Minutes from the FAN Executive Board Meeting - October 8, 2012

  PRESENT:  Bernie, Carlos, Greg, Nancy Ellen, Edward, Marv, Mike G., Andrew, Nancy C., Bruce, Kristina

ABSENT: Carly, Matt

  GUESTS:  Lauren Chouinard, Amazon Small Dog Park; Hope Crandall and Jan Hoerthkorn, Friendly Park Little Free Library; Rex Redmon, neighbor; Kerry Delf, neighbor.

Friendly Park Little Free Library: Hope Crandall is applying for a neighborhood matching grant. The first draft is due at the end of the week. She reports that the city is very supportive of the project. In addition to a large as hoc committee, she has letters of support from schools, churches, etc... She needs the board to sign off on the application and needs a fiscal agent. Carlos suggested Mike as fiscal agent, he agreed. Bernie moved that we support the application. Greg seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Amazon Small Dog Park: Lauren Chouinard told us that they opened in Nov. 2011 in response to safety concerns for dogs of small stature. He relayed the strong sense of community that binds the people who use the park. An initial private fundraising effort paid for fencing, an entry archway, and picnic table. They are applying for a matching grant to build a 16' x 14' structure over the picnic table for shade and rain protection. They are engaging the LCC construction program with a design by Chuck Bailey Architects. Edward asked if the city would only green light one matching grant per neighborhood. Lauren told us that because the dog park borders Amazon and Southeast neighborhoods and because it's the only small dog park in the city, the city has said they would take into consideration that it is serving those beyond one neighborhood. Bernie moved that we support the application. Bruce seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Rex Redmon thanked the board for voting of support bike lanes on Willamette. He wanted to emphasize that we should talk about getting 'to' places on Willamette, not 'through' Willamette. 


Minutes: Bernie moved that we accept the September minutes. Bruce seconded. 10 in favor, 1 abstention. Motion passed.

Treasurer's Report: Mike reported that we have $4607 in city funds with 3 newsletters left to produce. He paid out $300 for music at the picnic. We need to reimburse him for web hosting, $142.50. Bruce moved that we authorize Mike to write a check to himself. Bernie seconded. 10 in favor, 1 abstention. Motion passed.

NLC: Carlos told us that we should report hate crimes to police, and about the new social host law. After three incidents, homeowner can be held liable for penalties and police costs.

Traffic calming: Nancy Ellen went to the last Envision Eugene meeting. She passed around the good/bad intersection list and street map to us. The butte to butte trolly concept was removed. She spoke to them about the butterfly bus. Their goal is to improve community health, safety and security.

Newsletter: Andrew said that the newsletter went to the city last week. It has 11 items. Andrew will repeat the historic walk for the Eugene 150 celebration. Greg asked about a cost adjustment for printing fees. Andrew will ask Cindy.

Sidewalk infill: Bruce believes that we should reevaluate the route. He and Carlos will continue their discussion outside of the board meeting. Andrew asked Carlos if a steering committee had been formed yet to guide the sidewalk project. Carlos replied no.

FAN web site: Mike asked that he be removed from the agenda for this item. Andrew added 2013 meeting dates. Board members should submit a profile paragraph. Web hosting services have been paid.

Business Directory: Edward has found more home businesses with a Facebook app. He needs people to walk the neighborhood with a smart phone to find more.

Online forums: Edward passed around graphs of demographics of the Friendly Neighbors Forum users, and ran though the list of most talked about topics (door to door scammers, sale of Friendly Market, Toxic cloud release, etc...)


Letter to 4J regarding Civic Stadium as a school site: Carlos has drafted a letter opposing Civic as the new site for Roosevelt Middle School. Bruce spoke to a school board member who assured him that they are not pursuing it at this time. There is a community forum at 7pm on Wednesday at Roosevelt. Carlos reviewed the letter and said that the school board is talking about partnering with the YMCA. Andrew cautioned that the letter may not be the most positive way to proceed. Kristina did a quick graphic analysis of the site and was surprised that the existing school footprint would fit on the Civic site, without the play fields, and found that the walk to the existing fields would be at least 10 minutes, one way. She was also concerned with the first point of the letter, opposing the site due to the proximity to busy streets, because the existing school is bordered by Hillyard and 24th, both busy streets. Bernie moved that we table the discussion. Bruce and Nancy Ellen seconded. Motion carried unanimously.  

20th and Oak upzoning: Andrew talked to Steve Ochs, with planning, the project has been postponed.

October general meeting: Steve Ochs has confirmed. We will also have a candidate forum. Betty Taylor and Juan Carlos Valle will be there. Andrew said that we need to settle on a format for the forum.

National Night Out: Edward will organize, Carlos will assist.

Thoughts about FAN and the Lucia development: Edward wants to encourage Lucia to talk to Friendly Market. Nancy Ellen and Edward will work together to facilitate.

Mediation Sessions: Board will report at next meeting.

FAN board email list: Kristina moved that we only include current board members on the list. Bernie suggested keeping previous co-chairs on. Kristina thought we should not. Nancy Ellen suggested that we include only current board members but that we should reevaluate and possibly add former co-chairs and board members in the future. Andrew seconded. 9 in favor, 1 abstention. Motion passed.


Submitted by Kristina Lang. 11/12/12

Meetings are held the second Monday of the month at the Washington Park Recreation Center, 2025 Washington Street, Eugene, OR. The public is invited to attend. For more information go to www.FriendlyAreaNeighbors.org