Friendly Area Neighborhood Newsletter - April 2010
Civic Stadium the topic of General Meeting April 22nd
By Andrew Fisher, FAN Board member and newsletter Editor

The Spring General Meeting of the Friendly Area Neighbors (FAN) will be held at 7 PM on Thursday, April 22nd, 2010 at the Washington Park Cottage (2025) Washington Street). The topic of the meeting is Civic Stadium.

The 4J School District will have several representatives at the meeting:

4J School Board members Craig Smith, Jennifer Geller, Beth Gerot, and Mary Watson are confirmed to attend. Additionally, members of the 4J Staff will also be participating in the discussion: George Russell, Superintendent, Jon Lauch, Facilities Director, and Barb Bellamy, Communications Director.

Residents of the Friendly Neighborhood as well as other interested individuals and groups are encouraged to attend. Please plan on sharing your voice on this most important topic. See page two for additional information.

For more information, contact FAN Board Co-Chairs:

Bernie Corrigan (
Carlos Barrera (
Common Ground Garden & community support each other
By Robin Scott, Friendly resident and Friendly Neighborhood Farmer

The Common Ground Garden project continues to develop on 21st and VanBuren. The garden is a sharing garden for Friendly neighbors that showcases sustainable garden practices and permaculture design.

Hundreds of hours of volunteer labor have gone into the garden so far, donated by Friendly area neighbors and volunteer organizations including NW Youth Corps, Sigma Pi Fraternity, the UO Duck Team and area Master Gardeners. The Adams Elementary School Garden Program children helped to spread wood chips for pathways in March and will continue to be involved in the garden. Down to Earth Home and Garden has contributed seeds, starts and soil amendments.

Weekly work parties will be held at the garden site. They will be from 10 a.m. to noon the first two Saturdays and from 2 to 4 p.m. the third and fourth Sundays of each month. No experience is necessary and all are welcome! Each work party will include a garden education component. All Common Ground Garden activities and updates will be posted on the Friendly Farmer website,

Contact Annie Donahue by telephone at (541) 485-2160 or Robin Scott for more information.
Editorials & Opinions on Civic Stadium...
Like many FAN residents, I have enjoyed attending Ems’ games at Civic Stadium. While I share the community’s sense of loss, I think it is time for the Eugene School District to ask the hard question of whether the District should continue to own this property.

For more than 70 years, the District has invested money and time in the management of Civic Stadium. Today, we face the challenge of meeting increasing expectations while trying to provide consistently high-quality education with dwindling resources. The District must be realistic about the financial burdens it can manage and be strategic about how staff members spend their time.

We are not in a position to invest additional resources to upgrade, maintain, or manage the Stadium. After decades of funding erosions, Oregon has some of the largest class sizes and one of the shortest school years in the country. Against this backdrop, the District cut over $20 million from its budget for the 2009-10 school year by laying off teachers, cutting school days, and spending down reserves. The District will cut $6 million this year and projects a $12.4 million shortfall for 2011-2012.

While the financial situation is daunting, the District must educate children and meet our goal of raising student achievement. Priority must be given to efforts that will best achieve these objectives. This reality presents the legitimate and timely question of whether continued ownership of Civic Stadium enhances or detracts from the District’s responsibility to educate its children.

- Jennifer Geller, Friendly resident & 4J School Board member.

(These views are her personal opinions and do not represent those of the 4J School Board.)
Your Eugene Family YMCA’s mission is to build strong kids, strong families and a strong community. We do so by providing programs and services that build strong spirits, minds and bodies for people ages 0-100, providing scholarships to ensure that no one is turned away due to inability to pay. We serve over 14,000 people in our community and do so now from a building that will not be up for the task for much longer. The cost of operations and maintenance on our current building is not sustainable, so we make plans to build a new YMCA in South Eugene.

The Civic Stadium land is very appealing for a new Y. It offers sufficient acreage for a state-of-the-art facility, ample parking and adjacent play fields. It keeps us in the center of the schools and community which we have served for 55 years.

