Friendly Area Neighborhood Newsletter - April 2008
FAN General Meeting at Adams Elementary.
By Nancy Ellen Locke, FAN Board Member.

Neighborhood schools will be the topic of FAN’s general membership meeting. The entire neighborhood is invited to come and ask their own questions and express their own concerns.

General membership meetings try to reach out to neighbors with or without children and bridge the gap between what is adn what might be happening in the future with out neighborhood schools and school sites.

4 J District level personnel, school board members, and every school within or possibly moving into our neighborhood, and a few neighborhood representatives will be on our panel.

The meeting will be held Thursday, April 24th from 7 to 9 P.M. in the Adams Elementary School, gymnasium located at 950 W 22nd Avenue. On site child care will be provided.

This general meeting will offer the neighborhood an open meeting to discuss issues with the 4 J district and school representatives, as well as neighborhood members.

Some of the opening questions are:

What percentage of each local school is filled with FAN children. What percentage of FAN children are in our neighborhood schools, in charter schools, home schooled or other? Are our current neighborhood schools meeting the needs of our parents or are they just schools that happen to be in our neighborhood?

Before a school is moved into, around, or out of our neighborhood, is a traffic impact study done to measure the effects of traffic on our neighborhood streets? Because of our location, between South Eugene and Downtown, FAN has an unusually high rate of cut-through traffic.

When 4 J disposes of school land within our neighborhood, how does FAN affect a win win outcome that meets the needs of the FAN community as well as 4 J? Currently, schools function as community parks and green, open spaces for the neighborhood. What will these spaces be in the future if 4 J sells the land?

Also, parents will be asking parental questions and expressing their concerns.
Emergency Preparedness and Neighborhood Watch.
By Rick Grosscup, FAN Board Member.

Be Prepared is the Boy Scout motto, but it is a good idea for all of us. In an emergency we will be each other's saviors. With that in mind, almost ten FAN neighbors have completed training as CERTs; Community Emergency Response Team members. About two hundred strong in the Eugene and Springfield area, these volunteers have been trained to respond to local emergencies with rudimentary training in fire fighting, triage, basic emergency medical training, search and rescue, and rubble rescue. It is a goal of FAN to raise enough money, approximately three thousand to four thousand dollars, to put on a training program specifically for FAN residents. The picnic is our first effort to raise this money, and we will be looking for sponsors. To date, CERT classes have been sponsored, among others, by Cascade Manor, EWEB, L.C.C., Invitrogen, and Sacred Heart Hospital. Meanwhile, if you interested in getting this training, email to get on list for Fall CERT training elsewhere in the community.

Neighborhood Watch is a way to bind neighbors together to look out for each others. There was a rash of burglaries around year end, around 19th and Charnelton. Those wishing to form a neighborhood watch in that neighborhood, or elsewhere in FAN, should contact Rick at or telephone 343-8484 to be involved.
Traffic Calming for FAN.
By Nancy Ellen Locke, FAN Board Member.

Chris Henry and Lindsay Selser, both from the City of Eugene Public Works Department working in Transportation Planning, spoke Monday evening, March tenth at the FAN Executive Board meeting. They addressed the upcoming traffic calming projects for our neighborhood.

The executive board was given a detailed background of the who, what, where, when and why for each of the new projects that are coming to our neighborhood.

One projects is slated to be on West twenty seventh Avenue between Portland and Lincoln Streets on the southeast flak of College Hill. The other project is slated to be on Filmore Street between twenty fourth and nineteenth Avenues beside the track field, the Arts and Technology Academy at Jefferson, the Boys and Girls Club, part of West more land Park, and many neighborhood homes of that area. There will be workshops before each projects is started and nearby neighbors will be contacted before those meetings. If you want additional information please contact Lindsay Selser at 682-5094 or email
Reservoir Improvements Scheduled after Olympic Trials.
By Marty Douglas, EWEB Public Affairs Manager.

