Friendly Area Neighborhood Newsletter - April 2011
Next Neighborhood Meeting Thursday, April 21st
By Bernie Corrigan, FAN Board Co-Chair

- Harry W Neet , a Technical Specialist with the City of Eugene Public Works will discuss Eugene City Code as it relates to hazardous sidewalks and answer questions from Friendly neighbors.  We'll discuss trees (city and private) and how they are handled when the roots are causing hazardous conditions.  Also, we will learn how the City inspects the sidewalks and what are property owners options when the City notifies them of a need to make repairs.

- Patricia Thomas will continue her discussion of Southtowne redesign and will answer questions about progress of that effort to date. In addition, we anticipate students and staff from the University of Oregon will be soliciting ideas from FAN residents on how the Southtowne area might be redesigned as a twenty minute neighborhood. These ideas will be in corporated in to design sketches of the Southtowne area which will be presented later.
South Willamette interest growing
Submitted by Nancy Ellen Locke, FAN Board member

The Opportunity Siting Program in South Willamette is proceeding with residents, business owners, property owners, and city staff collaborating to create a vision for the future. First steps were to identify best and worst outcomes for street and development changes in South Willamette. Results of recent conversations and upcoming events can be found on the Opportunity Siting web page:

Opportunity Siting and South Willamette Pilot are important livability and compact urban growth strategies identified in the draft proposal for Envision Eugene. For more information see the article on Envision Eugene in this newsletter.

A University of Oregon architecture design studio will be held spring term, April through June. Students will get to know the area, study Willamette Street and its surrounds and develop their conceptual designs for the street and for urban housing nearby. They plan to meet with neighborhood and business representatives and provide a presentation to the public at the end of the term in June.

Application is underway for a Transportation and Growth Management grant from the State of Oregon to develop a concept design for improvements to South Willamette. If awarded this will help pay for public involvement and design concepts to help make this section of Willamette Street a "complete street" that will provide for a better walking, biking, and driving experience.

If you would like to keep informed, participate in discussions, or provide feedback, please check the website ( You may also contact:

Nancy Ellen Locke:
Matt Sprick:
Patricia Thomas:
The Ground is Breaking!
By Greg Giesy, FAN Board member

Washington Park Spray Play construction is getting under way and volunteers were on the site as early as March 7th, 2011 to remove the old wading pool and sidewalks.  We expect kids to begin splashing by mid-June with an official grand opening celebration in mid-July.

 Individuals from the Friendly Area Neighbors Executive Board, landscape contractors, and neighbors have donated time, energy, money and equipment to help bring the largest Splash Play Park to our neighborhood.

 By the time you get this newsletter the volunteers removing the old wading pool will be finished and the contractor will have started on the spray play but volunteers are also needed to help with the new planting areas. Find out about the volunteer work party coming around the first of June on the FAN website when the schedule is more firm. 
Spray Play a work-in-progress
Submitted by Kelly Darnell, City of Eugene Parks and Open Space Division

Washington Park Spray Play is getting under way and volunteers have begun getting the site ready for construction. We expect kids to begin splashing by mid-June with an official grand opening celebration in mid-July.

For more information about upcoming volunteer work parties, please contact Lorna Baldwin at the City of Eugene at 541-682-4800 or For updated project information visit

Custom art tiles are still available until April 15, 2011. Visit to place your order.
Common Grounds Garden events
Submitted by Robin Scott, Friendly Neighborhood Farmers & FAN resident

The Common Ground Garden (21st & Van Buren) is back to a weekly work party schedule and all are welcome:

The 1st and 2nd Saturdays of the month from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM


The 3rd and 4th Sundays of the month from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Tools and instruction provided, no experience necessary. For more information visit:
Get Involved!

FAN Board seeks additional volunteer members to support efforts to build community and address quality of life concerns.

Contact Bernie ( or Carlos ( to learn more about serving as a member of the neighborhood board!
Event in May: Creating a Safer, More Secure and Healthier Neighborhood
Submitted by Jan Spencer

The United Lutheran Church, 2230 Washington St., will host a presentation titled “Creating A Safer, More Secure and Healthier Neighborhood” , Tuesday, May 10 from 7 to 9 PM.

