Minutes from the FAN Executive Board Meeting - September 4th, 2012

Public Meeting: Reed Dunbar, from the city, presented information about the 2013 repaving of Willamette Street from 19th to 24th Avenues. We then broke into small groups to discuss our hopes and fears for the project. Finally, we came together and summarized our thoughts to the larger group. There were at least 42 individuals at the start of the meeting, not including city staff. More showed up over time.

Executive Board Meeting:
PRESENT: Bernie, Carlos, Nancy Ellen, Greg, Edward, Matt L., Andrew, Bruce, Nancy C., Kristina

ABSENT: Carly, Mike H., Marv, Mike G.

GUESTS: Dave Clouse, neighbor.


Minutes: Andrew moved that we accept the July and August minutes. Carlos seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Newsletter: Old business - Andrew solicited a third party quote for printing the newsletter from the Best Little Print Shop. Their price was $786 for two tabloid sheets (possibly stapled) but not including presorting for bulk mailing. The cost from the city was $980. The last quote was much less. We may initiate an arrangement to pay within 10% of the estimate to avoid future unanticipated overages.

New business - The deadline is September 15th. There will be an announcement about the October general meeting, an announcement about 2 openings on the board, an op/ed from Nancy Ellen about shared responsibilities, and an article on existing Oregon Revised Statutes related to bicycle operation on public roads, among others. There was a request from Juan Carlos Valle to submit a statement for his candidacy as Ward 2 councilor. We agreed that was acceptable, as long as both candidates were invited to submit and there would be a 250 word limit, plus a small photo. Due to rising printing costs, Nancy Ellen moved that we only print a 4 page, black and white newsletter from now on.

Sidewalk infill: Carlos relayed that they have $150k in the bank from donations for the project and have more people committed to give, if needed. They just need to pull the permits.

FAN web site: Andrew posted a notice about the S. Willamette Art Walk and Greg's historic photos of Eugene High School. We need to pay for the website. We owe $34.99 for domain and $150 for hosting. Greg moved that we renew and put it on the debit card. Bruce seconded. Motion passed unanimously. We also agreed to remove Mike Howard from the website due to non-involvement and to open his seat for a new board member.

Business Directory: Edward told us that there was a data entry mix up. Bernie offered to write a program for easier use. Info is starting to filter out.


20th and Oak upzoning: Carlos reported that the hearing that was set for tomorrow has been postponed. No new date has been given. Carlos will consult with a land use attorney at his own expense. Andrew asked for clarification about the perceived illegality. Carlos said that they can upzone to R2 with no problem but not R3. It's a problem because it brings in new parking, traffic, and other issues. It also sets a poor precedent. If the metro plan does allow for the upzoning then perhaps we could recommend some limitations. Andrew suggested that we recommend R2 rather than R3 and list our expectations. Is it student or family housing? Will they have an on-site manager? Carlos said that the laws are super complicated, which is why he's going to consult with an attorney. Andrew warned that a litigious approach may not be best. Edward wants to put out a positive message first. Bernie thought the developers were required to consult the board. He will ask neighborhood services. Perhaps we should contact someone in the planning department? Regarding whether Carlos should consult with an attorney or we should reach out to the neighbors and developer, Nancy Ellen thought the ideas were not mutually exclusive. Andrew volunteered to invite Steve Ochs, with City of Eugene Planning, to speak to us.

October general meeting: Nancy Ellen will contact Patricia about giving us a S. Willamette update. Bruce pointed out that the date of the meeting conflicts with a UO football game and that might affect our turnout. Bernie moved that we change the general meeting from October 18th to the 25th. Nancy Ellen seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Online forums: Andrew moved that we add a new item to the agenda, a regular report of online forums. The facebook forum is www.facebook.com/friendlyneighborsforum. Edward reported that you don't need a facebook account to see the page, but you do need an account to leave comments on the page. Kristina and Bruce seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Board elections: Andrew indicated that he would like to expand his responsibilities on the board. He is interested in running for co-chair or, following the model of other neighborhood associations, creating a vice-chair position.

S. Willamette focus group: The consulting group hired to work on the S. Willamette Street revision study has asked the board to send a representative, preferably with a young family, to their focus group meeting. Nancy Ellen, Bernie, and Carlos received the initial request. Nancy Ellen suggested Kristina. Carlos thought his neighbor would be a good representative. The board agreed that they wanted someone from the board to go. Kristina would like to attend and the board agreed that she should go. Carlos will also ask his neighbor if she's interested and contact the consulting group to see if she can also attend.


Submitted by Kristina Lang. 10/3/12

Meetings are held the second Monday of the month at the Washington Park Recreation Center, 2025 Washington Street, Eugene, OR. The public is invited to attend. For more information go to www.FriendlyAreaNeighbors.org