Minutes from the FAN Executive Board Meeting
June 8, 2009

Present: Greg Giesy, Amy Henne, Rob Tobias, Andrew Fisher, Mike Giroux, Nancy Classen

Absent: Mike Howard, Rick Grosscup, Matt Lutter, Nancy Ellen Locke

Guests: Jeanne Marie Moore (FANCH)


SECRETARY’S MINUTES: Greg moves, Andrew seconds. Passes unanimously with correction

Reports on balances:

City of Eugene allocated funds $2,662,67
Eugene Neighbors, Inc. $964.92
FAN Business Acct. OCCU $949.75

City budget send down—items approved:

24 double-sided lawn signs. 6 for 1 against. Approved
2 – 8’ banners for The Summer Solstice Pancake Breakfast-Approved

Motion made by Amy to request that Neighborhood Services use the remainder of our City funds for the purchase of durable goods, plates, utensils to provide place setting for up to 500 people. Motion passes.


A. Neighborhood Leadership Council (NLC). Carlos Barrera & Greg Giesy. Report from NICE looking to volunteer for sustainability projects. Might be a resource for the future. City will be doing a neighborhood survey going out to the whole City regarding priorities. Not clear about when this will happens. June 25th –Neighborhood Leaders training will be held at the Eugene Public Library from 5:30 to 8:30 pm. Neighborhood Cleanup Guide will be printed by Neighborhood Services. June 28th from 4-6 pm will be a follow-up meeting for the Neighborhood Summit at the Hilyard Center.

B. .Neighborhood Empowerment Initiative (NEI). Bernie Corrigan. No report. June 28th from 4-6 pm will be a follow-up meeting for the Neighborhood Summit at the Hilyard Center.

REPORT Southtowne Business Association. Bernie and Carlos attended the meeting. Business owners want to make it into a signature shopping area. Discussions were held around what could make this area more appealing to consumers. Main contact person is Brie Malarkey, President of Winestyles @ bmalarkey@winestyles.net. Organization meets 3rd Thursday of the month.

C. Fillmore UPDATE , et al. Nancy Ellen Locke. No report.

D. Eugene Neighbors, Inc. (ENI) Matt Lutter and Greg Giesy. No report.

E. FAN-CH (Friendly Area Neighborhood-College Hill). Greg Giesy and Rick Grosscup. 30 volunteers have worked over the last 2 weeks. Greg has worked 86 hours in the last two weeks. Still some digging to do. The wall is _ done. Railing and sign will need to go in. Railing details were submitted to EWEB. Greg determined that the railings were not to code and have now been changed. July 3rd EWEB opening event is planned. The City wants to have a Matching Grant publicity event on July 1st. Jeanne Marie is the PR person from FAN for these events. Planting areas will be put in on either side of the path.

F. COMMUNICATIONS / FAN NEWSLETTER /WEBSITE. Andrew Fisher and Mike Giroux. Monday, June 22 is the deadline for the next newsletter. Will arrive 2 weeks before the picnic. Andrew requests things be submitted as soon as possible. Website has been updated.

G. SAVE CIVIC STADIUM. Nancy Classen. No report.

H. SIDEWALK INFILL. Carlos Barrera. No report.

I. FRIENDLY PARK UPDATE. Nancy Ellen Locke and Greg Geisy. Payment is still outstanding for Greg.


A. SUMMER SOLSTICE PANCAKE BREAKFAST (June 21st 8:30 am-11 am) Mike Giroux and Amy Henne. Amy made the motion for approval of a $600 budget for the picnic. $300 to come from ENI, $200 to come from City of Eugene funds, $100 from FAN OCCU account. Seconded by ?????? Motion passes.

B.ANNUAL FAN PICNIC (July 26 to 5-8 pm) : Ron makes a motion to spend $200 on music as a gesture of appreciation. Carlos seconds. Bernie points states the Blues band wants to do this as a volunteer gig. 3 for, 3 against, 2 abstentions. Motion fails.

Sanipac will donate the dumpster for trash for the event.

C. Neighborhood Leadership Council on Sustainability. Carlos is made FAN representative. Pass unanimously.

D. Neighbor expressed concerns about spraying in Washington Park. Her email will be passed to the FAN Board for further discussion.


Meetings are held the second Monday of the month at the Washington Park Recreation Center, 2025 Washington Street, Eugene. OR. The public is invited to attend.

Respectfully submitted: Amy Henne, Board Secretary