Minutes from the FAN Executive Board Meeting - August 13, 2012

  PRESENT:  Bernie, Carlos, Kristina, Nancy Ellen, Edward, Greg, Andrew, Mike G., Nancy C., Bruce

ABSENT: Carly, Mike H., Marv

  GUESTS:  Juan Carlos Valle, City Council Candidate; Hope Crandall, neighbor.

PUBLIC INPUT: Juan Carlos Valle is running for Eugene City Council, ward 2. He wanted to introduce himself and share his message of unity in community. 

Executive Session: Meeting with Community Mediation Services.

Little Free Library: Hope Crandall is interested in getting a neighborhood matching grant to create a Little Free Library at Friendly Park. The precedent design is a wood box with plexiglass doors with shelves for books. Each library has a steward to keep it up. She spoke to Cindy Clarke, who is very enthusiastic about the idea. Cindy said that she must go through the Parks Department. There is another Little Free Library in town. It is in a woman's yard, near Acorn Park, and is on the map of national libraries, online. That woman agreed with the experience of others on the website, that there is very little vandalism. There are daycare centers near Friendly Park, that might use it frequently. Hope spoke to Tod Schneider with the Eugene Police Department. October 15th is the deadline to get a pre-review of the grant proposal. Final applications are due January 15th. Hope wants our backing and is looking for help (with Construction estimates for the budget). Bernie will send out an email to FANspeak to solicit volunteers. Others suggested contacting Anne Donahue through the Friendly Neighborhood Farmers.  


Minutes: Kristina hasn't finished the July minutes. She will email them for review and approval.

Treasurer's Report: Mike deposited $84 from the picnic and paid $300 to Rob for music (which was reimbursed from the City). He has not received a budget yet. He will check to see if our tiles have been installed yet. There is $633 in checking and about $1890 in savings.

NLC: The next meeting will be a potluck on August 28th, 7pm, at Lamb Cottage. Neighborhood leaders are invited to go. 

Traffic Calming: Nancy Ellen went to another Envision Eugene meeting. They talked about S. Willamette. She wants to discuss the project at the FAN general meeting in October. Newsletter: Deadline will roughly be the 3rd week of September.

FAN web site: Andrew has uploaded the historic walking tour and all documents related to the 24th Avenue project.

BUSINESS: July Picnic rehash: Bernie thought the music was fantastic, Nancy Ellen did a great job with the drawing prizes, and Edward did a great job with the booths, getting the most participants ever. Edward suggested promoting it with other groups next year. Nancy Ellen said that all are welcome, we should invite as many people as possible.

2013 paving projects: Reed Dunbar wants to come talk to us about repaving the north end of S. Willamette Street and W. 18th Ave (just E. of BiMart to Washington). Reed is not available on September 10th, Bernie suggested we move the next board meeting to the first Tuesday in September (the 4th). He will find out if that will work for Reed, see if we can reserve the Washington Park building, and email the board to confirm.

Upzoning at 20th & Oak: Carlos reported that it is not allowed in the Metro Plan and sets a bad precedent by the City. He is not against dense housing in the area but what the City is doing is illegal. The property owners have submitted an application for a zoning change and a hearing is scheduled for mid-September. Carlos will email more information to the board. 

Historic Walk: Andrew said that there were ten people (including one in a stroller) on the walk. He has posted the map online. It can be used as a guide for other walks. It will be repeated in October, promoted by the city for the 150 celebration.

Garage Sales: Had 29 listed online.


Submitted by Kristina Lang. 8/29/12

Meetings are held the second Monday of the month at the Washington Park Recreation Center, 2025 Washington Street, Eugene, OR. The public is invited to attend. For more information go to www.FriendlyAreaNeighbors.org