Minutes from the FAN Executive Board Meeting
August 10, 2009

Present: Carlos Barrera, Bernie Corrigan, Andrew Fisher, Mike Giroux, Matt Lutter, Greg Giesy, Nancy Classen, Rob Tobias, Nancy Ellen Locke

Absent: Amy Henne, Mike Howard, Marv Glover

Guests: Aimee Goglia


NEL reported on her history with the south town business area before SoBA (South Town Business Association) formed and was glad to see the assoc. finally get off the ground. Carlos suggested FAN join the SoBA association.

Minutes of last meeting were approved.

Carlos - NLC report - reported that the Laurel Hill Neighbors Assoc. was listing on their web site the fruits and vegetables that were available from their members for trade. Carlos suggested that our Friendly Farmers might do the same.

Majeska S. Green from Whitiker NA says she and a friend are setting up a nonprofit to facilitate community safety issues.

Jon Ruiz, our City Manager, is interested in coming to NA general meetings to meet the neighbors.

Bernie - Neighborhood Empowerment Initiative Committee to be reformed, maybe to be more effective. This committee is important because it is being listened to by the City Council.

NEL - Jeffereson plastic field all in. A new person has shown interest in traffic calming at 24th and Monroe . NEL gave her advice.

Greg - Reservoir matching grant. Greg gave detail on the cost for various aspects of the project and that there were 582 volunteer hours given.

Also, re the Friendly Park reopening - about 100 people attended. There was nice music and the extra food went to a shelter which was much appreciated. He reported that Johnny Medlin of Parks and Open Space, was amazed we got EWEB to cooperate on the ramp project and for declaring the reservoir is now public space.

Aimee Goglia - Reported on the City slip-n-slide and its' availability for next years' FAN picnic. It can not be lent out. It requires 4 to 5 staff to handle, largely due to safety concerns. If we want it, we could arrange to pay staff or Neighborhood Services might. We let her know that we want it for the picnic so lets start dealing with the considerations. Greg thought considering the cost to the City for the slide and staff training, that it ought to get more use. Aimee said she will talk to Cindy Clarke and will get back to us in about a week.

Andrew - Wed.,Sept.30 is the next newsletter deadline in order to have it arrive just before the Oct 22 general meeting. He said that Jean Stover of Supreme Bean is our contact with SoBA. Also reported that Jill Davidson is trying to put together an artist guild in FAN - not clear if that is a directory or web site or what.

Re the FAN website - Bernie suggested a neighborhood forum for our web site and Andrew said he would look into it. Bernie also mentioned that Googling "Friendly Area Neighbors" brings our web site up at the top of the list.

NEL made a motion that we work to have the slip-n-slide at our next picnic and investigate what we need to do to make it happen. Carlos seconded the motion and it passed with 8 ayes and one abstention.

There was a general discussion re glyphosate spraying in Washington Park . Greg said he would support a non spray park if the neighbors would develop a plan to maintain the park without spraying but was not in favor of increasing staff time to weed. We want to hear from Park and Open Space (POS) to explain if set procedures were not followed and why. Andrew would like to bring the neighbors and POS together to discuss it.

Bernie wants us to sign thank you cards to give to the bands and sponsors of our annual picnic we just had.

24th and Chambers traffic light problem may have been fixed. Other traffic problems with speeding have been noticed. Parking on both sides of the street is presenting a problem in some places. NEL will send Tom Larson, City traffic engineer, a list of the problems.

Carlos mentioned there seem to be more families with children moving into the neighborhood and it was suggested that it may be due to recent changes in the school boundries.

Meetings are held the second Monday of the month at the Washington Park Recreation Center, 2025 Washington Street, Eugene. OR. The public is invited to attend.