Minutes from the Friendly Area Neighbors (FAN) Executive Board
Monday, May 12th, 2008

Notes taken by Andrew Fisher

Present: Carlos Barrera, Nancy Clausen, Bernie Corrigan, Melda DeSalvo, Andrew Fisher, Greg Giesy, Rick Grosscup, Nancy Ellen Locke

Absent: Aimee Goglia, Amy Henne, Beth Miriam Rose

Guests: Charles Thorley (WCC Vice Chair ) Whiteaker Community Council, Girin Goha, Hans Fuson (FAN resident)

1. Secretary’s Minutes

Minutes from the last meeting were accepted.

2. Treasurer’s Report - Rick Grosscup

$567 checking
$450 savings
$4,000 in the City Fund (approximate)
$1,014.92 ENI Funds (left over from the State Farm grant; can be used for anything but elections)

MOTION 1 of 3: Carlos moves that FAN authorize funds from our ENI fund be transferred to pay our membership dues.

3. NLC Report - Carlos Barrera

-  On May 20th, the NLC / EWEB subcommittee has 15 minutes of agenda time at the EWEB Board Meeting to provide the NLC recommendations on process improvements for EWEB to consider.

- NLC formed a sustainability committee

- Liability insurance can be purchased through August 17th

- NLC asks “How do Neighborhood Associations successfully fund-raise? Suggestions?

4. NEC Report - Bernie Corrigan

- Another NEC Summit is in the future. It will be next February? Sidewalks are one topic that may appear on the summit agenda. Are there any other topics?

5. Willamette Street Update - Greg Giesy

- 20 people attended the open house. The stakeholders are in the midst of preparing a document to submit to the City Council. The document is comprised of a single page of bulleted points and an additional 5 to 6 page component. There will likely be at least 1 more meeting to iron out all the points.

- Rick asks if the document addresses Willamette from 18th to 20th or all the way to 13th. Greg responds that the committee’s mandate is to address Willamette Street from 18th to 20th.

- A major traffic study needs to be initiated regarding existing traffic patterns in the area.

6. Fillmore Issues (traffic calming, artificial turf, trail/path improvements) - Nancy Ellen Locke

- The first meeting regarding traffic calming was well attended. A second, smaller group met too. Basically, a vote between 8 or 7 speed humps will likely result. Overall, the process looks good. The speed humps will protect kids, as there are play areas/youth recreation zones adjacent.

-  An artificial turf is being proposed to be installed at the corner of Fillmore and 24th. A running track already exists in this location. Potential improvements include new artificial turf and reorienting the track. Nancy Ellen has written to ask the process wait to consider the results of an investigation of the possibility that lead contamination may be related to artificial turf utilization.

- Westmoreland Park will likely be getting some improved path/walkways. The City of Eugene wants to better connect the Friendly Neighborhood to the Amazon bike trail. Considerations in this effort include keeping trails away from wetlands and private residences when possible and locating these trails in proximity to the Boys and Girls Club with adequate safety considerations. Input was received from residents, bicyclists, frisbee golfers and others. The City funds are uncertain. These new configurations will be well lit for safety purposes too.

7. FANCH Update - Rick Grosscup and Greg Giesy

- On June 2 and 3, 2008 the National Sheriff Association will host a Neighborhood Watch workshop here in Eugene. This could provide needed training to assist with developing the Reservoir Watch.

- Much landscaping and grounds improvements are evident at the College Hill Reservoir. Lots of trimming of overgrown brush and use of bark mulch has been noticed.

8. FAN Business Directory & Annual Picnic Garage Sale- Rick Grosscup

- Scott at Tsunami Books has already been involved in networking local businesses. He may be interested in being involved with or serving as a resource at least in developing the FAN business directory.

- Goodwill cannot provide a trailer for the garage sale (to receive donations). No word yet from St. Vincent de Paul on their availability. NextStep will participate and be able to provide services and/or information related to electronics recycling. SaniPac did not respond as yet. Well over a dozen people have already indicated a desire to be involved in the garage sale.

9. Friendly Park Update - Nancy Ellen Locke and Greg Giesy

-Talking to the City soon about planting the entryway garden

10. April General Meeting Recap - Bernie Corrigan

- A high-powered panel was assembled and attended the meeting, however a low number of FAN residents attended; perhaps 18 or so. Some interesting statistics on FAN students were provided by the principal of Adams. These will be provided for the next newsletter. The meeting went well, but the resident turnout (or lack thereof) was embarrassing. All charter schools in the area had a representative. An individual representing the Point of View of Nancy Willard was also in attendance. 1/3 of FAN kids go to school outside of FAN.

11. Discussion of implementation of public input at Board Meetings.

- Carlos recommends we utilize a sign-up list to identify guest speakers, rather than using random slips of paper. This allows those who show up first to sign up first, share their ideas/feelings/information and then depart.

- Bernie suggests we write up a motion to this effect.

12. Annual Picnic Poster (and further picnic discussion).

- The black text on blue background is difficult to read. This needs to be corrected. Additional copyright protection language will be added to secure Greg’s artistic rights. Bernie recommends we add the names of the musical performers; Rob Tobias and his band as well as the Brainwashers. Bernie will provide exact spelling. The addition of the word “Raffle’ is recommended. Reference to food should be omitted. 120 posters are to be printed, 30 of which are to be laminated. The posters should be printed on poster stock and not regular paper.

- One of the guests suggests we might utilize radio spots such as on KLCC to promote awareness of the picnic. Also KUGN and Eugene Weekly are mentioned.

-Local businesses should be encouraged to participate and donate to the picnic event. They can be thanked in the Fall issue of the newsletter. Megan previously had a letter that was used to solicit donations from local businesses. A copy of this letter should be located or a similarly-worded letter drafted. Bernie suggests we might also make available at the picnic a list acknowledging those who have donated. Nancy Clausen offers/inquires about a  booth at the annual picnic to raise awareness about preservation of Civic Stadium.

- A meeting is to be held this Wednesday, May 14th at 7 PM in the EWEB meeting rooms at their Willamette River offices regarding Civic Stadium. The stadium is a National Historic Site, built as a WPA effort. The City of Eugene sold the stadium and the land to the 4J school district for $1.

13. New Business item 1

- Mel Bankoff owns property in Friendly Neighborhood. He may or may not decide to pursue development of the property. Other areas of Friendly Neighborhood may see development in the future.

14. New Business item 2

- Turtles restaurant has applied for a license to serve alcohol outside. They may be expanding their business to include an outdoor seating area. Discussion of possible pros and cons of such an effort.

MOTION 2 of 3: Rick moves that we look favorably on the request by Turtles to apply for the additional license.
RESULT : Motion passes unanimously

MOTION 3 of 3: Bernie moves we adjourn
RESULT: Motion passes unanimously