Friendly Area Neighborhood Association
Executive Committee Meeting, Washington Park Recreation Center

Date / Time: 8/11/08

Chairs: Carlos Barrera and Bernie Corrigan

Present: Greg Giesy, Amy Henne, Nancy Ellen Locke, Nancy Classen

Absent: Beth Miriam Rose, Aimee Goglia, Melda DeSalvo, Andrew Fisher, Rick Grosscup

Guests:Rob Tobias


Bill Lillevo - Discussed at-home emergency preparation. Has a friend who has a public presentation regarding this issue. Has a battery powered electric lawn mower. Would be glad to discuss with neighbors. Is willing to write an article for the newsletter encouraging people to make the change.


June minutes approved. Greg moved to approve. Bernie seconds. Passes 4-0 with one absention.

July minutes approved. Greg moved. Bernie seconded. Passes 4-0 with one abstention.

No report.


1. Neighborhood Leadership Council (NLC). Carlos presents. Laurel Hill neighbors are having a free picnic on August 17, 2008. Information available through City website. Sustainability Committee asks that each Neighborhood organization appoints their own sustainability coordinator. Another planner will be hired in Neighborhood Services.

2. Neighborhood Empowerment Committee. Bernie Corrigan. No news.

3. Willamette Street UPDATE. Greg Geisy. Sent 2 reports that will be turned in to City Council to the Board via email. Should not be released until the City Council approves in September. Discussion regarding background of the on-going issues.

4. Fillmore UPDATE. Nancy Ellen Locke. Still on track.

Jefferson plastic field update. Nancy Ellen Locke. Letter from the State of Oregon will be scanned and sent to the Board. Project will scoop up 2.31 acres of wetlands. Sustainability of turf is questionable. Has to be replaced every 5 years. Disposal is an issue. Moving forward on Nike supported field and track area.

Westmoreland bike path update. Nancy Ellen Locke. Looking for input from FAN for support of this project. Nancy Ellen will re-send the email. All information available on our website. Looking for an inactive non-profit that could be transferred to us would be a possible way to get it at a lower cost.

5. Eugene Neighbors, Inc. Greg Geisy. Greg is alternative member, Only hold 1 meeting a year. Not a regular report.

FANCH UPDATE. Bernie Corrigan. No further activity at this time

SAVE CIVIC STADIUM. Amy Henne. Board has been selected. Next meeting is Wednesday, August 13 at 7 pm / Tsunami Books. Potluck / Barbeque is planned for Sunday August 17 at 4 pm in the 3rd base picnic area. All are invited.

FAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY. Rick Grosscup. No news to report at this time. On-going development.

FRIENDLY PARK. Greg Giesy. Marv Glover has nearly completed the kiosk. Needs a few more items. Andrew doesn’t have the metal for the legs of the kiosk. Utility check has been called in by Greg. Thursday morning the digging starts for the pavers. Dirt will be hauled to Lane Forest Products. Asked for volunteers. Would like to start by 9 am. Kiosk will not have a lock, but a latch. The adult stretching equipment has been purchased by the City and is in storage.  The City is having trouble finding a contractor to pour the curbing planned to surround the stretch equipment area.  Kudos to Marv Glover who had to rescue the kiosk project after his volunteer work crew bailed.

FAN NEWSLETTER. Andrew Fisher . No report.

FAN Annual Picnic Review. Amy handed out a summary of the debriefing. Proposals for changes next year included: Asking for $10 donations for participation in the garage sale.  Larger signs for selling raffle tickets.  Communication of NextStep's regulations and charges so that donors know beforehand what charges will be assessed for recycling their electronics. 143 people signed in.  Estimated at 250 -300 people. The left over gift certificate from Jenny’s to be used as a door prize at the October meeting.  Good write up in the City Council newsletter. 

 501 C-3 . Bernie and Carlos met with David Atkin attorney. Specializes in non-profit issues. Discussed 501 C-3 corporation legal issues. The main advantage is donations to FAN in terms of materials, services, money. Atkins office offers packages to do this --$5000 would be total cost. Whittaker Neighborhood Assn. is a 501 c-3 and they will talk to them.

SIDEWALK INFILL PROJECT. Carlos. Suggests that we put sidewalk in and privately fund them through donations to ENI. People can take full deductions through ENI. Olive between 23rd and 24th lacks a sidewalk. Carlos will put together a proposal for the City.

Mel Bankoff’s project. NEL – they are asking for a zoning change from commercial to residential. Nancy Ellen Locke brought up the fact that we are approving a reduction in zoning from Commercial to Residential and that we will have a hard time getting those properties back to being Commercial if we ever desire to do so.  In the following discussion it was pointed out that the property has been mostly vacant for about 30 years and if there were a great need for commercial space in this area the property would have been developed before now. Greg moves that we welcome (approve) this project. Bernie seconds. Motion passes 5-0 with one abstention.

15.  Report on FAN Email Newsletter List: Bernie obtained the list of subscribers from Hans Kuhn.


Meetings are held the second Monday of the month at the Washington Park Recreation Center, 2025 Washington Street, Eugene. OR. The public is invited to attend.

Respectfully submitted: Amy Henne, Board Secretary