Minutes from the FAN Executive Board Meeting
September 14, 2009

Present: Carlos Barrera, Bernie Corrigan, Nancy Ellen Locke, Greg Giesy, Marv Glover, Andrew Fisher, Mike Giroux, Amy Henne, Matt Lutter

Absent: Nancy Classen, Rob Tobias, Mike Howard

Guests: Melva Moore, Matt Sprick SOBA representative to FAN PUBLIC INPUT:

Melva Moore –presented idea for community gathering through a “Tennis Court Dance” Saturday, October 17, 2009 7 pm to 9 pm. Requests 50 posters, laminated. Melva will organize and execute the event. Amy makes motion, NEL seconds: to support event and approve funds up to, but not exceeding $100. NEL will help get posters published.

INTRODUCTION: Matt Sprick, SOBA, will be liaison to FAN. Was invited to attend regular meetings of FAN.


MINUTES (Amy Henne) Minutes for August meeting submitted by Carlos Barrera. Greg moves we approve. Amy seconds. 4 abstentions. 5 ayes. Carries.

TREASURER REPORT (Amy Henne)--Will send report with balances via email to FAN Board. Bernie has money to be deposited.

NLC (Neighborhood Leaders Council) –

NEIC (Neighborhood Empowerment Initiative) – Bernie reports discussion on continuation of the initiative.


COMMUNICATIONS (including: FAN newsletter and website) (Andrew Fisher, Mike Giroux, Amy Henne) Newsletter submission deadline, Wednesday, September 30^th . To be delivered by 10/14/09. Discussion of content for this next issue.

SIDEWALK INFILL – Bruce Strimling has agreed to be on the newly formed multi-disciplinary review team for the project. Further appointments will be forthcoming.


PATRICA THOMAS (City of Eugene Planning Division) - Discussion of Opportunity Siting in FAN. Introductions around the table. Historical context and background for infill compatibility standards for the neighborhoods in Eugene. Handed out 10 tenets of Opportunity Siting—a collaborative process to find good sites for higher density housing and provide development incentives in exchange for appropriate siting and design. Discussion of specific sites within FAN (I.e. Civic Stadium and Willard School) that could be possible opportunity siting projects. Invitation to present at October General Meeting (October 22nd ) for 15 minutes.

Anne Donahue (City of Eugene and FAN neighbor) Idea about converting a piece of property at 21^st and Van Buren to become a neighborhood garden site. Handed out Garden Meeting Notes from 9/11/09 with 13 Friendly Area neighbors. Everybody works. Everybody eats. No individual plots.

FAN RESOLUTION OF SUPPORT FOR THE PROJECT: Bernie makes a motion for the effort. The Friendly Area Neighbors Executive Board strongly supports and endorses the development of a neighborhood garden located on West 21’st at Van Buren, on then unimproved City right of way. Carlos seconds. Passes unanimously.

SURVEY ABOUT NEIGHBORHOOD ASSESSMENT. NEL requests that a link be placed on Friendly Farmers website and the FAN website.

OCTOBER GENERAL MEETING – Bernie will try and invite City Manager Jon Ruiz. Patricia Thomas has been invited. Amy will work on refreshments donated through Market of Choice.

WASHINGTON PARK HERBICIDE SPRAYING: NEL makes a motion that Greg's letter be accepted. Address to Jonny Medelin at POS. Spelling corrections suggested. Dated today. CC to Lisa Arkin of Oregon Toxics Alliance. Carries unanimously.

Adjourned 9 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Amy Henne