Minutes from the FAN Executive Board Meeting - July 9, 2012

  PRESENT:  Bernie, Carlos, Matt, Nancy Ellen, Edward, Nancy C., Greg, Bruce, Kristina

ABSENT: Carly, Mike H., Andrew, Mike G.

  GUESTS:  Anne Blandin, neighbor. City Staff: Rob Innerfeld, Michael Kinnison, Reed Dunbar

PUBLIC INPUT: Anne Blandin is a senior and dog walker. She is concerned about vegetation overhanging and blocking sidewalks. She asked if there is a positive way to encourage people to trim their plants back. Edward suggested contacting Senior and Disabled Rights of Eugene. She wants to bring it to people's attention, perhaps in an educational approach, rather than punititve. Maybe with an award for well kept streets or an article in the newsletter. City staff also recommended calling nuisance abatement through the Parks Department. 682-4800 to report problems.

24th follow up: Rob Innerfeld, Michael Kinnison, and Reed Dunbar came to discuss how we can work together better. (See proposal). They proposed bringing in Community Mediation Services. The desired outcome is to build trust between the board, the city, cyclists, and members of the neighborhood. First, C.M.S. will go out and interview each group of stakeholders. Next, C.M.S. would hold a meeting to debrief everyone, hear more from people, and distill some nuggets of wisdom. Possibly have a follow up meeting. They think it should be done soon, while it's still fresh.

Edward asked if there are lessons we can apply to other neighborhood associations. Reed mentioned the upcoming 2013 paving projects in FAN (18th between Chambers and Friendly, and S. Willamette between 19th and 24th), Nancy Ellen said that they should inform the neighbors as soon as they know which projects they'll be doing. Rob asked if we could meet in the next week or two and if not, then we may need to wait until September. Michael thinks it will probably take sevaral weeks to get the interviews done.

Bernie moved that we accept the proposal given to us by the City of Eugene to move forward with mediation. Edward and Greg seconded. 9 in favor, none opposed. Motion carries unanimously.  

We need to appoint a person to coordinate with C.M.S.. Bernie and Ed will both be contact people.


Minutes: Bernie moved to approve the June minutes. Greg seconded. 9 in favor, 0 opposed. Motion passed.

NLC: Carlos reported that a committee has formed to revise the NLC charter. There will be a potluck on August 28th, 7pm, at Lamb Cottage. Neighborhood leaders are invited to go. 2014 Neighborhood Leaders convention will be held in Eugene. NLC members think that land use appeal process cost is too high. The neighborhood grant cycle opens October 15th. 

Traffic Calming: The first reconstructed bumpouts are in. They are looking for people to take over maintenance. Nancy Ellen is saving plants.

Sidewalk Infill: Carlos sent a CD of pictures to the landscape architect, so she can start working on the plans. Cost for installing sidewalks runs about $50 per linear foot.

Business Directory: Edward has a mock-up basically ready to go on the website. Nancy Ellen suggested getting a neighborhood matching grant to print it.


July Picnic: Bernie moved that we offer a verbal contract to Rob Tobias for $300 to handle the music and set up the sound system. Greg seconded. 9 in favor, 0 opposed. Motion passed.

Edward is organizing non-profit groups. Nancy Ellen is getting prizes. Bernie has tickets for the door prizes. Kristina will contact city to get spray/play hours extended until the end of the picnic. We have the building from 3pm on. Bernie, Carlos, and Greg will be there by 4pm to set up. Edward is telling tablers to be up and running by 4:45. Bernie will come the night before to put signs up to reserve the area around the building.

Bike lanes on Willamette: Nancy Ellen moved that we reconsider our support of bike lanes on Willamette. Carlos seconded. They are concerned about the safety of bicyclists on the busy street, and suggested that there might be an alternate route on a street running parallel to Willamette that might be safer for cyclists. Greg stated that there is a problem with bicyclists riding on the sidewalks. Kristina said that it is scary and dangerous to walk on the sidewalk with kids and it's even more challenging when negotiating bicyclists. Edward wants us to be aware of the changing demographic as more of the population is aging and will not be using bicycles. 

Carlos moved that we table the vote regarding bike lanes until more board members can weigh in. Bernie seconded. 7 in favor, 2 opposed. Motion passed. 

Greg shared that there is some money left over from the State Farm grant for traffic calming. Can we use that money to plant trees for additional traffic calming or write a neighborhood matching grant?


Submitted by Kristina Lang. 8/13/12

Meetings are held the second Monday of the month at the Washington Park Recreation Center, 2025 Washington Street, Eugene, OR. The public is invited to attend. For more information go to www.FriendlyAreaNeighbors.org