Minutes from the FAN Executive Board Meeting - June 11th, 2012

PRESENT: Bernie, Carlos, Matt, Nancy Ellen, Greg, Edward, Andrew, Mike G., Marv, Bruce, Kristina, Nancy C.

ABSENT: Carly, Mike H.

GUESTS: Jean Jancaitis and Jonathan Plumber, neighbors.

PUBLIC INPUT: Jean stated that she supports the City's design for 24th Ave. as is. She hopes that members of the board abandon any further appeal, feeling that it is a waste of tax dollars. When asked about the lack of sidewalks, she said she wasn't concerned because there are sidewalks on one side of the street. She uses 22nd but would prefer bike lanes on both 24th and 22nd. She is annoyed that there will be no bike lanes on Jefferson after the current paving project. 

Jonathan also supports bike lanes on 24th, which he thinks is an obvious East/West connection with access to Chambers. He thinks that the City needs to enforce the speed limit rather than fuss over traffic calming measures.


Minutes: Andrew moved to approve the May minutes. Edward seconded. 6 in favor, 5 abstentions. Motion passed.

Treasurer's Report: Mike G. said that we are in the red because the cost of the newsletter is higher than in the past. We've also had problems with the city getting printing costs back to us in a timely manner. They have promised to get cost info back to us sooner, meanwhile they will cover the printing cost overage.

NLC: Carlos gave a powerpoint presentation about accessible curb ramps and pedestrian crossings. At the last meeting, the City (Mr. Rodriguez) responded and said they would try to change the design to better accommodate blind people in the future. Carlos has seen a new curb cut going in that does not comply.

Newsletter: Deadline is June 22nd.

FAN web site: Bernie reported that people are calling to ask him about the garage sale, saying that they can't find info about it. Andrew will put a link on the home page. Bruce suggested that we might email the newsletter to people rather than physically mailing it, to save money. The consensus was that the City won't go for it, they require a printed newsletter to be mailed. Bruce also suggested an article in the newsletter about how to sign up for FANSpeak.

Business Directory: Entries keep trickling in. Edward will impose a deadline soon. He wants to have a mock-up edition of the directory ready by the picnic so that people could see it there.


24th Street rebuilding project: Discussed in executive session.

July Picnic: Greg and Nancy Ellen have designed the poster. They will submit it to the City for printing and lamination. Marv has some shade. Bernie will contact Maya Love. 


Submitted by Kristina Lang. Submitted 07/09/12

Meetings are held the second Monday of the month at the Washington Park Recreation Center, 2025 Washington Street, Eugene, OR. The public is invited to attend. For more information go to www.FriendlyAreaNeighbors.org