Our vision is that we will design and build the new facility with the children of the 4J School District in mind, offering facilities and programs that contribute significantly to the students’ school and out-of-school experience. We welcome the conversation about what we can offer 4J in our new facility.

The Civic Stadium site is more than nine acres, allowing us to build a YMCA while leaving the stadium intact, if the community will and resources allow. If the stadium is preserved, we believe the YMCA would make a good neighbor to such an operation. If that is not the outcome, we would partner with agencies such as KIDSPORTS to utilize the field for its highest and greatest use for all members of our community.

We are here to build strong kids, strong families and a strong community---and you deserve a facility that can carry on that mission for many more decades to come.

-Julie Grossman, Associate Executive Director, Eugene Family YMCA
I will assume in this article that other contributors will be saying how Civic Stadium is important to the community for its history, its social value to community pride, its value in South Eugene’s athletic program, and its value to how people around the world look at Eugene.

Last summer, as the co-chair of a FAN committee, I worked to keep the College Hill Reservoir’s top surface open for public use with the completion of an ADA path installed utilizing neighborhood volunteers and a Neighborhood Matching Grant from the City of Eugene.

EWEB and the Neighborhood had a very rough start, but after FAN’s general meeting to discuss keeping the reservoir open to the public and the formation of a neighborhood committee EWEB and FAN found common ground.

The resulting discussion, the listening to each other, the give and take on both sides ended in an unprecedented cooperative effort between EWEB, FAN, and the City of Eugene that kept the reservoir’s concrete top open to public use. I also think it gave EWEB some of the best publicity it had in years.

What does this have to do with Civic? I think if 4J would sit down at the table with some of the interested parties, a solution could come be found in a few meetings. If we looked at all our needs, put some real thought into it and we had cooperation from everyone - a positive outcome could be achieved. We all need to work for the betterment of the entire community.

-Greg Giesy, FAN Board member and nearby resident to Civic Stadium
Early next month our community will be given a thorough and informed view of the real possibilities for the future of Civic Stadium. Save Civic Stadium has hired G2 Strategic, a consulting firm based in Bend, to determine how Eugene’s historic stadium can be refurbished, re-purposed and remain an economically viable community asset for years to come.

G2’s CEO, Marshall Glickman, will personally head up this study. Glickman is the former president of the Portland Trail Blazers, Oregon Arena Corporation and the CEO of the company that renovated Portland’s Civic Stadium, now known as PGE Park. Glickman has been involved in eight major arena and stadium developments throughout the world, including American Airlines Arena in Miami, the Moscow Sports and Entertainment Complex and a new stadium at Paris’ historical Roland-Garros.

Moral support from neighborhood organizations such as FAN and financial support from concerned citizens as well as the City of Eugene have been instrumental in making this first-phase study a reality.

By early May, G2 Strategic will evaluate potential uses for Civic Stadium and will also provide a conceptual design study and cost analysis for the facility.

Save Civic chose Glickman for this project because it believes he brings to the table tremendous, one-of-a-kind credentials for navigating the political, community, financial and design challenges involved in a complex project like this.

SCS is currently fundraising for a second phase that will also examine funding possibilities and provide an even more comprehensive design study.

-Alan Beck, Save Civic Stadium
Would you like to know more?

Additional information including the history of this Friendly Neighborhood landmark, may be found on the FAN website at:

Participate in the discussion!
Attend the meeting April 22nd!
Moving South Willamette toward a "20 Minute Neighborhood"
By Nancy Ellen Locke, FAN Board member

The Southtowne Business Association (SoBA) and Friendly Area Neighbors (FAN) held a couple of informal discussions with several members of the City of Eugene Planning Division, to share concerns and creative ideas about the South Willamette commercial and neighborhood area. These discussions were initiated in response to FAN's and SoBA's enthusiasm for improving the area for operating businesses, making it a safe and accessible place for residents and customers, and making the area a more vibrant and attractive place to live. The idea of a "20 minute neighborhood," is emerging: a place where people can accomplish a lot of what they want to do...find a place to live and do their errands, enjoy the outdoors and possibly even work, all within 20 minutes on foot, bike or bus.

