Minutes from the FAN Executive Board Meeting
April 13, 2009

Present: Greg Giesy, Amy Henne, Nancy Ellen Locke. Rob Tobias, Andrew Fisher, Mike Giroux, Nancy Classen, Matt Lutter

Absent: Mike Howard, Rick Grosscup, Dan Vishney

Guests: none


SECRETARY’S MINUTES: Amy Henne. Nancy Ellen makes a motion to accept minutes as corrected. Greg seconds. Minutes approved.

Accounts closed at US Bank and opened at Oregon Community Credit Union.
Reports on balances:

City of Eugene allocated funds $3,961.70 remaining
Eugene Neighbors, Inc. $989.92 remaining
FAN Business Acct. OCCU $949.75 remaining

Outstanding requests:
City of Eugene funds $2,254 requested (2 newsletters & picnic poster)
ENI funds $225 (Solstice pancake breakfast and $25 fee)

Amy makes a motion to pay the $25 membership fee to ENI. Greg second. Passses unanimously. Completed 4/14/09.

Amy will send copy of Treasurer’s Report to FAN Board after the meeting. Completed.


Neighborhood Leadership Council (NLC). Carlos Barrera & Greg Giesy. City is now sending electronic packets of information to people rather than paper packets. The Sustainability Committee is gaining momentum. There will be a number of resources available to Neighborhood Associations in Eugene.

Neighborhood Empowerment Initiative (NEI). Bernie Corrigan. Discussed review of Summit results .

Fillmore UPDATE , et al. Nancy Ellen Locke. Initial complaints are being heard about the artificial turf field at the Arts and Technology. Problems at the stop lights at 24th and Chambers. Nancy Ellen will speak to Tom Larsen about the problem if needs be.

NOTE: After the meeting, NEL checked out the light from several directions and had no problems.

Eugene Neighbors, Inc. (ENI) Matt Lutter and Greg Giesy. No report other than membership dues for 09 are due @ $25.

FAN-CH (Friendly Area Neighborhood-College Hill). Rick Grosscup and Greg Giesy. Greg reports City Council is voting tonight as to whether or not the grant has been approved. Waiting for confirmation on Neighborhood Matching Grant. Bernie discovered that FAN is listed as the contractor rather than Rick, as originally discussed. Greg apologized for the error. Rick had given him the draft of the grant proposal on his way out of town and there were several loose ends that Greg addressed before submitting the final proposal. He didn’t catch that one.

FRIENDLY PARK. Greg Giesy & Nancy Ellen Locke. The City is confused about the final aspects of the Friendly Park Grant. Nancy Ellen and Greg and are meeting Friday at 2 pm to discuss the outstanding issues, including refund of donations, 400 camas bulbs, landscaping rocks.

COMMUNICATIONS / FAN NEWSLETTER. Andrew Fisher and Mike Giroux . Will be arriving this week in mailboxes. 16 items in the newsletter. Lots of information on efforts around sustainability.

SAVE CIVIC STADIUM. Nancy Classen. No report.

SIDEWALK INFILL. Carlos Barrera. Not a lot of developments. Continuing to try and work to conflicts in the City code to see if they can be resolved. May have to go to City Council for change in codes. No procedures for 3rd parties to come in and do work. Need for public comment and discussion on the viability of the project. Funding has been determined but whether or not a third party can do it. Amy brought up the Community Mediation resources. 50% of residents in the area need to agree to the sidewalk. More emphasis needs to be placed on sidewalks. NEW BUSINESS:

1. Carlos and Bernie to write a letter for Mike regarding FAN’s non-profit status to use for soliciting donations to the Summer Solstice Pancake Breakfast. Bernie will talk to Michael Kinnison to use the City’s non-profit number for donations for the picnic.

2. Legal Signs: What size is legal?? 3’ x 4” on your own property, no permit needed. If bigger, a permit is needed. Illegal: posted on telephone poles, EWEB poles. Carlos is expressing concern about the cluttering up of the neighborhood with non-permitted signs. Further concern is expressed about fencing that is built too high for the neighborhood.

PICNIC: Carlos will talk to Rick about garage sale. Andrew will work with Rick on the garage sale. City will offer a sound system., will still need someone to work the system. Amy will get the Police bicycle registration set up. Further discussion is needed regarding the Garage Sale.

Motion made by Nancy Ellen and seconded by Greg to send a letter to LTD , containing the following:

In recognition of the Friendly Area Neighborhood's need for quality transportation along the Willamette Street Corridor and in keeping with the vote taken at the past General Membership Meeting; I request that the Co-Chairmen contact our State Legislature and express our support of all LTD services and maintenance of the entire LTD system within the City of Eugene.  Furthermore, we wish to see improvements along the Willamette Street Corridor that would enhance the basic quality of life (cleaner air being only one of them) here in our fair neighborhood.    7 yes votes, 1 opposed, 1 abstention, MEETING ADJOURNED AT 9:05 PM.

Meetings are held the second Monday of the month at the Washington Park Recreation Center, 2025 Washington Street, Eugene. OR. The public is invited to attend.

Respectfully submitted: Amy Henne, Board Secretary/Treasurer