Jan Spencer, of Eugene, will be making presentations in different parts of town from early April to early June to describe timely and creative approaches to greater safety, security and well being. For the full schedule, go to All presentations are free and open to the public.

Preparedness has become an increasingly important topic of conversation. Long term trends and hard to miss events in the news, local and global, all point to good reason for upgrading preparedness at home and in our neighborhods. Taking care of more needs closer to where we live looks increasingly like a smart plan.

In a nutshell, the tour is about taking care of more needs closer to where we live. The scale ranges from home to neighborhood and community. Spencer has been transforming his own 1/4 acre suburban property for eleven years. Trading grass for garden, edible landscaping, solar redesign, rain water catchment, reclaiming automobile space and more, all add up to a home and property where more needs are taken care of on site. There are many benefits, the experience of making these changes is timely and well worth sharing.

The presentation expands the scale from home to the neighborhood. A larger scale, including more people with more skills and assets increases the capability of a neighborhood to look after more of its needs. Spencer calls attention to these assets found in many neighborhoods have that can be powerful tools for building community such as neighborhood associations, communities of faith, city programs such as Neighborhood Watch, urban agriculture, Neighborhood Mapping and Emergcncy Preparedness, along with ad hoc citizen groups, businesses, schools, non profits and more.

From home into the neighborhood, there are enormous opportunities for common cause that can deliver a wide range of benefits. Safety and security are only the beginning. Preparedness at home and in the neighborhood can lead to improved public health, reduce pollution, more peaceful global relations, uplift of the spirit and bringing out the best in our innate positive human potentials.

The tour includes evening presentations and two half day seminars that go into greater detail and include 30 minute interactive table top projects for participants. On June 4, there will be an open property and tour at Jan's home in River Road to show what many of these changes look like on the ground. Preparedness, safety and security closer to home is a smart idea for many reasons.
Weed Puller Wanted for Washington Park Work Party
Submitted by Lorna Baldwin, Coordinator, Volunteers in Parks

Join your friends and neighbors on Saturday, May 14th at Washington Park for another fun work party.  We will start at 10:00 AM and be finished no later than 1:00 PM.  The tasks will include edging, weeding and planting.   Does someone in your family need community service hours?  Have you been wanting to meet your neighbors?  Do you use Washington Park?  Please join us to help keep our park looking great!

The whole family is welcome and encouraged to attend - rain or shine.  Tools, gloves, instructions, and a snack are provided. We are planning another work party early in June to plant the landscaping around the new Spray Play feature.  So stay tuned!

Contact Lorna Baldwin at 541-682-4845 or to RSVP (appreciated) or for more info.
Letters to the Editor

Hi Andrew,

I wanted to let you know about the hazards of dogs eating compost.  My young, very healthy dog woke me up at 3:30 am last Wednesday morning when he fell and wasn't able to get up.  He was disoriented and shivering terribly, it was so scary!  Thanks to a neighbor, we were able to carry him (he's 80lbs) to the car and straight to the Emergency Vet Hospital on West 11th.  Turns out that he had been eating compost, and he could have died if not taken care of immediately. 

I am telling everyone I know, so that people will be aware and thought it might be an important addition to the FAN newsletter.

Here is an online article  that I found that is similar to my story:

                                               Thanks so much!

-Monika Barry
FAN Resident

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April Food Drive to benefit Food for Lane County
Submitted by Leona M. Stolte, FAN Business owner

This year, the Curves Food Drive will be throughout the month of April. Please stop by either location at Marketplace West on W 11th or in the Friendly Neighborhood at Southtowne Shoppes off Willamette with your non-perishables and help us break last year's donation.

Thank you to all of the members and staff of the two Curves of Eugene locations for their hard work and generosity in 2010.  Last year, Curves of Eugene donated approximately 2400 lbs of non-perishables to the Food for Lane County Food Bank.