The South Willamette area already has the components needed for this way of living: a range of shopping and businesses providing food, goods, entertainment and services, various kinds of housing from single family houses to apartment buildings, a wonderful park, a school, bike paths and bus service, and enthusiastic residents and business operators. South Willamette has it all yet it could become a more successful area with additional residents and shoppers to support the businesses, restaurants and services and to enjoy the community's investment in parks, schools and bus services.

Over the next 20 years, Eugene is forecast to grow by about 35,000 people... people who may be our friends, relatives and those we've yet to know. Determining what this growth means in terms of how and where our city will change to make room for all of us - with places to buy and produce goods and services and places to live and work - is the subject of intense focus right now. Past planning efforts, in which you may have participated, have formed the foundation for this work and ideas on how to accommodate our continuously changing community. A pilot program to put what we have learned to work can make a difference in South Willamette and provide an example for other areas of Eugene.

The South Willamette area seems to have the right characteristics to benefit from the kinds of changes that can accommodate growth while enhancing an existing vital neighborhood for everyone. The energetic group that has met is ready to roll up its sleeves to see how the South Willamette area (roughly within a few blocks of Willamette Street, from 24th to 29th Avenues) can be an even better neighborhood! Your perspective would be a valuable addition to the work. The pilot program is meant to be quick and efficient with a few events scheduled March through May.

Please let Nancy Ellen Locke, Matt Sprick, or Patricia Thomas know by email or telephone call if you want to participate.

Nancy Ellen Locke, Friendly Area Neighbors (FAN) Board
(541) 431-0533

Matt Sprick, Southtown Business Association
(541) 232-3127

Patricia Thomas, AIA, City of Eugene Planning Division
(541) 682-5561
Learn more about historic Friendly Neighborhood

The Friendly Neighborhood is named for Friendly Street, which bisects the neighborhood north to south

The street in turn was named for Sam Friendly, a much-loved 19th-century Mayor of Eugene and one of the individuals who secured the University of Oregon for Eugene.

The history of Friendly Neighborhood can be understood by learning about the people who lived here and the homes they built. A map of historic homes is available on the FAn website under "maps" on the navigation bar.
Pesticide-free Washington Park holds first work party
By Andrew Fisher, FAN Board member and newsletter Editor

On Sunday, March 14th, approximately two dozen or so nearby residents and users of Washington Park donated several hours of their afternoon to support the effort to maintain the park as a pesticide-free space. The decision to adopt the park as a pesticide-free space was the result of a vote at the Friendly Area Neighbors (FAN) winter general meeting on January 21st, 2010.

Lorna Baldwin, the Volunteers in Parks Coordinator for the City of Eugene Parks and Open Space lead the group and provided a tentative outline for the program. Work parties will be held a minimum of 4 times a year over the two year adoption period. A quarterly report will state what work has been completed and list the volunteers who participated and the number of hours donated.

This first gathering had volunteers weeding around trees and placing loam in the tree wells. The group's efforts that day were focused on the southern half of the park. Aside from Friendly residents, a couple members of the local softball league as well as participants from the amateur kickball league helped to pull weeds, place new plants, and cut back some overgrown roses. Participants met neighborhood residents and demonstrated their committment to enhancing our shared, open spaces.

If you'd like to get involved or receive a heads-up on the next work party, please contact Lorna by e-mail at or by telephone at (541) 682-4845.
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Friendly Area Neighborhood Newsletter
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Letters to the Editor:

This is the official newsletter of the Friendly Area Neighbors (FAN) in Eugene, OR. Funds for the printing & mailing of newsletters are provided by the City of Eugene. Newsletters are produced by neighborhood volunteers and are free to residents & businesses of the neighborhood. Space is available for letters to the editor or articles from neighbors and will be published as space permits. The information provided and the views expressed in this publication do not necessarily represent the position of the City of Eugene or the Friendly Area Neighbors.
Madison Meadow sees active past year
By Susan Jerde, Friendly resident

It has been a busy year for Madison Meadow, beginning with the addition of five new board members last March. In April the Meadow benefited from an Earth Day clean-up and planting event. Classrooms at several nearby schools sprouted native grasses,then came to plant them with family and friends. The Earth Day helpers also weeded the butterfly garden and checked on the progress of the milkweed plants, provided by the National Butterfly Association as part of the Oregon Monarch project. Lane Forest Products donated bark covering which volunteers spread on the main paths.

