Friendly Area Neighborhood Association Executive Committee Meeting
Washington Park Recreation Center
 Date / Time: 6/09/08

Chairs: Carlos Barrera and Bernie Corrigan

Present: Nancy Classen, Andrew Fisher, Greg Giesy, Rick Grosscup, Amy Henne, Nancy Ellen Locke

Absent: Beth Miriam Rose, Aimee Goglia, Melda DeSalvo

Guests: Megan Davis and Rebecca Snyder 


1.  Doug Black-Sustainability.  Outpost Coordinator, Post-Carbon Eugene.  Explains to us that re-localizing our lifestyles without the oil, food supply being in line will not address the seriousness of the issues at hand. Doug shared the question: What would happen here if we grew food to support the needs of the local economy instead of grass seed? 60% of land in LANE COUNTRY grows grass seed.  

  Quoted HERSCH REPORT—Peaking of World Oil Production. Presented The Report of the City of Portland Peak Oil Task Force from March 2007. Economies of shelter, clothing and other local resources are also involved.  Passed around a form it use for a Neighborhood Resources Inventory, but there was no direction related to implementing such a thing in Friendly Area Neighborhood. All materials that Doug distributed are posted on his website available at

  2.  Dennis Hebert (self-described: Last Fan Standing) and Representative, Organizer for SAVE CIVIC STADIUM.  3,500 signatures gathered in support of saving  Civic Stadium.    Wants to keep the Emeralds at the Stadium. Working on approval of Historical Status. 

Asking for one Board member to be part of their Board. (Amy and Nancy Classen volunteered).  Carlos—gives advice for setting up Board.  Don Dickman, Attorney for the group also presented.  CS (Civic Stadium) is an historic monument that could become condos or strip malls if we don't do something to prevent it. The group is in its organizational infancy. Would like to put an article in our newsletter.  Media packets are being put together now.  Raising money to put new roof on Civic Stadium right away.  Certified inspector to examine the building.  Roof and lighting will cots $300,000.   Can be used 138 days a year.  Built in 1938. 
Organizing meeting and video this Thursday at Tsunami Books. Thursday:05 PM CONTACT:

 Motion (Rick) moved that Amy and Nancy will attend the first meeting and share Board responsibilities and report back to FAN . Greg seconded. Passed unanimously.

II. SECRETARY'S MINUTES—Amy Henne. Minutes approved

            No changes to accounts. Under $1


1. Neighborhood Leadership Council (NLC).  Greg Geisy. EWEB has a new person for Community and Local Government Outreach Coordinator, Jeannine

This is in an effort of trying to get them to do a better job of community involvement.  Having open house 6/9/08. Committee is suggesting that make what we want the easiest way to do things.  Sustainability Committee is looking for Board members. Should NLC get involved in road repair?  One person on the NLC wants to do this. 

2. Neighborhood Empowerment Committee. Bernie Corrigan.  Still working on mission statement.  Sustainability is the hot issue. Youth issues:  How to get youth more involved.   Seems to be going somewhere.  Budgets are increasing.

3. Willamette Street UPDATE.  Greg Geisy.  Still working on writing two papers;  Executive Summary of Willamette Street Project and Stakeholders Committee and their decision.  There will be a longer 5-6 page document produced. Report from consulting firm says that it will degrade operations and change it from a D grade to an E grade which is an acceptable change.  The Committee says it is not acceptable to make an area of traffic worse than it is now.  Commuter traffic will back up to 11th.  Bernie suggests die-ins at the cross walks. It is insanity if it goes through.

4. Fillmore UPDATE.  Nancy Ellen Locke
North Fillmore from 24th to 19th is progressing well within the City of Eugene framework for traffic calming.  South Fillmore between 24th and 28th is beginning to organize for traffic calming project.

5. Eugene Neighbors, Inc.  Greg Geisy. 
Yearly dues to ENI were paid with funds already held on account with ENI.

6. FANCH UPDATE. Rick Grosscup.
Digging up on Lincoln Street, but information hasn't gotten to Rick yet.  Neighborhood Watch continues.  Public Safety meeting scheduled after July 4th. Funding for next year is up in the air.  Wants to do the grant for the ramp at the reservoir for next year.  Should be no problem. 

Proposed business directory for Friendly Area Neighborhood.  Rick did this in Junction City previously.  Has spoken to the City about doing  the directory.  Could be a fund-raiser for FAN.  Met with lady from WINESTYLES, Southtowne Business Association.  Home-based businesses will be included to support all local small business efforts.

8. FAN PICNIC and GARAGE SALE. Rick Grosscup
Lots of people interested.   Will be doing Register-Guard article and advertising.  Article in FAN newsletter.  NEXT STEP will be there. There will be an  $80 fee for BLOCK PARTY and park van on the street.  Will be an area next to the dumpster for a FREE area.  St. Vincent de Paul will have a van, but no person to supervise (Amy and Andrew volunteered to do this).  Will need money for signage.  Selective inserts in Register Guard.

LIABILITY INSURANCE issues for the picnic.  Bernie's liability insurance might be able to cover this insurance.  No definite decisions were made.

Bernie left to use the restroom and the Board voted that he now in charge of the Picnic. All agreed.  Bernie is delighted (as ususal).  Rick reports there will be  POLICE Bike registration. Need overall story for the Picnic.  What will be there:  bands, re-cycling.  Discussion of budget issues related to PR for the picnic. Rick wants to take it out of this year's budget.  Everyone agrees to just do it.  Will submit to the City for payment.

9. FRIENDLY PARK. Bernie Corrigan
City is not dragging feet through inaction.  All necessary items to finish the project have been approved. The delay relates to being caught up in Olympic Trials preparation.  Waiting for curb to be poured to contain mulch for the adult exercise equipment area.  Greg is looking for the plants now.  Missing about 3 plants.  Availability of trees is sketchy.  Only smaller sizes are currently .  NEL says that we are missing out on what would have been the fun part because of what has transpired.  No changes any more to the existing plan.  Kiosk is going forward with a group of troubled youth to do construction.  The camas has to be ordered for the Fall .  Have signed an extension to December 31st.

10. FAN NEWSLETTER.  Andrew Fisher 
Andrew presently has 8 or 9 strong articles and layout is soon to be finalized.  Front page story will highlight the FAN Picnic..  Currently there are no Letters to the Editor.  Andrew will write an article soliciting people to write for the newsletter.  Get printing for this issue on this year's budget. Could add another sheet to the inside.  Everything is going along fine.  Expected mail out date is around the beginning of July.  Can get postcard of picnic and garage sale.  DEADLINE:  Everything for newsletter by this weekend.


Meetings are held the second Monday of the month at the Washington Park Recreation Center, 2025 Washington Street, Eugene. OR. The public is invited to attend.

Respectfully submitted: Amy Henne, Board Secretary