Minutes from the December 13th, 2010 meeting of the Friendly Area Neighbors (FAN) Executive Board

Present:  Bernie and Carlos, co-chairs
Nancy Ellen, Greg, Mike G., Andrew, Nancy C.

  Treasurer Mike G—The City added $150 to our budget, which they owed us re the slip-n-slide adjustment.   Finances are about the same.  Andrew paid $159.49 for web services fee.  Bernie motioned to reimburse Andrew his expense. Greg 2nd. Passed unanimously.  Mike says that next year our bank card will be on file and the fee will be automaticly paid with the card..

  NLC-Carlos—NA annual reports are due.  No December meeting.  Spent most of the meeting talking with City Manager Jon Ruiz about relations between the City and the Neighborhood Associations..

  ENI annual meeting—Greg—Greg went as alternate rep.  Not much changed there.  There are not enough board members in ENI to get the work done.  ENI wants to help NAs get larger grants.  They have two board openings..

  Traffic Calming—NEL—Leave in streets are slowing traffic some.  Reported City staff seem reluctant to install more speed bumps.  Claim that FAN has more speed bumps than any other NA.  More discussion on speed bumps ensued..

  Newsletter—Andrew—Dec.20 is submission deadline.  Should arrive week of Jan.1.  Now have 5 items (not articles).  Carlos mentioned that EWEB wanted to submit something.  Andrew will check with them..

  Some discussion about the loss of the house at 1935 Madison .  Permit questions discussed.  It was an historic house.  Andrew researching what happened..

  Web site—Andrew reported that some new stuff has been added—the airpark, on the general meeting, next year’s meeting schedule, events schedule, and some other articles and links..

  For our coming Winter meeting we expect to allot ½ hour to EWEB for announcements and 1 ½ hours for Opportunity Siteing by the City..

  Sidewalk Repair—NEL—The City is primarily interested in bigger problems with upheavals, not cracks and such.  NEL suggested making sidewalk repairs in FAN something that could be funded through ENI via our current contract for the Olive Sidewalk Infill Project and would that add energy to that project as well..

  Next annual picnic—July 24(third Sunday), 5-8 PM and the splash park should be finished by then..

  Southtowne Planning update—Some concern that City staff energy spent on this project is sapping energy from other projects.  Some discussion about the area 24th to 30th, Willamette to Amazon being rezoned to R2 from R3..

  More discussion on FAN becoming a 501©3 non-profit.  We need to review the particulars of maintaining such a status..

  Summer Solstice Pancake Breakfast—Mike G.—Mike wants to do it but needs a partner to split the work.  June 19th is the tentative date.  Bernie suggests latter is better weather.  Bernie will reserve the building for the 19th for now..

  Spending down our budget—We can spend $400 now for the Pancake Breakfast from this budget and still have $400 for the Picnic since that will on the next year’s budget.  Besides, our newsletter may cost less due to fewer articles to print..

  Andrew reported on talks with South Eugene High about their area being brought within the FAN boundary.  They seemed cool to the idea.  More discussion followed..

Submitted by Carlos Barrera