Friendly Area Neighborhood Association
Executive Committee Meeting, Washington Park Recreation Center

Date / Time: 9/08/08 7pm
Chairs: Carlos Barrera and Bernie Corrigan

Present: Nancy Classen, Andrew Fisher, Amy Henne, Nancy Ellen Locke

Absent: Beth Miriam Rose, Aimee Goglia, Melda DeSalvo, Greg Giesy, Rick Grosscup

Guests: Dick Stewart, Matt Lutter, Jared Weybright, Nina Fink, Amy Chinitz, Walter Rosenthal, Denis Shelton, Camille Shelton, Lisa Flamenio, Sylvie D. Chortard, Teri Refifer, Rich Mong, Andrew Rivera, Bill Clingman, Rachael Twirer, Jan Fillinger, Jason Elmendorf, Mel Bankoff, Josh Bruce, Ethen Perkins (did not sign in)


II. SECRETARY’S MINUTES— CONTACT _Con-412B73821 \c \s \l Amy Henne. Minutes approved by all.

III. TREASURER’S REPORT—Rick Grosscup. No changes to accounts.


1. Neighborhood Leadership Council (NLC). Carlos Barerra. Computers to give away through Charles Biggs at ENI. City wants to know how to measure Neighborhood Empowerment Effectiveness. NLC EWEB Committee will continue for another year to take into account public input. Matching grant cycle is now open. There will be a tour of Matching Grant projects. Continue to interview another Neighborhood Planner. 40 applicants so far. Newsletter allocation for this year will be the same as for last year.

2. Neighborhood Empowerment Committee. Bernie Corrigan. Discussed how to measure the outcome of the City’s current efforts to empower neighborhood associations.

3. Willamette Street UPDATE. Greg Geisy.

4. a. Fillmore UPDATE. Nancy Ellen Locke. 6 areas painted where the speed humps will be. Moving along nicely. City’s new policy for organizing traffic calming areas.

b. Jefferson Field UPDATE. Working full-steam ahead.

c. Westmoreland Bike Path UPDATE

5. Eugene Neighbors, Inc. Carlos Barerra. Olive Street Sidewalk Infill Project. Fiscal sponsor will be ENI (501 C-3). Infill would not be paid for by property owners, but by through private donation. Need formal Board approval. Carlos has commitments over $50,000. Final cost will be between $150,000 ad $170,000. Wheelchair cuts will come through funding from the Human Rights Commission. Carlos would be the lead person.

MOTION: FAN Executive Board agrees to the contract and the representatives being both Co-Chair and Treasurer. Amy seconds. Approved unanimously.

6. FANCH UPDATE. Rick Grosscup. No report

7. FAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY. Rick Grosscup. No report

8. FRIENDLY PARK. Bernie Corrigan . The Friendly Park kiosk is now finished. Lane County ES had 11 special needs kids contribute to the success of the building of the kiosk.

9. DISCUSSION OF THE 27TH and Friendly Street Project. Mel Bankoff. Concentrate the infill to maximize the use of space. Parking for the commercial building will be inside the lot. Town homes to be owner-occupied. Entrances off the side walk. 2 and 3 stories. Orienting the town house roofs to the South and to the West. Vary in size from 1450 to 1900.

All wheel chair accessible from the street. Landscaping proposed will have more trees than is legally required. Solar system will be up to each owner. Looking for ways to embellish the neighborhood., including a bike shop. Want to dialogue with the neighbors so as to minimize issues and conflicts later on.

1st Hearing will be on the 24th of September. Currently zoned as C-1—permitted uses, strip malls, commercial and residential combination. Planned unit development is a discretionary process to allow certain design components to be allowed, separating into commercial and residential areas.

If neighborhood is supportive, construction could start sometime in the spring. Current national economic climate will impact the ability to move forward. AL information is available on the City’s website. EMIAL: HYPERLINK ""

Looks like it will meet or exceed LEED certification. Green Globes program, less costly than LEEDS. Website with 4-6 weeks. Parking will expand and contract as demands of the property services change throughout the day.

FAN NEWSLETTER. Andrew Fisher Submission deadline of September 21st. General meeting in October. General election of officers.

Infill Compatibility Standards—Michael Howard. Slow process. Single D, Multi D. Looking at how it should look as well as if it should come into a neighborhood. Fairly soon presentations will be started for interested citizens. Looking at a variety of types. Looking at high density development around the University.

TO: Cheryl Myers, Special Programs Coordinator, ODOT Highway Program Office.

We, the Friendly Area Neighborhood Executive Board, welcome this bicycle transportation enhancement project into out neighborhood because it will better connect the western 1/3 of our neighborhood to business and recreational opportunities while encouraging alternative (green) transportation.

Bernie seconds motion. Approved unanimously.


Meetings are held the second Monday of the month at the Washington Park Recreation Center, 2025 Washington Street, Eugene. OR. The public is invited to attend.

Respectfully submitted: Amy Henne, Board Secretary