Minutes from the FAN Executive Board Meeting - May 14, 2012

PRESENT:  Bernie, Carlos, Nancy Ellen, Greg, Bruce, Andrew, Nancy C., Kristina

ABSENT: Mike G., Edward, Marv, Carly, Mike H., Matt

GUESTS:  Jim Patterson, neighbor.



Minutes: Bernie moved to approve the April minutes. Nancy Ellen seconded. 6 in favor, 1 abstention. Motion passed.

Traffic calming update: Jefferson Street repaving project is not slated for bike lanes. Because there is no traffic calming to remove, the city can re-mark the street later, so there's less of a need to push for parking removal now.  

Newsletter: Deadline is June 22nd. It should arrive a week to 10 days before the picnic. Matt to write an article about smart meters. Andrew will write about the garage sale, picnic, and historic walk. Andrew is organizing the historic walk in response to the city's request for activities related to Eugene 150, it will be held on the same day as the picnic.

Sidewalk infill: Carlos is coordinating with a landscape designer who is drawing plans. She will start with one block, to get the ball rolling. 

FAN Web Site: Andrew is creating and uploading missing minutes. Carlos will help. Andrew added information about Sam Friendly.


24th Street rebuilding project: The appellants were required to turn in documents a week before the hearing. Bernie and Edward met with Ed Russo. Nancy Ellen and Wendy went door to door, 32 of 48 houses signed a petition to leave parking/street as-is, plus 2 more unsolicited attendees added their names at the hearing. The LCOG hearing officer was Gary Darnell. Neighborhood Services said that we could have filed without a vote at the general meeting. The appeal wasn't limited to parking because the edict mentioned the bumpouts. Nancy Ellen said they asked for an extension (to do a traffic and parking count to get a better idea of summer park use), to cone off parking before it is removed, and a facilitated meeting between stakeholders. The decision of the hearing officer will be given in a month (he's hoping for FAN and the city to come to an agreement before his decision is made). They are waiting to hear from the city. If they lose on appeal, they can file with LUBA or court (depending upon which entity decides to hear the case). 

July Picnic: Nancy Ellen suggested that we do a pancake feed instead of the picnic. No one supported the suggestion. Nancy Ellen asked for help with soliciting for door prizes. Bernie volunteered to help. Regarding music, Carlos will call The Traceys and Bernie will contact Maya Love Orchestra. More shade is needed. Bernie might buy a couple of canopies, Bruce suggested that we could rent canopies from Parties to Go. Bernie to call Friendly Street Church of God regarding root beer floats. Andrew will contact Billy Mac's regarding food, Bernie will contact Cafe Yumm, and Andrew will ask Mike about doing the hamburger stand again. Nancy Ellen will ask Melva or City Parks Service to do something for the kids. The budget is $200. Washington Park Cottage is reserved. Picnic will be from 5-8pm. Greg and Nancy Ellen are working on a poster. Someone should ask the city to extend the spray play hours. Garage sales will be all weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). The historic walk will be on the day of the picnic, possibly from 10-11am. 

Historic Preservation: Andrew continuing his work on the submission of the hospital staircase across from Civic Stadium as a historic landmark. 

FANSpeak: Bernie and Andrew to send out bcc email telling people how to sign up on the website.


Submitted by Kristina Lang. 6/10/12

Meetings are held the second Monday of the month at the Washington Park Recreation Center, 2025 Washington Street, Eugene, OR. The public is invited to attend. For more information go to www.FriendlyAreaNeighbors.org