- Noise
- Odor
- Signs
- Smoking
- Structures too close to property line
- Trees
- Vacant/Open Structure
- Vehicles
- Vision Clearance
- Zoning - General Information
- Referrals to Other Agencies or Other City Departments

The Zoning and Nuisance Administration provides information to the general public and individuals affiliated with specific development projects; and investigates complaints and enforce compliance in the areas of tree and natural resource preservation, nuisance standards such as junk and debris, development standards for property and buildings, smoking standards, camping, lighting, signs and such zoning issues as animals and home occupations. We rely primarily on requirements from chapters six and nine of the Eugene Code, adopted by our elected officials.

If you have specific questions you also may call the Land Use Enforcement line at (541) 682-5819.
Blackberry Jamboree bike event August 1
by Shane Rhodes, GEARS Advocacy & Education Director

The Jamboree community fun ride will take place on Saturday, August 1, 2009, and start at 9 AM at the EWEB Plaza on the River Trail just below the Defazio Bike Bridge. It will be a 20 mile ride through the neighborhoods of Eugene with stops planned at community centers and parks along the route. The route will consist of two 10-mile loops that roll back to the starting point for a short break (or optional end).

Cost is $5 for an individual or $10 for the whole family. Everyone gets blackberry pie and ice cream after the ride! Fun for the whole family. Food, entertainment and T-shirts will be available.

Registration of the Blackberry Jamboree is now open. To register by mail, please download and complete the registration form here:,

You may also register online. See the GEARS website for the hyperlink:
FAN Garage Sale wants you!
by Andrew Fisher, FAN Board & newsletter Editor

The Friendly Area Neighbors (FAN) Board is helping to organize the 2nd annual neighborhod-wide garage sale. The event begins Friday, July 24th and continues through Sunday, July 26th. You may participate in 1, 2, or 3 days.

If you sign up to take part in the garage sale, we will display your address and a marker on a Friendly Neighborhood map that would-be garage salers can download from the front page of the FAN website ( A different map will be available for each day.

If you would like to participate in the garage sale, please email the event organizer, Andrew Fisher, at Please provide the following information:

Your name
Your contact telephone number
Address where your garage sale will be held
What days you want to be listed on the garage sale maps (Friday, July 24th, Saturday, July 25th, Sunday, July 26th)

(The maps will only include the address of your sale. We will not print your name or contact information).
FANspeak / Email News

Now you can receive email updates on what's happening around Friendly Neighborhood. It's easy to sign up. Please visit and look for the information on FANspeak in the upper right of the home page.
Reduce, donate stuff July 26th at Washington Park
by Andrew Fisher, FAN Board & newsletter Editor

Too much stuff? Are your closets crammed to the ceiling? Is your garage filled to the rafters? Garage sales are a fun way to reduce the amount of stuff we have. Another way is to donate used clothing, household items, electronics, and other goods to local organizations.

In conjunction with the neighborhood-wide garage sale, the Friendly Area Neighbors have organized a recycling event that will include representation from NextStep Recycling as well as St. Vincent de Paul. Sanipac has donated a dumpster for the event too. Volunteers will be on hand to assist with receiving donations and disposing of refuse.

NextStep Recycling accepts many items at no charge. If you have questions about your donation, please feel free to contact them at (541) 686-2366 or online (

The recycling component of this event will take place on Sunday, July 26th from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM at Washington Park. This event is scheduled to overlap with the FAN summer picnic. Bring down your donations and then enjoy the celebration!

Please check the FAN website ( for further information on this event.
Pet resources in & around Friendly
By Andrew Fisher, FAN Board & newsletter Editor

Veterinary Care

VCA Westmoreland Animal Hospital
1748 W 18th Avenue, Eugene, OR
(541) 485-4595
After-hour emergencies: (541) 746-0112

Animal Health Associates
2835 Willamette, Eugene, OR
(541) 345-1544
After-hour emergencies: (541) 485-0761 (Emergency Veterinary Hospital)

"Animal Health Associates - Serving South Eugene and the Friendly Area Neighborhood since 1947"

Healing Paws Wellness Center
160 E 18th, Eugene, OR
(541) 344-4640

"Healing Paws Wellness Center is a holistic veterinary clinic dedicated to helping dogs and cats live a long and healthy life. Our practice approaches medicine from a naturopathic perspective, emphasizing the importance of nutrition while integrating alternative modalities such as acupuncture & homeopathy. From your pet's annual wellness exam to treating acute and chronic disease, we offer gentle and compassionate health care for dogs and cats of all ages."


