FAN BOARD MINUTES ††Sept. 12, 2010

Present:† Bernie, Carlos, Nancy Ellen Locke, Greg, Mike G., Mike H., Matt, Nancy C.

Mike G. amended the minutes to report that the actual cost of purchasing the Publishing software was $139.99.†
Minutes approved as amended.† 6-0 with one abstention.

Treasurerís report:† There was $9.15 left in our budget from the City after all expenses.† We have not yet received our new budget.† We had $2207.33 in the bank plus $89 proceeds from the pancake breakfast less $14 for check printing and $480 to pay for music at the picnic, leaving $1802.33 on deposit.† Greg moved that as opportunity allows, we reduce our funds held in ENI to $100 (to cover our next membership fee) and only keep $300 in our checking account with the balance in savings in order to get a little more interest.† After discussion the motion was withdrawn.

Mike G. Moved we take $475 out of ENI to pay for the picnic music.† Greg second. Passed unanimously.
Greg motioned we pay for the slip and slide out of our 2011 budget.† Carlos second. Passed unanimously.

FAN Charter discussion: To dispel †confusion generated in an e-mail discussion, Bernie stated that FAN policy for board membership will be the same as for FAN membership, as stated in our charter.† The board agreed.

Matt reported that the Neighborhood Leaders Council Committee on Sustainability would like FAN to support them in gaining ENI recognition.† NEL motioned FAN sponsor NLCCOS to ENI so they can then accept tax deductible donations.† Bernie second. Passed unanimously.

Turtles application to modify their liquor license:† Mike H. was concerned that outside tables by the Loft would block access to the bike racks.† Turtles could relocate their racks.† Mike G. thought they only wanted to make it so that patrons could take their drinks outside to the two existing tables for smokers.† Greg expressed concern that the seating area might expand, reducing parking spaces and increasing noise to the nearby neighbors.† He suggested we write a letter to Turtles voicing our concerns.† Bernie motioned we support Turtlesí application.† Mike G. second.† 7 ayes, 0 nays, 1 abstain.

The Southtowne planning movement was discussed.

Summer picnic:† Friendly Church of God will have free root beer floats again.† Billie Macís will give away watermelon slices.† Some discussion followed.