In addition, $1500.00 was raised for the Susan G. Komen foundation through fundraisers and participation in the Walk for a Cure.  Over $1000.00 in children's clothing, toys and necessities was donated for Bags of Love, a non-profit organization helping children going into foster care. Thank you again for your generosity.
Big Push for Disaster Preparedness
By Carlos Barrera, FAN Board Co-Chair

The recent earthquakes in Chile and Japan have raised awareness of the need for emergency preparedness here in Oregon. A subduction zone like the one whose movement recently devastated Japan, exists just off the coast of Oregon. But we may also experience wind storms, heavy snow or icy weather, or floods that may interrupt power and other services and may make it difficult to get to the stores for supplies. The City of Eugene, in recognition of these possibilities, is accelerating its’ existing programs to prepare residents for possible disasters by a collaboration with the city neighborhood associations to get out the word about the Map Your Neighborhood and Community Emergency Response Team programs.

The Map Your Neighborhood (MYN) program is designed to improve disaster preparedness among neighbors. A disaster is when there are more emergencies than professional responders—police, fire-fighters, paramedics and utility personnel—can handle. During the hours or days that may pass before professional responders are available, residents rely on themselves and assistance from neighbors for emergency help. MYN provides a step-by-step process that neighbors can work through together to make sure they are disaster-prepared.

It takes just one person to begin the process; someone who personally invites neighbors to his or her home for a 90-minute preparedness meeting. During a MYN meeting participants:

- Learn the 9 steps to take immediately following a disaster.

- Identify the skills and equipment each participant has that could help the neighborhood cope with a disaster.

- Create a neighborhood map that pinpoints the locations of all natural gas meters and propane tanks.

- Compile a contact list to include the names of individuals who may need extra help in a disaster, such as the elderly, persons with disabilities, or children home alone.

- Select locations for a “Neighborhood Gathering Site” and a “Neighborhood Care Center”.

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program is for those volunteers who would like to receive more in-depth training so as to be able to support professional disaster services. This involves an 8 class course of trainings in first aid, firefighting, light search and rescue, establishing emergency shelters, two-way radio use, and other skills. When enough people in a local area have been trained, they would form teams that would immediately assemble after a disaster in order to prevent small fires from growing, clear streets of debris to provide access for emergency vehicles, locate and cordon-off hazard zones such as fallen power lines, radio information to appropriate agencies, set-up emergency centers and shelters, and assist their neighbors where ever needed.

For information on MYN, please email your contact information to or call (541)344-2244. For information on CERT visit: or to sign up for free classes in Eugene call: (541) 682-6000.

Additional information on how you and your family can be prepared in case of an emergency are available on the FAN website at under the "documents" tab.
Friendly is a Neighborhood In Action!
Envision Eugene coming into focus
Information provided by Terri Harding, City of Eugene Planning Division

Two primary goals of the Eugene City Council's Envision Eugene project are to:

(1) determine how Eugene will accommodate the next 20 years of growth in our community, as required by state law, and...

(2) Create a future that is livable, sustainable, beautiful, and prosperous.

The proposal described in the March 2nd draft outlines a strategy to achieve these goals. It is the result of collaborative and in-depth conversations with a wide variety of thoughtful and knowledgeable community members and sets a course for a new and sustainable vision for the future of Eugene.

The proposal is titled "Envision Eugene: A Legacy of Livability," to reflect the community's most prized values that emerged throughout the planning process. Seven pillars, or major objectives, assure that Eugene's growth is in line with community values. Each pillar is accompanied by strategies and tactics. Strategies are numbered under each pillar and are the methods that will be used to achieve the pillar results. Tactics are represented as bullet points under each strategy and are the actions that must be taken to successfully implement a strategy. The pillars, strategies, and tactics are interrelated, and should be considered holistically, rather than in isolation:

- Provide Ample Economic Opportunities for All Community Members

- Provide Affordable Housing for All Income Levels

- Plan for Climate and Energy Uncertainty

- Promote Compact Urban Development and Efficient transportation Options

- Protect, Repair, and Enhance Neighborhood Livability

- Protect, Restore, and Enhance Natural Resources

- Provide for Adaptable and Flexible Implementation

Interested residents are encouraged to review the full version of the March 2nd draft proposal which is available on the Envision Eugene website:
Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!