The Eugene Water and Electric Board will commence work in earnest at College Hill Reservoir this summer after the completion of the Olympic Trials. Initially the work is likely to involve the installation of two large vaults, to house new control valves, on the Lincoln Street side of the reservoir. EWEB will also be working under the reservoir to upgrade electrical and control equipment. Then, probably in the fall, the headhouse on top of the reservoir will be fenced with a decorative design, and a new fence will be installed on the outside of the side door on the north side of the reservoir at ground level. Finally, and also in the fall, work will be undertaken to reseal the top of the reservoir and to “armor” the joints that extend over the top of the reservoir. Landscaping work around the reservoir has already begun, following a “walkaround” with neighbors and neighborhood group representatives in early February. Lincoln Street residents were also invited to a separate tour of landscape work intended on the north and northeast corner of the reservoir in early March, explaining those measures as they were discussed at the early February “walkaround.”
Eugene Astronomical Society to host First Quarter Fridays
Information submitted by Jerry Oltion of the Eugene Astronomical Society

Members of the astronomical community have announced monthly star gazing parties for the remainder of 2008.

These monthly First Quarter Fridays will be held at College Hill Reservoir, starting around dusk, on the Friday closest to the first quarter moon. There is no charge to participate, so mark your calendars now.

The following are dates for this event:

April eleventh. May ninth. June thirteenth. July eleventh. August eighth. September fifth. October tenth. November seventh. December fifth.
FANCH Update
By Rick Grosscup, FAN Board Member

FANCH, the FAN Committee to deal with EWEB on College Reservoirs, has been working with EWEB to improve the security around the College Hill Reservoirs. A "security walk" with top EWEB staff, a large group of neighbors, and led by a police officer trained in such matters, identified many ways to improve security through trimming and removing certain shrubs. Since then, EWEB landscape supervisor Don Wilson and his crews have not only effected these improvements, they have beautified the property. Such collaberation between EWEB and FAN neighbors is a bright spot in our relations, and a harbinger of future cooperation.

Another good "sign" is indeed the replacement of the actual sign by the reservoir's entry stairs that shows those who want to walk the reservoir surface what the distances are for various loops. Why walk in the mud when the reservoir provides a level surface in all weather conditions!?

Part of this cooperation is the forming of a Reservoir Watch, a kind of neighborhood watch to keep an eye on the reservoir for all kinds of things. Twenty Four seven, people are walking their dogs, or just walking, looking out their windows, driving their cars by the reservoirs. They are the security system, the first line of defense, for the reservoir. The Reservoir Watch will provide some ideas about what to look for, how to report incidents, and to whom. Watch for a post card to neighbors in the blocks around the reservoir announcing an organizational meeting with EWEB personnel and Tod Schneider, a Crime Prevention Specialist. One of his duties is the Neighborhood Watch Program. Look for the card to announce the date, time and place of the meeting... likely in May. If you would like to be part of this effort, and do not want to chance not getting the post card/notice, drop an email to to be sure to be included.
Wanted. People who are interested in getting together to talk, think about, and plan for reducing our carbon footprint on a neighborhood level. If you are interested, please telephone Barbara Sklar at 687-6879.
Artwork for Annual Picnic Poster
By Nancy Ellen Locke, FAN Board Member

The photograph accompanying this article is of the College Hill Reservoir Water Tower taken with a Canon EOS 20D and EFS 17-85 millimeter zoom lens by local resident Greg Giesy. The photo was then computer enhanced digitally in Photoshop and was manipulated into a dramatic color spectrum.

Greg Giesy has worked professionally in architectural design, jewelry, photography, and landscaping. He is currently producing the Heritage and Community Trees of Oregon Calendar for Oregon Community Trees, a state wide, non-partisan, a non-profit origination promoting and advocating healthy urban and community forests.

Greg, a long time resident of the neighborhood, is the longest serving FAN Executive Committee member on the current board. He took over the Chair position from Bonny Bettman and after three years of being a Co-chair with Nancy Ellen Locke decided to let someone else run the day to day issues of the neighborhood as Co-chairs so that he could put more time into projects for the neighborhood. He has been involved in hundreds of trees being planted in the our neighborhood, has worked on traffic calming for the neighborhood, is the Co-chair of the FANCH committee that stopped the College Hill Reservoir from being fenced off, is on the Stakeholders Group for Willamette Street representing the neighborhood, and is the Project Manager for the neighborhood on the Friendly Park matching Grant.

