Minutes from the FAN Executive Board Meeting
October 12, 2009

Present: Bernie Corrigan, Carlos Barrera, Nancy Ellen Locke, Nancy Classen, Matt Lutter, Rob Tobias, Greg Giesy

Absent: Amy Henne, Marv Glover, Mike Howard, Andrew Fisher

Guests: Kevin Finney, City of Eugene Parks and Open Space
Lisa Arkin, Oregon Toxics Alliance
Unidentified nearby neighbor to Washington Park.

NLC report mentioned that U of O students can get a stipend to get involved in their communities. Board members expressed interest pursuing in this possible resource.

Fillmore traffic calming: Nancy Ellen reports that some people have requested additional speedbumps to what have been planned. Bernie suggested that we could use more speedbumps through the neighborhood and mentioned that radar guns are still available through the Police Dept., for documenting areas of need.

Nancy Ellen noted that a sign had been installed at the new Jefferson school track to honor Margaret Johnson Bales, our own local gold medal winner at a past Olympics.

A lengthy and cordial discussion ensued concerning herbicide use in Washington Park with Kevin Finney from Park and Open Space(POS) and Lisa Arkin from Oregon Toxics Alliance. Kevin explained the maintenance process for Eugene parks and the new processes that they have been testing whereby tree wells are cleared, soil placed, and a low fescue planted. Problematic is that the method is labor intensive and City funding is dwindling. Lisa brought a tri-fold display board with pictures showing the dead vegetation in the sprayed areas which appeared to be in locations that were supposed to be excluded, according to the City's herbicide spray policy. The applicable policy was quoted and referenced next to each picture. Various methods were discussed as alternatives to spraying the problem areas, such as rubber strips placed under fence lines to suppress weeds, a permanent sign location so park users would know where to look for spray notices. Use color dyes to mark spray areas and use a color that matched the color of the permanent sign location, to point out the association. Kevin said POS has 52 workers with various experience and that it is a challenge to train them all to get consistent results. He borrowed Lisa's display board for use in training those employees.

Discussion ensued regarding making Washington Park a pesticide free park. The general membership would have to be in favor and the board vote for it. We resolved to publicize the issue in the newsletter and place it on the January general meeting agenda. Kevin will send us the info on Pesticide-Free Park Program in PDF and Word so we can put it in the newsletter. POS has 3 volunteer coordinators for work projects. Lorna Baldwin is the one to call at 682-4800.

We discussed the upcoming general meeting. On the agenda is an introduction to the activities of the South Town Business Association (SoBA), FAN Board elections, a talk on Opportunity Siting by Patricia Thomas from the City, and a community forum for neighborhood problems.

Nancy Ellen presented the Board with a large aerial photo of the FAN neighborhood which had been coated to make it a dry erase board. Bernie moved to re-reimburse her, Nancy Classen seconded, approved unanimously.

It was announced to the Board that Neighborwoods wants to plant more trees in FAN and wants people to submit locations.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05 PM.