Revised notes for FAN Executive Board meeting on Monday 10/13/2008
taken by Andrew Fisher

In attendance: Carlos Barrera, Bernie Corrigan, Andrew Fisher, Greg Giesy, Nancy Ellen Locke

Absent:  Nancy Classen, Rick Grosscup, Amy Henne,

Guests: None

Public Input: Limited to 3 minutes per person up to 15 minutes max.

City of Eugene Police Department invites board to attend the Prevention Convention Saturday, October 18th. Many topics are being presented. It is noted that CERT members are presenting at the event on the topic of Disaster Prevention.

- Minutes from last meeting by Andrew:

Andrew *moves we accept minutes. Carlos seconds. Bernie, Carlos, Nancy, Andrew vote to accept. No votes in opposition. Greg abstains.

- NLC by Carlos:

Jefferson Westside lost their LUBA appeal. Details on their website. The appeal related to gerrymandering of lots and flag lots.

Jan Spencer asked that we promote Neighborhood Leadership Council in the newsletter.

Collaboration between Green Home Show and local sustainability groups. Request for photos of neighborhood residents “in action” on neighborhood events (FAN Picnic?) and other activities.

No December meeting for NLC.

- NEC (Neighborhood Empowerment Committee) by Bernie:

Still engaged in “process”.  NEC has formed a subcommittee, The NEC 2009 Summit Planning Team.  Bernie has volunteered to be on that committee.. The group is meeting weekly. What has happened since the first summit? This needs to be promoted on related websites. Neighborhood Services is an effective entity. The main committee consists of 18 people; half City folks and half neighborhood leaders. If you have topics to be presented at the Summit, please contact Bernie.

Recruiting for Neighborhood Associations is an important issue. City Departments should feel “comfortable/empowered” to endorse the projects being effected by Neighborhood Associations.

Neighborhood Associations need empowerment to increase their effectiveness.

- Fillmore traffic calming update by Nancy Ellen:

Still a go. Working around the nearby field improvements.

- Jefferson plastic field update by Nancy Ellen:

An article is in the Fall newsletter. City inquired about the article be identified as an editorial. The addition of website sources were cited. Students at the Arts and Technology Academy have bark, asphalt and artificial turf to play on now.

- Westmoreland bike path update by Nancy Ellen:

Pursuing funds. Notification is to come later.

- Friendly Park update  by Greg and Nancy Ellen:

Area for the curbing around the stretch equipment has been dug and curbing put in. Concrete is done. Next is time to schedule with the City of when to dig out the rest of the area.

Nancy Ellen noted that the workers were impressed with the work being done. Also, kiosk and pavers were being inspected by several official-looking folks recently. Someone was noted to have stayed overnight to monitor the curing of the cement.

We lost $100 grant from Home Depot because too much time (a year) had passed. The funds from Home Depot apparently had a "life-span".

- Willamette Street & the City Council by Greg:

After a year and half of meetings for the Willamette Street Stakeholders Committee, the findings were turned into the City Council. The findings were not well-received. Council acknowledged the report, and accepted it, but apparently did not agree with it. Council asked what would it cost if Oak and Pearl could be converted to two-way as a way to alleviate traffic congestion. Chris Henry stated that reversing Pearl and Oak Streets (but keeping one way) might alleviate congestion on Willamette. Council wants to know what costs would be for these studies and conversions.

The findings of the report were to keep Willamette Street between 18th and 20th one-way. The intersection at 18th and Willamette is central to the issue. The intersection is too small to allow a left turn to the west (were it converted to two-way). Northbound traffic would also back up in front of the Meridian parking lot, keeping southbound commuters from making a left turn into their parking lot.

The committee met for approximately 18 months. The findings included a 7-page report and a 1-page summary.

Bernie commented that we are currently the largest city in the US without a full-time, paid City Council. Being a council member requires a lot of time! Currently, Eugene’s council members must have jobs or other means to support themselves.

Back to the subject of Willamette Street, Greg comments that nationally, many cities are in the process of converting their streets from one-way to two-way, however this must be done on a case-by-case basis.

- Newsletter by Andrew:

Submissions came in from board members and FAN residents and EWEB. We actually had more than enough content submitted. We cut the Historic Friendly map this issue. It would have required too much space. Also unable to run the Prevention Convention ad and Rick's FANCH update. Greg says that we should mention at the General Meeting that work will go on at the reservoir, including fencing of some areas. EWEB submitted an article on improvements being made to the College Hill Reservoirs.

- Sidewalk in-fill contract with ENI update by Carlos:

Moving along okay. Carlos met with the pedestrian-bicycle committee. The feedback is that this project seems like a Win-Win situation. Human Rights accessibility committee meeting coming up soon. Rob Inerfeld (Transportation Planning Manager) and Doris Stark are aware of the project. Permit costs cannot be forgiven unfortunately. There will be investigation to see if the money can be found from an alternative source. Perhaps City Council can act to eliminate the permit costs?

Also spoke with Shane Rhodes, Safe Routes to School manager (also organizes Blackberry Jamboree).

Rex Redmond, landscape architect, was interested in volunteering for the effort.

We are not planning on utilizing the Neighborhood Matching Grant program for this event.

Still need to talk to Post Office about moving some boxes. Susan Muir, Executive Director of Planning and Development department expressed interest. A walk-through is necessary to more exactly define the parameters of the project.

Retaining walls that are required for the project might be built with aesthetics in mind. Perhaps UO landscape architecture students might participate in designing such structures so that they include artistic elements.

- Saving Civic Stadium by Nancy:

Nancy Classen is not present. Carlos notes October 22nd is a 70th birthday party for Civic Stadium.

- October General Meeting by All:

If Rick is unable to attend the meeting, Bernie will take on the responsibilities of the CERT component of the meeting.

Bonnie Bettman will present some information.

Susan Jerde of Madison Meadow has requested 5 to 10 minutes.

- South Town Subdivision by Bernie & Carlos:

The board voted 8 - 0 of eligible board members to support the subdivision. It would not have been possible to stop the action. The development includes 3 new units. There will be a dedicated entry way off Willamette to a one-way driveway/apron that runs parallel to Willamette, and then exits back onto Willamette. This will preclude any need to back a vehicle onto Willamette Street, which would be dangerous.

In the nearby area, Security First Childcare has purchased the former Temple Beth Israel and is moving to this location once some renovation is completed.

- Recruiting new board members by All:

Bernie has been working to recruit several folks. Perhaps members of the local sustainability groups would be interested in serving on the FAN Board.

Voting Procedures by Bernie:

Discussion of the voting procedures document.

Bernie *moves that we adopt the voting policy as delineated in the document which all Board Members received in their e-mail on 10/13/08 with the exception that the term “decision item” is replaced with the word “motion” throughout the policy statement.

Carlos seconds.

Greg makes the point of order that this is the last meeting of the “old board” and should we consider holding off voting on this until the new board has been voted in? Board consensus is to move forward with vote.

Andrew notes this is the first time we have had remaining time in an executive meeting to finally address this issue. 5 vote in support. 0 votes in opposition. 0 votes in abstention. Motion passes.

Robert's rules as applied to FAN Executive Board meetings by Bernie:

Bernie notes that the form of procedure we use is not a strict version of Robert's Rules. Do we want to alter these procedures? Consensus is that we continue to use our procedures since they have worked effectively to date.

New Business

Carlos shares that the Friendly Place development PUD has been approved by the City with 23 provisions.

No further business. Meeting adjourned.