Minutes from the FAN Executive Board Meeting
November 9, 2009

Attending: Nancy Ellen Locke, Andrew Fisher, Mike Giroux, Amy Henne, Matt Lutter, Mike Howard

Absent: Nancy Classen, Rob Tobias, Greg Giesy, Marv Glover

Guests: Jana Rygas - Save Civic Stadium


Jana Rygas - Save Civic Stadium report. Contact phone # 342-4842. info@savecivicstdium.org. EM's gave notice to 4J at the end of August. SCS has expressed interest in leasing the property. Make or break issue is how successful will the group be in taking on the project-what is the sustainable business plan for development.

Will need to raise $10 million to fund. Possibilities include soccer and other multi-uses. What is the appropriate way to move forward on the historic issues? YMCA is interested in a new facility and is considering moving to Civic Stadium if they chose not to renovate their building. Perhaps women's fast-pitch softball could be located to CS.

Requested support from people to make additional connections. SCS fundraiser set for Thursday, November 12, 2009 - 5:30 to 7:30 pm at Tsunami Books.


MINUTES (Amy Henne) Minutes for October meeting submitted by Carlos Barrera. Amy moves we approve with corrections (Mike Giroux was not present at the meeting). Bernie seconds. 5 abstentions. 3 ayes. Carries.


ENI balance: 664.92

OCCU checking: 1951.77

OCCU savings: 5.00

City of Eugene: 4237.00

Amy handed out proposed budget for the 09-10 fiscal year for Board review and comment. Amy moves for a budget of 775.00 for food/music for SSPB and 1,075 for postcard mailing/posters for SSPB. 7 ayes, 1 abstention. Carries

NEL makes a motion to revisit issue as the Board determines to be appropriate. Bernie seconds. Mike proposes a January 1 go/no go deadline for final prep.

5 ayes 2 opposed, 1 abstention. Carries.

NLC (Neighborhood Leaders Council) - Carlos. Very little to report. There is a proposal for a successor to the NEI Committee. Tabled for further consideration.

NEIC (Neighborhood Empowerment Initiative) - Bernie reports discussion on continuation of the initiative. Bernie had not seen any of the materials that Carlos reported on earlier. Looks like NEIC needs to pass away.

FILLMORE TRAFFIC CALMING AND TRAFFIC REPORT (Nancy Ellen Locke). Fillmore is done and beautiful. New traffic barrier/warning has been set up at 19th and Tyler. TRAFFIC CALMING on Jefferson and Washington (NEL). Working with Alice Davenport.

COMMUNICATIONS (including: FAN newsletter and website) (Andrew Fisher, Mike Giroux, Amy Henne)

Newsletter will be published in January, April, July and October during 2010.

Deadline is January 1st for submission of articles, possibly earlier.



Carlos and Bernie will be co-chairs for another year.

Amy will be Secretary/Treasurer for another year.

Carries unanimously.

JANUARY GENERAL MEETING - set for Thursday, January 21st at Washington Park. City Manager Jon Ruiz is scheduled to come. Amy and NEL will take care of refreshments.

APRIL GENERAL MEETING. STATE OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD. Paul Holvey, Pete Sorenson, Neighborhood Survey results.

Report on Neighborhood Matching Grants (NMG) supported by FAN.

Common Ground Neighborhood Garden. The NMG was submitted for the Nov 1 deadline.

FAN Board voting policy discussion. Bernie handed out the Friendly Area Neighbors Board Voting Policy that was passed on October 13, 2008.

Adjourned 9 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Amy Henne, FAN Secretary/Treasurer