The Healthy Pet
2777 Friendly Street, Eugene, OR
(541) 343-3411
"Holistic pet food & all natural pet supplies"

Mini Pet Mart
2636 Willamette, Eugene, OR
(541) 345-3399
"Oregon-owned - Largest selection of pet foods in the Willamette Valley"


Amazon Dog Park

Morse Ranch Park

City & Local Government Services

Low Cost Spay& Neuter Clinic
3970 W 1st Avenue, Eugene, OR
(541) 682-3643
Spays & Neuters by appointment
Vaccinations & flea medication walk-in clinic Monday through Saturday, 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Lane County Animal Services
3970 W 1st Ave, Eugene, OR
(541) 682-3646
"For adoption & licensing or to report a lost or neglected animal"
Gardening workshop July 19th
By Lorna Baldwin, FAN resident

A Winter Gardening workshop will be taught at the Amazon Community Garden on July 19th (just in time to plant) by Tom Bettman. The City's community gardeners are invited as well as Friendly Neighborhood residents. Please contact Lorna Baldwin at (541) 682-4845 or email lorna.j.baldwin@ci.eugene.or.uis for more infrormation or to register.
Saving Civic Stadium
By Dennis Hebert, President, Save Civic Stadium

Since last years FAN picnic the Save Civic Stadium organization has made significant progress.

Great fun was had with being in the Eugene Celebration Parade. This was the second year participating and we even had our own SCS Marching Band!

SCS met with 4j starting last fall and have continued a dialogue with them about what possibilities exist for transfering ownership of Civic.

A 70th birthday party was held for Civic Stadium just days after receiving it's recognition on the National Historic Register. We can officially call it Historic Civic Stadium now!

The SCS Board attended a meeting in November with The Elmore Group (principal owners of the EMs), representatives of 4j, City of Eugene, and Chamber of Commerce. We discussed what it would take for the EMs to remain at Civic. The bathrooms, lockerooms, not being up to Minor League standards, etc. comments came up. Their final resolution was for us to have $15 million (yes that's dollars) in the bank by January 31st and a plan to start renovations at the end of this 2009 season if we wanted the Ems to remain at Civic. Needless to say, we did not meet the deadline.

Meetings were held with the City in late winter and the City Council gave the OK to have Mr. Jon Ruiz devote city planner time to assist in the transition of property from 4j. Members of SCS, City Planning, 4j Facilities, Chamber of Commerce, and the City Historical Preservation office continue to meet. Our discussions are about what can and cannot be done to Historic Civic Stadium along with the property adjacent to it. Plans are being formulated but it is still open to other opportunities. We would like to see a plan developed that would insure a revenue stream for restoration and maintenance of Civic.

In June, we had our Annual General Meeting for SCS and had a very good attendance. We have enlisted some new supporters to help Save Civic Stadium.

Our biggest news is that we are now an offical IRS 501c3 tax-deductable organization. That means that we are non-profit and contributions made to SCS are tax-deductable for the contributor. We are fundraising now. Capella Market held a bicycle raffle (donated by Paul's Bicycle Way of Life) which brought in $803.00 for the SCS organization. These days, we need operating capital for brochures and other outreach material, SCS t-shirts, buttons and bumper stickers to spread the word. So, go to Tsunami Books and help get the word out to show your Civic Pride. We hope to have a Capital Fundraising Campaign starting in the fall. Our new brochures tell of our work this past year, about Civic, how to make contributions, volunteer opportunities and how to contact us. Go to

SCS is reaching out to the community-at-large and to those who have fond memories and great hope that Historic Civic Stadium will be around for a long time to come.
College Hill Reservoir ready for summer
By Jeannine Parisi & Greg Giesy

Over the winter months, EWEB contractors have been resurfacing the south portion of the College Hill reservoir and installing limited security fencing. This work, which was approved by the EWEB Board as a way to protect drinking water while retaining public access to the reservoir, has been completed for the season. The north half will be resurfaced this next winter. A new garbage receptacle and pet waste station, installed in January, was also part of recent facility improvements.