The green water tower was built in 1939. EWEB is scheduled to evaluate the continued need for the water tower sometime in 2009.
Neighborhood Garage Sale...Then Party on July 27th
By Rick Grosscup, FAN Board Member

Every year a group of neighbors on a road to the coast, I think Highway thirty six, take one weekend to hold a continuous yard sale. It has been a great success for years running. The FAN Executive Committee is proposing to do the same thing July twenty sixth and twenty seventh, the fourth weekend in July, in conjunction with that Sunday's Annual FAN Picnic.


Because our neighborhood has been a great destination for Garage Sale buyers due to the quality of what we sell and the infrequency of sales. We thought that if we could band together for the neighbors, advertise and encourage people to come for one weekend out of the year that the synergy would bring more people to us. It would be a chance for neighbors to sell on their own, join together with neighbors in one yard, or consign items to neighbors. Here is how we see it unfolding: neighbors would sign up with us, at no cost. We would do some advertising in the Register Guard, Eugene Weekly and Craigs list dot org for the event as a whole. Participants would be given a placard to put out front. Maps with participating addresses would be published and/or distributed with coffee and donuts at the Washington Park Center, and possibly other locations (no earlies, the maps would not be released early). And the sale would be on!!

What's in it for you?

A chance to have a more effective garage/yard sale with more people attending. Slim down what you own and do not need in exchange for cash. Get to know your neighbors, build a better community. Afterwards, we would arrange for a local charity's van and/or dumpster to be located near the Washington Park shelter so you could get rid of whatever you have left that you do not want! Get a receipt and tax deduction for the items you give. Then join in the music, games and food at our community picnic to celebrate the success of he weekend.

What does it cost?

No fees will be assessed, but a donation will be requested at the Washington Park events based on the success of your sale. The proceeds will go to cover the expenses of the advertising, the dumpster, etc.. Any donations in excess of expenses will go towards funding emergency preparedness activities in the Friendly Area Neighborhood, and will be tax deductible.

What do you need to do now?

Please signal your possible interest in participating, either by selling at your home or consigning articles to a neighbor, by emailing rick dot grosscup at gee mail dot com. We need to gauge if there is enough interest to do this first annual FAN Neighborhood Garage/Yard sale. Any tips, suggestions, and questions including whether you would want to participate in both days, expand it to include Friday (before some buyers leave for the coast), have a site with a Piccadilly style with tables are encouraged. If there is enough interest, we will keep those respondents "in the loop" of our advance planning. If you don't respond now, the next time you may hear about this be our July newsletter... when it may be too late to participate.

Willamette Street Open House
By Greg Giesy, FAN Board Member

The Willamette Street Stake Holders Committee after over a year of study is having an open house on our findings to the question of whether Willamette Street between eighteenth and twentieth should be converted to two way traffic.

The open house will be at roosevelt middle school cafeteria, located at twenty fourth and hilyard on Wednesday, April 16th. Please drop in at 6:30 P.M. The meeting will start at 7:00 P.M.

The draft recommendations are in the Stake holders Groups March fifth meeting summary. They will be listed before the Open House on the City of Eugene website. If you are interested, please go to Click on the Willamette Street Study hyperlink which is located on the left side of the screen. Also there is a hyperlink labeled Meeting Summaries on the lower right under Willamette Stake holders Group Meeting Summaries.
FAN Neighbor Maureen Barckley is shown working in the traffic circle at 25th and Jackson streets. All the bump outs and traffic circles in the FAN neighborhood are maintained by caring FAN volunteers. Photo is by Bernie Corrigan.
Why Do I Have to Repair My Own Sidewalk?
By Nancy Ellen Locke, FAN Board Member with information provided by the City of Eugene website

Safe sidewalks benefit pedestrians, people in wheelchairs, joggers, and others who use sidewalks to travel around town. Keeping sidewalks clean and free of tripping hazards also reduces liabilities for property owners, who are responsible for maintaining sidewalks and driveway aprons next to their property.

Public sidewalks are inspected periodically by City of Eugene staff, who look for problems such as sunken, cracked, or raised pavement sidewalks, missing sections, and exposed, rough aggregate due to disintegration of the surface cement. Frequently, tree roots push up sections of sidewalk, causing tripping hazards. Generally, a misalignment of more than one half an inch is considered a tripping hazard. For detailed information about the specific standards used to evaluate sidewalk safety, contact the Public Works Maintenance Division at 682-4800.

