Friendly Area Neighborhood Association Executive Meeting
July 14, 2008

Chairs: Carlos Barrera and Bernie Corrigan

Present: Greg Giesy, Rick Grosscup, Amy Henne, Nancy Ellen Locke

Absent: Nancy Classen, Beth Miriam Rose, Aimee Goglia, Melda DeSalvo, Andrew Fisher

Guests: None


II. SECRETARY’S MINUTES— CONTACT _Con-412B73821 \c \s \l Amy Henne. Table approval of the minutes until the next meeting.

No changes to accounts.

NEL makes a motion to discuss spend down and budgets throughout the year at each Exec. Board meeting Amy seconds it. DISCUSSION: Rick says that we will get the same budget as last year per Isaac. Bernie notes that we have vastly increased resources through the City as compared to previous years. Quarterly reports come from the City to Bernie and Carlos. They come as hard copy to both of them. Voted and carried unanimously.


1. Neighborhood Leadership Council (NLC). Carlos Barrera. Free food is available for children ages 2-18 through Food for Lane County. Available in our neighborhood at Boys and Girls Club. $70,000 available for Neighborhood Matching Grants for this next cycle. Neighborhood Services got funding for 1 FTE Neighborhood Planner position. Downtown Neighborhood Assoc. is now functioning and has a website up. NLC Sustainability Committee will have a booth at our picnic.

2. Neighborhood Empowerment Committee. Bernie Corrigan. 2 surveys were created—one for effectiveness of the Summit and the other directed to residents regarding knowledge of Neighborhood Associations. Started planning for the next Summit in February or March. Agenda items seem to be dropped by City employees. Bernie will discuss this at the next meeting.

3. Willamette Street UPDATE. Greg Geisy. Voted on putting forth the proposal not to have Willamette Street changed unless a major traffic study was done. Greg has the final document available. Passed with only 1 nay. It has been recommended by City staff that a public hearing not be held.

4. Fillmore / Jefferson / Westmoreland UPDATE. Nancy Ellen Locke. Fillmore neighbors are pushing the City to move faster. Nothing more about the plastic field yet. Grant for bike path is moving ahead for Westmoreland.

5. Eugene Neighbors, Inc. Greg Geisy. Nothing reported.

6. FANCH UPDATE. Rick Grosscup. Reservoir Watch meeting on July 22nd at the Reservoir. Still have not resolved issues related to glass containers. After meeting, Rick has a letter asking the Commissioners to keep FAN in the loop on all communications. Will forward to Chairs for their signatures. Would like to push cooperation together on funding and building the proposed ramp. NEL shared that matching grants are available in the neighborhood matching grant program.

7. FAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY. Rick Grosscup. Rick will be getting business cards printed to go around to all businesses to solicit for the picnic and the directory.

FAN PICNIC and GARAGE SALE. Rick Grosscup. Bernie makes a motion to authorize payment of $300 for sound system and bands at picnic. Amy seconds the motion. DISCUSSION: money will come from donations but be covered by the money in our budgets. Passes unanimously.

RESTAURANT at PICNIC: India Kitchen would like to set up early – noon if possible. Rick is working with them. Will have chai tea and lemonade for sale. If we get drinks donated it should only be water so as not to compete.

Free root beer floats with Friendly Neighborhood Church of God. Bernie will contact the area

Amy Goglia hasn’t responded yet to Bernie’s request about what kind of games she has planned for the kids.

Bernie will invite politicians. Nancy Ellen will call the fire department to attend, including Toby the Fire Dog.

FRIENDLY PARK. Bernie Corrigan. Nancy Ellen is finalizing our end of the Neighborhood Grant. Exercise equipment if on order. No comment on when we will get contractor to put in concrete edge for exercise area. Kiosk is supposed to be done the week after the picnic. Greg will talk to Andrew about the metal aspects of the kiosk. Andrew will be fabricating the metal. Camas is ordered for the fall.

FAN NEWSLETTER. Andrew Fisher. Well done!

NEW BOARD MEMBERS. Need to recruit new Board members, but how? Amy requested Board members send her email with ideas. She will develop a marketing piece for use by current Board members.


Meetings are held the second Monday of the month at the Washington Park Recreation Center, 2025 Washington Street, Eugene. OR. The public is invited to attend.

Respectfully submitted: Amy Henne, Board Secretary