But wait, there's more! FAN was awarded a Neighborhood Matching Grant to build a secondary access to the reservoir surface that meets ADA requirements. The new path will provide access to those with limited mobility, as well as children on bikes and star gazers who lug their telescopes to the reservoir surface. After several years of discussion, it is rewarding to see the neighbors' commitment pay off with the ADA path project finally completed by the time this newsletter reaches you.

This is a truly collaborative effort. Greg Giesy and Rick Grosscup are managing the grant project and providing technical expertise in excavation, laying pavers and wall construction to bridge the ditch next to the reservoir. City grant funds are being used to pay for materials and a contractor for the concrete work, volunteers are contributing the bulk of the labor, and EWEB is paying for the project design work and the metal handrails for the path.

Path construction started May 25th. A large volunteer work party was scheduled on Saturday, May 30th. Over eight hours, 28 volunteers hauled off tons of dirt and rock where the future concrete/paver path to the reservoir will be built. It was a hot day of hard labor; volunteers truly deserve our thanks (and a backrub) for their efforts. In early June, the concrete was poured for the new ADA curb access/sidewalk area and pavers were installed for the ADA van side door walk.

Mid June as this article is being written the railings are being installed and the piers for the railings will be poured. Volunteers should finish everything by the end of the next week. This will include signage, ground paint for the ADA parking space, the main section of pavers, soil removal to match the project elevation, and preparation for planting beds on each side of the path.

The project partners, EWEB, FAN, and the City of Eugene, are planning a ribbon cutting ceremony in conjunction with the announcement of the next round of neighborhood matching grants on or around July 1st. We hope you made it to the celebration of our success at the ribbon cutting for the College Hill Reservoir and come enjoy this fantastic, community asset.

-Jeannine Parisi is the Local Government Outreach Coordinator for EWEB & Greg Giesy is a member of the Friendly Area Neighbors (FAN) Board

Summer Solstice Pancake Breakfast serves flapjacks & fun
by Amy Henne & Mike Giroux, FAN Board members

What a huge success! The Friendly Area Neighbors 1st annual Summer Solstice Pancake Breakfast served 196 neighbors and friends Sunday morning to the delightful Island and steel drum music of The Steel Magnolias. The Steel Magnolias brought the sequin encrusted limbo bar, blinking flamingos, palm trees and bubble machine that lifted the hearts of children big and small. The event was catered/sponsored by Billy Mac's Bar & Grill located at 19th and Jefferson. They happily served abundant pancakes, ripe strawberries, tall cans of squirty whipped cream (self-served piles of it!), "good" coffee and orange juice. Their service was impeccable and generous.

All morning, the air was filled with the laughter of children and parents, much to the delight of the event organizers from FAN, Mike Giroux and Amy Henne. Members of the Board, neighbors and friends provided the hands to carry off this first-time celebration of summer. The FAN Board generously approved the budget necessary to make this a FREE event.

Washington Cottage was adorned with balloons and flowers from the gardens in Friendly. Rainbow tissue garlands and the wonderful banners that Cindy Clarke from Neighborhood Services designed and delivered just in time for the event. Neighbors remarked over and over on the festive reusable place settings and recycling containers provided by Neighborhood Services. They actually made people happy! We kept count of how many neighbors attended the event, by keeping track of the plate count as the dishwasher in Washington Cottage was loaded. I don't know who bought the dishes, but they were happy colors and we all loved the square shape!

The staff sent from City of Eugene Recreation were wonderful! Happy, pleasant, and involved. I don't know who was more pleased with the whimsical face-painting for the children--the kids themselves or those of us who broke wide grins at the mice and kittens and puppies who suddenly appeared in our midst. Simple pleasures on a lovely Sunday morning. We look forward to the 2nd annual Summer Solstice Pancake Breakfast, June 20th 2010.
Summer concert series at Woodfield Station

This summer, you can enjoy free live music right here in Friendly! Meet up with an old friend or invite a neighbor to join you on the flower-filled patio in front of The Supreme Bean Coffee Co (Woodfield Station, 29th & Willamette) every Friday from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM. Wine, beer, and food are available.