If deficiencies are found, the City notifies the property owners abutting the damaged sections of sidewalk. The notice specifies the corrective actions that are required. These actions may include grinding high spots, raising sunken slabs, or removing damaged sections and pouring new concrete slabs.

Repair Options.

If your sidewalk is deficient, you have several options for taking corrective action.

You may do the work yourself. Often the work is strenuous and requires specialized equipment such as grinders, jacks, or concrete finishing tools.

You may elect to hire a licensed contractor to do the repairs. A list of contractors may be found in the Yellow Pages under Concrete Contractors. You may also contact Public Works Maintenance for a referral.

You may aks the City of Eugene Public Works Maintenance Division to repair the sidewalk. The City will bill the property owner if the work is done by a City crew. For an estimate of current city charges to repair sidewalks please telephone 682-4800.

Repair work must be completed within the time limit specified in the notice, generally twenty days. If the repairs are not completed in a timely manner, the City will do the work and bill the property owner. It is the responsibility of the property owner to barricade broken or dangerous portions of the sidewalk.

Sidewalk Safety and Tips on Keeping Sidewalks Clean and Safe.

Not all sidewalk maintenance involves repair work. There are a number of inexpensive and easy things residents can do to keep sidewalks safe and clean. Here are some suggestions.

Watch for early signs of leaking water lines, tree roots, and other damage.

Address problems as soon as possible to minimize area and amount of repair required.

Sweep sidewalks to keep them free of leaves, snow, ice, or debris. Be sure to properly dispose of debris. Do not sweep into the gutter or street.

Do not park cars or other heavy equipment on your sidewalk.

Trim tree branches, shrubs, and other vegetation so they do not obstruct the sidewalk.

If you observe hazardous sidewalks, report them by calling 682-4800.

Eugene City Code (E C 7.375, paragraph 1, states: “The owner of land abutting a sidewalk shall maintain the sidewalk and driveway approach in good repair and safe condition.”

Safe, clean and hazard free sidewalks promote mobility and livability for the citizens of Eugene. The community and citizens benefit from having pedestrian friendly sidewalks and driveway approaches as part of the City’s overall transportation system.
Request for letters to the editor on the subject of Friendly Park, or anything else
By Andrew Fisher, FAN Board Member and FAN Newsletter Editor

Recently, much discussion has been generated regarding planned improvements to Friendly Park. Friendly Area Neighbors are passionate about our shared open spaces and opinions vary as to how to best administer any potential change to Friendly Park’s function and appearance.

In a diverse community, it is not uncommon to discover a diversity of opinion and voice. The challenge to any community is to turn these varying voices into constructive dialogue.

The next issue of this newsletter will attempt to clarify the process that has brought us to this point and offer suggestions on how we might move forward as a community.

The Friendly Area Neighbors Newsletter would like to hear from you! Please share your thoughts regarding Friendly Park, or any other subject. You can send your comments, suggestions, ponderings, ideas, complaints, or reflections in two ways.

By email, send to

By U S Mail, send to Friendly Area Neighbors, care of Neighborhood Program, 99 W 10thAvenue, Eugene, Oregon, 97401.

Please limit your letters to between150 AND 200 words. For background information on Friendly Park, please see past issues of the FAN Newsletter. These are available online along with other information on the Friendly Area Neighbors at: area
Support Local Businesses
By Rick Grosscup, FAN Board Member

As gasoline prices skyrocket, and global warming heats us up, there are things that we can do... shop locally. Our neighborhood has a remarkable number of restaurants and stores that can meet our needs, all within walking distance. This summer we will be working with local merchants to map out who does what in the world of busyness to share how we can cut our costs and get some healthy exercise going to and fro. If you have an enterprise that you run out of your home, or do business (lawyer, doctor, dentist, architect, educator, musician, carpenter, astronomer, etc) elsewhere but live in the neighborhood, please email me so you can show up on the map.
FAN News available by email
By Hans Kuhn, FAN Board Member

If you arent already on the FAN e-mailing list, here’s your chance to learn what’s happening in your neighborhood and around the city. Announcements go out once or twice a month with information about FAN meetings, Colleg Hill Reservoir updates, agendas for FAN executive meetings, fund raising events, and any other news that can’t wait for the dead tree edition of the FAN newsletter. To join the email list, send and email to: with a message of “subscribe FAN news”.