There were no public comments.
Greg Giesy gave the treasurer’s report.

  Andrew reported that he will be buying Publisher online and will send the receipt to Cindy at Neighborhood Services before the June 18th deadline.  It will cost about $252.

  Carlos reported the following information from the NLC:  Trainings are being developed to help neighborhood associations (NAs) to use electronic outreach and on the subject of “Best Actions for Board Governance”.  NA’s are asked to check the City website to see if there is outdated information about our respective associations.  It was reported that NA’s can take up to $5,000 a year in tax deductible donations without being a 501©3 and only have to submit one simple form to the IRS.

  Carlos reported some progress with the sidewalk project in that the City suggests that it will be easier to move the project forward by doing individual permits for each affected property since no engineer’s report would be required, as opposed to an engineer’s report for the whole project if doing a Privately Engineered Public Improvement Project (PEPI).  If any property owner doesn’t approve having a permit drawn for their property, then an engineer’s report can be done on just their property, which would likely be much simpler, particularly if there were no engineering issues.  The City also said that it would not be necessary to plan for curb cuts and ramps as the City would handle those issues with funds that they have available.  There was some discussion about bark walkways and it was mentioned that ADA allow them.  We will look for documentation for future reference for other sidewalk deficient areas.

  Carlos reported on having received a CERT training on Map Your Neighborhood, a micro-neighborhood disaster preparedness process where small self-identified sections of a neighborhood meet and learn about the 9 steps to take in a disaster.  An announcement will appear in the next newsletter offering this free program to interested residents.

  The issue of the wording of the FAN charter regarding the eligibility requirements for FAN board membership was discussed.  It was moved by Bernie that Article 8, Section 7 be amended to state that anyone eligible for FAN membership would also be eligible for board membership. Nancy Ellen Seconded.  Discussion led to the suggestion that a charter review committee be formed to review the entire charter before submitting any changes in the charter to the City Council.  The motion was amended to just removing the problem wording from Art.8,Sec.7.  Motion was tabled so as to include more board members in the discussion.

  FAN picnic:  Bernie reported that Rob Tobias said he would bring in N.W. Express and handle all aspects of the music for the picnic for $200.  Motion by Bernie to accept.  Second by Greg.  Passed.  Nancy Ellen said she would seek donations for the raffle.

  The next Southtowne planning meeting will be June 29th.

  Mike Giroux was nominated for treasurer by Andrew and he accepted.  Board voted approval.

  The second Annual Solstice Pancake Breakfast is set for the coming Sunday.  Volunteers requested to be there by 7 AM.

  Submitted by Carlos Barrera.