Friday, July 17 - The Swingin' Marmalukeys
Acoustic swing, vocal harmony, ukulele

Friday, July 24th - Low Tide Drifters
Folk, blues, country

Friday, July 31st - Apropos
3-part acoustic harmony

Friday, August 7th - Sideroads
Country road music

Friday, August 14th - John Baumann & Devin Newman

Friday, August 21st - The McG's
Traditional fiddle music

Friday, August 28th - Bryan Reed
R &R, folk, bluegrass,country

Friday, September 4th - Gordon Kaswell
Washington Spray Park
Submitted by Jenny Ulum, Eugene Parks Foundation

The wading pool at Washington Park will close after this summer under new health and safety regulations, but the city of Eugene and Eugene Parks Foundation are teaming up to convert the pool into an interactive "spray play" park that should delight children and families for years to come. Spray play parks are interactive, and the Foundation hopes to incorporate some fun and fanciful features. A local example of a spray play park can be found at Fairmount Park in east Eugene, where a conversion has just been completed. Here are descriptions of water spray play parks that have recently opened around the country:

"The spray play park features an array of larger-than-life objects that are kid-friendly and safe, including a giant orca, a Loch Ness Monster, huge climbing rocks, and a sinking ship." -- Bellevue, Wash.

"The colorful, action-packed features spray, gush, dump and pour water from a variety of whimsical devices including oversized nozzles, buckets and even a large frog you can leap through. To maximize the play value, individual spray features are grouped together creating a larger game geared specifically toward a wide range of skill and development levels." -- Gresham, Ore.

What will the Washington Park spray play area look like? The Foundation is just beginning to brainstorm themes and designs; your ideas and support are welcome. Contact project chair Jenny Ulum at 954-6819, or For more information visit our Web site at
The next feature of the newsletter is a black & white cartoon or drawing entitled Kid's Stuff. A park-like scene is depicted with a sign displaying the words Friendly Park. A child walks a dog nearby as another person passes on a bicycle. Some wild animals and insects are also depicted. A volvo sedan and a volkswagen bus are also visible. The College Hill water tower adorns the top of the hill in the distance and the newly installed information kiosk in Friendly Park is also visible. Specifically, the picture features landmarks, housing types, and animals found in the Friendly Neighborhood. Houses in the victorian, arts & crafts, ranch, farmhouse, and modern styles are also represented in the background. The text of the page reads Hey kids! Friendly Neighborhood is home to more than just people. We share this space with animals and insects. Here's a fun drawing of Friendly Neighborhood that you can fill with color and post on your refrigerator. Can you find all the animals in this picture? Here's a list: butterfly, Robin, dragonfly, dog, wild Turkeys, bumble bee.
Pedaling Innovation on FAN's Green Home Bike Tours, August 8th & 9th
by Katie Lewis, FAN resident & Doug Black, NLCSC co-representative

Last August, over 60 neighbors pedaled through the Friendly Neighborhood to glimpse into the innovative future of permacultural, lower-carbon-footprinted home design. The 2009 series of 10 green home bike tours throughout Eugene’s neighborhoods seeks to cultivate new relationships between neighbors as we move towards greater local self-reliance.

This summer offers another opportunity to learn how Friendly residents are taking steps to decrease their carbon footprints and relocalize food and energy production through innovative permaculture design principles. The tour will also showcase local beekeepers, chicken coops, and gardens brimming with native, edible and medicinal plants.

Join us for this year’s FAN bike tours, first on Saturday, August 8th at 1:00 pm, starting at the Friendly St. Market (2757 Friendly St.). This first tour will showcase approximately five homes over 3 hours, in the FAN area west from Jefferson. Sunday the 9th's will cover the higher half of the FAN from Jefferson east.

