Friendly Area Neighborhood Association
Executive Committee Meeting, Washington Park Recreation Center

Date / Time: 11/10/08
Chairs: Carlos Barrera

Present: Greg Giesy, Rick Grosscup, Amy Henne, Nancy Ellen Locke, Marv Glover, Mike Giroux, Dan Vishny, Matt Lutter, Rick Grosscup, Nancy Classen.

Absent: Andrew Fisher, Bernie Corrigan

Guests: Barbara Dumensil

I. PUBLIC INPUT: Introductions of new Board members and current Board members.

II. SECRETARY’S MINUTES— Amy Henne. Minutes approved for October. Accepted with 1 abstention (Carlos Barrera).


$267.03 checking account. Savings $452.52. Rick would like to change banks in order to earn interest on our accounts. Moved by Rick Grosscup and seconded by Nancy Ellen Locke that FAN accounts be moved to Oregon Community Credit Union with one additional signer (co-chair) in addition to Greg Giesy Rick Grosscup and approved unanimously. New budget from the City is not yet available. Eugene Neighborhoods Inc account is just under $1000.


1. Neighborhood Leadership Council (NLC). Carlos Barrera. No meetings this month. Background and purpose of the NLC given by Carlos to inform new Board members. NLC is tied to Eugene Neighborhoods, Inc. NLC is moving forwards on sustainability issues.

2. Neighborhood Empowerment Committee. Bernie Corrigan. No report.

3. Neighborhood Matching Grant - FRIENDLY PARK. Nancy Ellen Locke is ready to turn in all paperwork for kiosk project. Actual costs were $1014.15. Donated costs were $6851.50. Almost done with camas planting at the Park. The curb for the lawn and mulch is in for the exercise equipment. Greg will dig out the foundation for the adult stretch equipment. Timeline for finishing the area is the end of the year.

4. Olive Street Sidewalk Infill Project. Carlos Barrera. Discussion of purpose behind the infill project to further bring the neighborhood together for a variety of purposes.

FAN NEWSLETTER. Andrew Fisher. No report.

Adams School Garden Project Matching Grant Proposal. Barbara Dumesil. Request for endorsement of project by the Adams Garden Committee. The initial garden will be 20’ x 20’ and will have six 3 x 5’ beds with accessible pathways. Adams is seeking to increase enrollment and the school gardens will be one of the branches of their environmental sustainability program. Board invited Barbara to return to our December meeting with further specifics, including budget.

Regional Land Information Database (RLID). Lane Council of Governments (LGOG) has entered into an agreement with the City of Eugene to allow Eugene Neighborhood Groups access to RLID at a discounted rate. Request for open training for Executive Board members of FAN by Nancy Ellen Locke.

V. Welcome to new Board members. Informal discussion.


Meetings are held the second Monday of the month at the Washington Park Recreation Center, 2025 Washington Street, Eugene. OR. The public is invited to attend.

Respectfully submitted: Amy Henne, Board Secretary