In May the Meadow was the starting point for the Eugene Tree Foundation walk led by Albee Thoumsin. During the summer volunteers tended to the meadow, mowing paths and areas for gatherings, while leaving most of the grasses tall to encourage bird and insect habitat. Doug Hornaday of the Artistic Arborist lent his time and expertise to prune and remove some dangerous and dying branches and tree trunks. Late in the summer a diligent crew of mowers gave most of their Sunday to mow the entire meadow, and Beehive Rentals donated the use of a high weed mower to help with the task.

In September the Meadow board and volunteers organized a successful garage sale, raising nearly all the annual funds needed for routine expenses. Just a week later the Meadow hosted the first ever Kidfest, a musical talent show for and by young people, organized by Scotty Perry of the Sugar Beets.

In November the Meadow became an outdoor classroom for the first two work parties conducted as Urban Ecology class with the Network Charter School. This partnership with the high school and Camas Education Network (CEN) was facilitated by Jason Blazar of CEN and William Hughes, the classroom teacher. The students pulled ivy, weeded and mulched the butterfly garden, and planted snowberry and native grasses near the south edge of the meadow. The new connection with CEN and the Network Charter School will continue this spring, with four work party/outdoor classroom sessions planned. The first class will concentrate on planting camas, some donated by neighbors and some purchased from Trillium Gardens, a native plant nursery in Dexter.

The board has voted to adopt a new mission statement: “To keep and maintain Madison Meadow as a natural open space for the benefit of plants, wildlife, and people.” They are currently working on a vision statement, and looking forward to a creating a Master Plan for the meadow, which will draw in the voices of neighbors, community members, and meadow supporters.

The last year has been exciting and eventful, with lots of good energy coming from schools, businesses, and volunteers young and old, but the Meadow itself is usually a peaceful place. Please come and visit this island of green at 22nd and Madison, to enjoy the natural surroundings, the quiet solitude or the sound of children and songbirds, the sunrise or sunset, the grasses and open sky. More information, and all the Madison Meadow newsletters, are available at, or call (541) 683-3430.
Spray Play nears fundraising goal
By Carrie Peterson, Park Development Coordinator, City of Eugene Parks & Open Space

The Eugene Parks Foundation committed to partnering with the City of Eugene and the community to help convert the closed wading pools into thriving recreational assets for children and families once again – starting at the centrally located Washington Park. Because the water in Eugene’s community wading pools does not circulate, State of Oregon regulations deemed the stagnant water a health hazard and required their closure in 2009. Affected parks include Monroe, Sladden, State Street, University, and Washington. Rebuilding these aging facilities to current standards is cost prohibitive. Spray play is a new concept in water play that is accessible and available anytime during park hours, has no standing water, and does not require chemical treatment, a recirculating system, or a lifeguard. Spray Play is interactive, accessible, eco-friendly, and fun!

We are very close to reaching our goal by the fundraising deadline of April 30, 2010 in order to start construction this summer – and we could use your help. Visit to learn more about how you can buy a tile, sponsor a feature, shop, sip or dine at participating businesses, or just help spread the word!
2nd Annual Tour de Coop on May 1st
By Robin Scott, Friendly resident and Friendly Neighborhood Farmer

The Eugene Friendly Neighborhood Farmers will lead a tour of chicken coops in the Friendly Neighborhood on Saturday May 1st from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Many people are interested in raising chickens in their backyards for fresh eggs and fertilizer. Come see different styles of backyard coops and find out about chicken care and breeds that are most suitable for the urban backyard farmer.

