Present:  Carlos Barrera, Bernie Corrigan—Co-chairs                 NEL, Greg, Matt, Mike Howard, Nancy C.. Rob Tobias

  NEL moved we use the July 19 e-mailed minutes of 7?12 rather than the new set sent later.  Bernie second. 7 ayes, 1 abstention.  9/13 minutes—correct minutes to say that people were disappointed that there wasn’t MORE Blues and Jazz, not less.  Greg moved to accept minutes as corrected. 7 ayes, 1 abstention.

  NEL reported that some people have stolen some plants that were bought and planted in the public right of way.

  Carlos reported that a tree that was in the way of the planned Olive Street Urban Trail Project has been marked by the City for removal, due to a rotted trunk.

  The film “Last Season”, will be shown at the next general meeting and one of the directors will be there to comment.  The film depicts the last season played at Civic Stadium by the Ems baseball team.

  Nancy C. reported on developments with the Save Civic Stadium Board.  Discussion followed.

  We have received e-mails from residents about the difficulty of crossing Jefferson at 22nd Street . Some people would like to have flashing white light installed.  Greg suggested getting school crossing signs there.  After discussion, Bernie will look into it with NEL and Mike Howard.

  Southtowne planning is struggling with how to redevelop Willamette Street .  Various experts are giving input.  A charette may be forthcoming.  The grant that was tried for didn’t pan out but the effort is proceeding anyway.  A 20 to 50 year vision is what they are trying to produce.  People don’t seem to be concerned with the idea of denser housing being placed there.  R1 properties will probably be upgraded to R2 to encourage denser development.  There was discussion about 29th and Willamette now being more bike friendly since the reconstruction of the intersection.

Submitted by Carlos Barrera