Friendly Area Neighbors Board Minutes - December 12, 2011

  Present:  Bernie, Carlos, Nancy Ellen, Nancy Classen, Greg, Matt, Edward, Kristen, Carly, Andrew, Mike G.

  Guests:  Rob Inerfeld, City of Eugene Transportation Planning Manager

  Treasurer:  Mike says we did receive the $150 from the City that we were supposed to get for our attendance at a recent workshop.

  NLC report:  Carlos reported that another neighborhood association(NA) cautioned all NAs that those without refinement plans may get increased attention from developers who may prefer to build in NAs with fewer restrictions.  No NLC meeting in Dec.  Neighborhood annual reports are due soon.

  Carlos also reports that he has joined the board of Eugene Neighbors, Inc.

  Rob Inerfeld conversed with us about the Olive Street Urban Trails Project to verify board support for the project.  He would like a letter from the board verifying board support for the project. He would also like to preview the letter we will be sending to the property owners abutting the project that will explain the projects scope and explaining that the City may declare the area a local improvement district, which means the City would then require property owners to install sidewalks (at their own expense if they don't make arrangements with FAN).

  We also discussed with Rob the proposed changes to 24th Ave. that are planned for the near future.

  Andrew reported that Dec.19th is the hard deadline for submissions to the FAN newsletter.  The newsletter should arrive around the 12th of January.

  Nancy Ellen motioned that we support the proposed development at 24th Place and Willamette.  Edward seconded.  After discussion the vote was 7 in favor, none opposed, 4 abstaining.  Motion passed.

  Edward reports that there are 249 businesses and organizations in FAN including 80 home businesses.  He is progressing with the neighborhood businesses directory.

  Some discussion about the Solarize Eugene project and Carlos said he would remind those in charge of it about doing a presentation at the January 19th general meeting.

  Submitted by Carlos Barrera.