Minutes from the FAN Executive Board Meeting
May 11, 2009

Present: Greg Giesy, Amy Henne, Nancy Ellen Locke. Rob Tobias, Andrew Fisher, Matt Lutter, Mike Giroux

Absent: Mike Howard, Rick Grosscup, Dan Vishney, Nancy Classen

Guests: Tera Hoffman, Jeanne Marie Moore (LILA), Dave Cunningham, Sara Erslev

PUBLIC INPUT:Dave Cunningham—Wants to bring to our attention to violations of the visual clear zone at the SW corner of 24th and Adams. Cannot see in right hand turn lane when coming up from the south.. Has reported to the City who didn’t do anything. Hedges are getting higher and stick out over the sidewalk in several places. Multiple police calls at this property. Joey Mandelo is the absentee landlord. Dave came to speak with us because of Nancy Ellen’s article in the last newsletter. Andrew has taken photographs of the hedge and will look into the problem.

Sara Erslev—working on public health project for school and will get back to us with the final project.

SECRETARY’S MINUTES: Greg moves to accept, Carlos seconds. Passes unanimously.

Reports on balances:

$3,961.70 City of Eugene allocated funds
$964.92 Eugene Neighbors, Inc.
$949.75 FAN Business Acct. OCCU

Outstanding requests: City of Eugene funds $2,944.00 requested see Treasurer’s report.
ENI funds $200 (Solstice pancake breakfast)


A. Neighborhood Leadership Council (NLC). Carlos Barrera & Greg Giesy. Neighborhood action plans are coming down the pike for the neighborhoods.

B. Neighborhood Empowerment Initiative (NEI). Bernie Corrigan. Little results coming out of the meeting at present. Mostly talked about Summit follow up, mail how to collaborate across functions. Steve Lamb of Amazon Neighbors is investigating the idea of a multi-neighborhood newsletter. There was a report regarding newsletter printing on the web, including color.

C. Fillmore UPDATE , et al. Nancy Ellen Locke. Fillmore isn’t done yet. Jefferson Field still has unfolding issues. Light at 24th still has issues.

D. Eugene Neighbors, Inc. (ENI) Matt Lutter and Greg Giesy. No report

E. FAN-CH (Friendly Area Neighborhood-College Hill). Greg Giesy and Rick Grosscup.
After the NMG was submitted and approved, City suddenly required liability insurance and volunteer coverage on the project that was not included in the budget. It will be $46 extra obtained through Greg’s professional liability coverage. Greg showed a FAN Work Party Release from Liability Agreement and Sign-In that was made by the city and will need to be signed by all participating volunteers. Start date for the project is May 25th. Tentativ

e work schedule that Rick worked out was passed around the meeting. First FAN work party scheduled for May 30th. The building permit for the project has been filed.

Lane Independent Living Alliance got involved in securing ADA access to the top of the reservoir. Jeanne Marie Moore will put out a call through the LILA community to encourage folks to become involved. Rick Grosscup is organizing the volunteers and Jeanne Marie was directed to contact Rick.

F. COMMUNICATIONS / FAN NEWSLETTER /WEBSITE. Andrew Fisher and Mike Giroux. Targeted deadline for printing and delivery two weeks before the picnic. Andrew discussed a variety of articles that will be in the next issue, including: front page article on the picnic, Rob’s picnic poster, Garage Sale and Recycling Event, Announcement for reporting nuisance signs to the City. Andrew will be meeting with Cindy to get further specifics regarding the timing of using money prior to the end of this year’s funding cycle. Amy volunteers to go with Andrew to discuss specifics with Cindy.

G. SAVE CIVIC STADIUM. Nancy Classen. No report.

H. SIDEWALK INFILL. Carlos Barrera. Julie Fisher of COGITOpartners.com will be assisting with getting public involvement on the project and helping to move it forward.

I. FRIENDLY PARK UPDATE. Nancy Ellen Locke and Greg Geisy. Camas has been mowed twice. Still some outstanding issues on the grant to be finalized.


A. SUMMER SOLSTICE PANCAKE BREAKFAST (June 21st 8:30 am-11 am) Mike Giroux and Amy Henne.

Budget /Donations:

$200 approved from ENI funds. Multiple donations from the neighborhood and community. Further budget request will be made at the June Board meeting.

Volunteers. Mike and Amy, family and friends.

Music. Mike. The Steel Magnolias Band—5 member steel drum band that plays Calypso, Island and contemporary music. Negotiated fee of $450 (normally $750) Will be paid by an anonymous donors and music lovers.

Food / Licenses. Mike. Menu will be pancakes, fruit, coffee and juice. Mike will set up a food booth, including a tent, prep and service tables, propane griddle, coffee makers and small fridge for juice and fruit. Got reduced cost of license from the City, $20.

Picnic Poster. Mike. Published in Spring edition of the newsletter. Posted on website.

City Recreation request. Amy. Completed. 2 staff members will assist with fun and games.

City Recycling. Amy. 3-4 recycling stations will be set up by the City. Amy to follow up with Cindy at Neighborhood Services about recycling.

B. ANNUAL FAN PICNIC (July 26 to 5-8 pm) :

Andrew has spoken to Rick and will organize the garage sale for this year. He is following up on all of last years’ outreach and is requesting Rick’s contact for the various participants from Sani-Pac to Next Step and St. Vinnie’s. Andrew’s goal for the event is no to low cost. Garage sale is three days, recycling will be on Sunday only. Suggestion was made to purchase pre-paid copy cards to run off maps at the last minute. Another attempt to use this years allocated City funds.

MUSIC: The Blue Shades will be performing gratis for the neighborhood, They will also supply a sound system. Jeanne Marie suggestion 20 minute spots for a variety of performers from the neighborhood. People should get in touch with Bernie for further suggestions.

TABLING: Different community organizations will be contacted by Board members.

RAFFLE: Bernie will work on soliciting donations. Gift certificates, T-shirts.

FOOD FOR SALE: Nancy Ellen will be speaking to Billy Mac’s about possible selling food.

Amy will get the Police bicycle registration, City Recreation fun and games set up, along with City Recycling containers. COMPLETED

Motion from Nancy Ellen (below). Greg seconded. Passes unanimously. Bernie to send letter.


  The Friendly Area Neighbors Executive Board strongly supports the proposed funding for the Point-2-Point commuter program, representing 10% of available STP-U funds for the year, and maintaining the level of funding that has been provided over the past few years for this worthwhile project.

  Funding for Transportation Options/Demand Management Program
Point-2-Point (formerly Commuter Solutions) is the region's program that works to decrease auto trips and promote alternative travel modes such as transit, biking and walking. Activities include the transit employer group and student pass, emergency ride home, carpool/vanpool, park and rides, Smart Ways to School, and congestion mitigation outreach. The 2010 budget for this program is $683,000 of which the MPO is proposing to contribute $248,000.  STP-U funds can be used for highway, transit, bike and pedestrian projects, subject to certain federal regulations. The proposed funding for Point-2-Point represents 10% of available STP-U funds for the year, and is the level of funding that has been provided over the past few years. The MPO policy board will consider this action at their meeting on May 14, and will vote on the proposal on June 11. MEETING ADJOURNED AT 9:05 pm.

Meetings are held the second Monday of the month at the Washington Park Recreation Center, 2025 Washington Street, Eugene. OR. The public is invited to attend.

Respectfully submitted: Amy Henne, Board Secretary