Minutes from the FAN Executive Board Meeting - November 12, 2012

PRESENT: Bernie, Carlos, Matt, Nancy Ellen, Bruce, Greg, Edward, Andrew, Nancy C., Christine, Rex, Marv, Deb, Kristina


GUESTS:  Michael Kinnison, Manager, City of Eugene Neighborhood Services; Marianna Monaco, neighbor.

Community mediation update: Michael Kinnison told us that they are drafting a report and looking for a date to debrief the board, neighbors, and others involved in mediation. He and Bernie have discussed holding the debriefing at our January board meeting. The motivation is to look at how we can expand our communication with neighbors. The newsletter, website, FANSpeak, and Friendly Neighbors Forum (on facebook) were sited as existing outreach methods. Michael emphasized that we're trying to set up communication that's positive, he's asking everyone to come with an open mind.

Neighborhood Association Convention: Michael also reported that Eugene has been selected to host the NUSA (Neighborhoods, USA) convention in May 2014. Edward is helping to organize. They expect 400-500 attendees. 


Minutes: Bernie moved that we accept the October minutes. Bruce seconded. 11 in favor, 3 abstention. Motion passed.

NLC: Carlos reported that the matching grant requests exceed the available funding, so unfortunately some will not get approved. 

Traffic calming: Nancy Ellen is retiring from reporting on traffic calming issues. We need someone to take over.

Newsletter: Andrew explained the timeline for newsletter production. He aspires for newsletter delivery 7 to 10 days before our general meetings. The city has a 21 day lead time and Andrew needs 7 days for editing and layout. Because the next general meeting is January 17th, the deadline to submit articles is December 21st. If you have any ideas, let Andrew know.

Sidewalk infill: Carlos gave a presentation about the project. He has been working on it for several years. There is a grant plus people who want to donate, homeowners do not have to pay for them. The city has no procedure for a third party installing sidewalks, so he has worked with them to figure it out. The project entails 1700 feet of sidewalk, moving sprinkler systems, building retaining walls, etc... The project is proposed to be completed in three phases. Carlos wants to construct the first phase, Olive Street between 24th Place and 25th Avenue, then reach out to the neighbors effected by the second and third phases. He also wants to complete the project before the NUSA 2014 conference.

Bruce emphasized that we should focus on outreach and communication with the neighbors involved. Christine agreed that we need to reach out to neighbors. Andrew asked if Public Works has said anything about how to do public outreach. Carlos said, no. Andrew said that it is an unprecedented project and the problem is that the board don't know much about it. It does not seem fair to the neighbors along the route, there is a lack of transparency with the funding. Edward suggested that FAN host a public outreach meeting. Carlos sited Madison Meadows as a project that was sponsored by FAN but funds did not go through FAN. Bernie moved that we have a planning session at the December 10th board meeting for a sidewalk discussion meeting. Bruce seconded. Motion passed unanimously. 

FAN web site: Andrew added information to promote the S. Willamette Art Walk. He has been posting pdf versions of the newsletter but has realized that search engines will not pick up the text. He has a potential solution and will attempt to translate the pdfs using '503 accessibility'. 

Business Directory: Edward is still looking for people with smart phones to help find more businesses. Businesses are also showing up on the facebook forum. 

Online forums: Edward shared the Friendly Neighbors Forum most talked about topics (crime prevention workshop, a day without a burglary, description of a possible burglar, etc...). The Fern Ridge Neighbors are modeling their facebook forum on ours and have asked Edward to borrow the language he has written about ground rules. 


Thanks to Mike Giroux: Bernie wanted to acknowledge Mike's exemplary service as a board member. He pointed out that Mike helped build the website, took over as treasurer, he was a featured fundraiser at the picnic, and organized the solstice pancake breakfast. Bernie passed around a thank you card for us to sign.

Contact information: Carlos circulated our contact list. We need to update the list for Neighborhood Services.

Change of FAN board executive structure: Andrew moved that we change to a chair/vice chair format. Edward seconded. Andrew believes that in the interest of being inclusive, the chair/vice chair structure would encourage more participation in leadership via turnover. Edward noted that it doesn't appear that we need to change the charter for this. Greg relayed his experience as a co-chair, saying that it is a big job and he believes it takes two people. He also believes that people are not excluded with the co-chair structure. In Rex's experience on boards, the chair/vice chair works well, with the rotation of chairs often bringing fresh ideas. Carlos said that he is not interested in staying a co-chair much longer. He wants to finish his sidewalk project first, saying that he has greater authority with city officials as a board leader. Marv has been on the board for 28 years, he has been co-chair, vice chair, and chair, and said that it doesn't make a difference if your a leader or a board member to the city. Bernie suggested having two co-chairs and a vice chair, with the vice chair taking over next year. Greg told us that the city doesn't want to deal with three people and we would have to change the charter to do that. Bernie warned that it takes a lot of time to be a chair. The vote was called to change to chair/vice chair. 10 in favor, 4 opposed. Motion passed. 

Election of Officers: Chair - Andrew nominated Carlos. 13 in favor, 1 abstention. Vice Chair - Bernie nominated Andrew. Nancy Ellen seconded. 13 in favor, 1 abstention. Secretary - Bernie nominated Kristina, Rex seconded. 13 in favor, 1 abstention. Treasurer - Bernie moved that we postpone the vote. Everyone agreed. NLC Rep - Kristina nominated Deb, Edward seconded. 12 in favor, 2 abstention. Christine asked if there are other positions. Andrew said that people have talked about forming subcommittees. ENI - Greg is on that board now and will report to us.

20th and Oak upzoning: A new application has been submitted to the City to re-zone from R1 to R2. Discussion was tabled until next month.

Farm animal ordinance: Nancy Ellen shared the proposed ordinance via email along with her changes. She was asked to clarify the changes that she submitted to the city. She will send an email out.

Bike lanes on Willamette: discussion tabled.

Edward suggested a subcommittee opportunity, our own BPAC. 

Rex asked if city planning seeks approval/input from neighborhood associations before taking its recommendations to city council. Greg said no.

Letter to 4J regarding Civic Stadium as a school site: Carlos sent a letter on his own behalf, they have not responded. We are tabling the discussion.


Submitted by Kristina Lang. 12/09/12

Meetings are held the second Monday of the month at the Washington Park Recreation Center, 2025 Washington Street, Eugene, OR. The public is invited to attend. For more information go to www.FriendlyAreaNeighbors.org