The tour will gather at the Common Ground Garden on 21st and VanBuren and progress as a group by foot, bicycle or carpool to subsequent coops on the tour. The event is free, though donations will be accepted for the Common Ground Garden. For more information, contact Robin Scott at or (541) 968-7155.
10th Annual picnic July 25th
By Nancy Ellen Locke, FAN Board member

The Friendly Area Neighborhood's 10th Annual Picnic will feature Oregon's Largest Slip-N-Slide, this year only. The City of Eugene is bringing, setting-up, supervising the use of, and packing away this huge show stopper from last year's Whiteaker Neighborhood River Festival.

The FAN Picnic will be held in Washington Park (2025 Washington Street) on July 25th from 5 PM - 8 PM. There will be music, fun, food, and prizes. Please mark your calendars now. Volunteer help for set-up, helping during the picnic and for clean-up is needed!! Please contact Nancy Ellen Locke by e-mail at or by telephone at (541) 431-0533 if you want to donate or volunteer your time or talent.
Adams Solar Initiative
by Matt Lutter, Friendly resident & FAN Board member, Pamela Irvine, Principal of Adams Elementary School, and Heather Brinton, Adams parent

Adams Elementary is working hard to bring alternative energy to our school, and if you are an EWEB Greenpower customer, you can help!

Adams has a proposal to install a photovoltaic and solar thermal system on the roof of our cafeteria to provide electricity and hot water to the school. We'll integrate the project into our school’s curriculum, helping kids learn about renewable energy. We’ll build an educational kiosk for all to see, including a display that will track the system’s energy output minute by minute. We’ll take the program on the road, doing presentations at other schools in the district. The project will show that solar power systems at schools are practical and hold great educational value.

The Adams solar initiative is one of five finalists for a $100,000 grant from the Eugene Water & Electric Board. This month, EWEB customers who subscribe to the utility’s Greenpower program will receive ballots with their monthly bills and will vote for one of those projects. The top two vote-getters will receive $100,000 each.

If you have not mailed in your ballot yet, please vote for the Adams Solar Initiative and drop it in the mail by April 19! For more information about EWEB's Greenpower Grants, see For more information about Adams Elementary, see
Road construction at 29th & Willamette this summer
By Nancy Ellen Locke, FAN Board member

There is a new concrete intersection being reconstructed at 29th Avenue and Willamette Street. This project has been in the works for years and is primarily funded with the public bond measure that passed in the winter of 2008. Most of changes are adding and improving east/west bicycle facilities and addressing LTD bus turning radius issues on the south east corner.

The work area extends along 29th Avenue to the Amazon Parkway. There will be a "bulb-out" to the west, that will make it safer for bicycles in that lane. There will be restriping of 29th Avenue creating one lane in each direction and a center turn lane from Oak Street to a bock before Amazon Parkway.

A 70 day period for construction has been specified. Construction is anticipated to take place between May 1st and July 31st. Please contact John Bonham, Public Works Project Manager, by telephone at (541) 682-5291 or by e-mail at for more information.
3rd Annual FAN Garage Sale & Recycling Event in July
Andrew Fisher, FAN Board & newsletter Editor

The Friendly Area Neighbors (FAN) Board is helping to organize a 3rd annual neighborhod-wide garage sale. The event begins Friday, July 23rd and continues through Sunday, July 25th. You may participate in 1, 2, or 3 days.

If you sign up to take part in the garage sale, we will display your address and a marker on a Friendly Neighborhood map that would-be garage salers can download from the front page of the FAN website ( A different map will be available for each day. If you would like to participate in the garage sale, please e-mail the event organizer at Please provide the following information:

-Your name
-Your contact telephone number
-Address where your garage sale will be held
-What days you want to be listed on the garage sale maps (Friday, July 23rd) (Saturday, July 24th) (Sunday, July 25th)

(Please note: The maps will only include the address of your sale. We will not print your name or contact information).

Garage sale maps will also be made available as hardcopies in a couple locations in the neighborhood for you to pick up each day of the sale. Those locations will be announced in the summer edition of the Friendly Area Neighborhood newsletter in July.