For the latest on both bike tour's itineraries, including Sunday's start location, please check either the Friendly Neighborhood Farmers website at , go to the city Neighborhood Leadership Council's Sustainability Committee(NLCSC) wiki: , or call NLCSC FAN co-representative Doug Black, at (541) 485-6846. We look forward to seeing you there!
2009 Neighborhood Green Bike Tours

Join us to visit model locations in Eugene that are looking to the future with ecological action today! The tours will feature grass to garden, rain water cathment, active and passive solar design, non-conventional residential arrangements, habitat restoration, neighborhood initiatives and more.

Tours start Saturday, July 18th, in Eugene's Far West Neighborhood, will include 10 Eugene neighborhoods, and go through September. Please check back for more as the NLCSC wiki site ( is updated.

Saturday, July 18th..............Far West Neighborhood, meet at 11 AM at the Intersection Repair at Garfield and 22nd
Saturday, July 25.................River Road Community Organization, meet at Rosetta Park, Benjamin and Evergreen Sts. More info is at:
Saturday, August 1..............Amazon Neighborhood
Saturday, August 8..............Friendly Neighborhood West, meet at Friendly Street Market, 2757 Friendly St, at 1 PM
Sunday, August 9.................Friendly Neighborhood East, meet-up location TBA
Saturday, August 15............Crest Drive Citizens Association
Saturday, August 22............Jefferson Westside Neighborhood
Saturday, August 29............Southeast Neighbors, 10 am, meet at Rene and Bob's house, 880 East 43rd avenue (between Donald and Fox Hollow)
Saturday, Sept 12................Whiteaker Neighborhood
Saturday, Sept 19................Laurel Hill Valley
Saturday, Sept. 26...............Fairmount Neighbors
F Q Fs on C H R with E A S
Info submitted by Jerry Oltion, Eugene Astronomical Society

We do a series of star parties we call "First Quarter Fridays" where we host a star party each month on the Friday nearest the first quarter Moon. We hold them on the College Hill Reservoir. They start at dusk and they're free to the public. The schedule for the rest of the year is:

June 26, 2009
July 31, 2009
August 28, 2009
September 25, 2009
October 23, 2009
November 27, 2009
December 25, 2009

Yes, we're doing one on Christmas night, if the sky cooperates!
Southtown Businesses sponsor fundraiser
by Jean Stover, FAN Business Owner & SoBA founding member

The recently-formed SouthTowne Business Assn (SoBA) representing the greater South Willamette District is sponsoring a fundraiser for CASA (Court-Appointed Special Advocates) on Friday, July 31 from 6 - 9PM. It will be held right on the patio in front of The Supreme Bean and we hope to pack the patio that evening!

This will be a really fun family and all-ages event to support a great organization devoted to mentoring abused children in our community. Check out for more info on CASA.

The event is free and will include TWO music groups, Jenny (who puts on a GREAT show for kids!) and Apropos, The GreyMatter Jugglers, a ballon-animal artist, face-painting, and special crafts for kids. We will have food and beverages, including wine/beer, from The Supreme Bean and of course, Ben & Jerry's has ice cream!
Something Wicked films in Friendly
by Andrew Fisher, FAN Board & newsletter Editor

The stars were out on College Hill late April. The Merchant Films production of Something Wicked was seen filming on College Hill in the Friendly Neighborhood the evening of April 30th. Filming in and around Eugene continued for approximately 28 days.

The film stars Shantel VanSanten as Christie and Portland native John Robinson as her boyfriend James. The film also features Brittany Murphy, James Patrick Stuart, and Julian Morris of ABC’s ER.

The movie is a psychological thriller focusing on the life of a young woman named Christie and her boyfriend James. After Christie's parents are killed in an accident, boyfriend James tries to protect her from a suspected stalker.

Merchant Films was formed by Eugene-area residents Scott Chambers, Kelly Chambers and Dan Giustina.
This is a picture of the poster announcing the 2009 Friendly Area Neighbors Summer Picnic. The poster is a collage of color photos from last summer's picnic combined with text announcing the event details. The event is scheduled for Sunday, July 26th in Washington Park from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM. 2025 Washington Park. The poster also announces a free raffle, bike registration, community information booths, live music, family fun, riverhouse games and pack a picnic. This poster was designed by Rob Tobias.