On Sunday, July 25th the Friendly Area Neighbors (FAN) Board is organizing a recycling event from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM at Washington Park. This event is scheduled to overlap with the FAN summer picnic. Bring down your donations of used clothing or household items and then enjoy the celebration! We hope to involve community partners such as St. Vincent de Paul and other organizations as we have in past years. Please check the FAN website for further information on this event as it becomes available.
Neighborhood Landmark: Hill Crest columns at 20th & Willamette

The following text is from A Brief History & Walking Tour - College Hill produced by the City of Eugene in March 2001:

In 1890, J.F. Atherton purchased a tract of Eben Stewart's farm, formerly in the Mulligan Donation Land Claim atop College Hill. Speculating that he might be able to attracts professionals to the area, Atherton named the area College Hill Park, and plotted the land into blocks with 60 x 150 foot residential lots.

Advertised as "The Nob Hill of Eugene" in the local press, other entrepreneurs quickly followed Atherton in purchasing land on College Hill. By 1903, when the area was annexed to the City of Eugene, five subdivisions had been created and development was well under way. Two columns were constructed at 20th and Willamette to mark the entrance to College Hill and are still standing. While growth stalled somewhat after the financial panic of 1893, College Hill had a promising future as one of Eugene’s major residential areas."
Results of Neighborhood Survey available online
Information provided by Rene C. Kane, City of Eugene Neighborhood Services

Last summer and fall, Eugene’s neighborhood associations and city staff collaborated on a comprehensive neighborhood survey. A team of neighborhood representatives and city staff worked with the UO Community Planning Workshop to develop the survey.

Fourteen neighborhood associations conducted outreach in their neighborhoods via e-mail lists, in front-porch conversations, and at many summer events. Over 4600 survey responses were collected! City-wide survey results can be found at and were provided to City Council during their recent visioning and goal setting process.

Approximately 334 residents of the Friendly Neighborhood responded to the survey. The results for Friendly are available as a PDF on the FAN website at under “documents” on the navigation bar.
Work on Fern Ridge Path this summer
By Emma Pachuta, Intern, City of Eugene Transportation Planning

Sections of the Fern Ridge Path will be reconstructed this summer, making it safer and more enjoyable for the people who walk, run, cycle and skate on the path.

The Fern Ridge Path was originally constructed of asphalt in 1975, and now is severely cracked. The project will rehabilitate long stretches of cracked asphalt and will replace some broken concrete areas. The work will be from Van Buren at 16th to 200-feet west of Chambers, and the Westmoreland Park connector path from Polk at 22nd to the Art & Technology Academy. All rehabilitated sections will be concrete path meeting current City standards.

The City plans to perform the work on the path this summer 2010, while schools are on summer break. Portions of the path will be closed for construction and public safety. The work will be done in sections, as much as possible, in an attempt to keep path closures to a minimum. However, path users should anticipate extended closures at various locations throughout the summer. Alternative routes are displayed on the other side of this flyer and on project signs. Path users are asked to respect the closures. Staying out of closed areas protects the safety of path users and allows the contractor to work as quickly as possible.

Eugene voters approved a five-year general obligation (property tax) bond measure to fix city streets and, off-street bike and pedestrian paths in November 2008. The bond measure is designed to fix approximately 70 lane miles of streets and three miles of paths.

Using a pavement evaluation system and path usage data, Public Works Engineering staff developed a list of needed path repairs around the city. Staff presented the evaluation results to the Eugene Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC). Members of Eugene’s BPAC supported the staff evaluation and helped to prioritize the path project list.

The bond funded the Amazon Path Rehabilitation Project completed in 2009. The project reconstructed 4000-feet of the 6500-foot path from 19th Ave. to 31st Ave. along the Amazon Creek. The project also included safety improvements. This Fern Ridge Path project is scheduled for construction in 2010, and the South Bank and West Bank paths have been selected for future bond funded projects.

You may telephone the construction hotline at (541) 984-8484 or visit the project website at to learn more.
This is the poster for the 2010 Summer Solstice Pancake Breakfast. The event takes place Sunday, June 20th from 8:30 AM until 11:30 AM at Washington Park. There will be music by The Steel Magnolias band and fun and games for the kids will be provided by Eugene Parks & Recreation.
To volunteer at or donate to this event, please contact Mike at
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