Minutes from the FAN Executive Board Meeting - April 9, 2012

  PRESENT:  Bernie, Carly, Matt, Nancy Ellen, Greg, Mike G., Andrew, Nancy C., Edward, Kristina

ABSENT: Marv, Carlos, Mike H.

  GUESTS:  Holly McRae, neighbor and Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee (BPAC) member; Bruce Strimling, neighbor and neighborhood watch member

Holly McRae came to express her support for the city's proposed changes to W. 24th Ave. She is a Friendly Area Neighbor and mother of an Adam's Elementary School student. (She is also on the BPAC but was not there to represent them, as they had already submitted a letter of support for the project.) As a cyclist, and a woman who uses 24th to walk her child to school, she fully supports the project as it is designed by the City of Eugene. She is concerned with the dangers of bicycling around the existing bumpouts, into car traffic. She also stated that she attended the last general meeting and has heard that there was concern that many people at the meeting came from outside of FAN and didn't sign in. She doesn't remember signing in, knows many people who testified at the meeting who are Friendly Area Neighbors and asked that we not assume that they are from another neighborhood just because they forgot to sign in. She was asked about bicycling on W. 22nd Ave. as an alternative to W. 24th. She said that she does ride on W. 22nd, depending upon where she is headed, but said that it is unsafe, as a woman, to ride on the bike path through the park/school at night. Most importantly, she wanted to express how professional and great it was to see the article in the FAN newsletter about 24th Ave. in a fact-based, unbiased way. She believes that telling neighbors about various projects in that way is of great service to our community.

Bruce Stimling reported that he is postponing work on a potential neighborhood patrol due to concerns related to the murder in Florida.


Minutes: Kristina has not compiled the revisions that have been submitted for the March minutes. She will email the revised minutes out for approval via email.

Treasurer's Report: Mike G. told us that the city hasn't cashed the check yet. We have gone over budget after the last newsletter but the city has agreed to cover the overage. He suggested that we look into printing the newsletter with someone else. Currently, it costs about $1,100 for printing and $785 for postage per newsletter. He and Andrew will look into an alternate printer and report on it later.

Newsletter: Andrew requested a cost estimate for the last newsletter from Cindy, after some delay,he received a cost that was beyond our budget but said that the city would cover the overage. Andrew has followed up with Tina, a resident who wrote in, regarding the neighborhood patrol article. She did not want to submit her letter to the newsletter but asked that the board discuss the issue. After the newsletter went out, Andrew got inquiries about smart meters. He would like someone to attend the upcoming meeting and write an article for the newsletter.

FAN Web Site: Andrew wants to update it with the specifics about the Spring General Meeting as soon as people are confirmed to speak. He has uploaded the January and February minutes. He has also updated our list serve to the new Google groups format. He successfully tested adding two of his email addresses by submitting them on the FAN web site. Bernie suggested that we look into using a different list serve because Google has made it nearly impossible for us to add people's email addresses ourselves, due to their spamming protections, and that people have to jump through too many hoops to confirm that they want to be added. It was agreed that rather than trying to add people, we should tell people to go to our website and add themselves. There was a question of whether or not we should send an email to the people that we were unable to add to tell them to go to the website and add themselves.

Business Directory: Edward reported that they have been getting about 3 listings per day since the newsletter went out. They have been getting requests from some businesses to exclude their street address. Edward has been speaking to SOBA about the directory, he's not sure he's seeing listings as a result of their promised announcement to SOBA members.


24th Street rebuilding project: Bernie reported that he, Nancy Ellen, Edward, and Greg met earlier in the day with members of the traffic engineering staff (Tom Larson, Reed Dunbar, and Steve Gallop), along with Michael Kinnison from Neighborhood Services. Tom wrote up the appeal procedure so they know what to expect at the hearing. They did not get into the material of the appeal at the meeting. Greg said that there is still a question about the show of hands that was called for by someone at the last general meeting regarding support for the project. Only a vote at a general meeting can be said to be a decision from "FAN". They still don't know who will be allowed to speak at the hearing. They pointed out that land use decisions have been appealed by neighborhood boards but not traffic decisions. As a 501c3, maybe we could have filed the appeal. We might look into incorporating (like Whiteaker Community Council). Without non-profit incorporation, the city has editorial powers for our newsletter. Andrew told us that he does have to deal with editorial changes and proofing corrections from the city but that it is not necessarily a negative thing because their goal is to maintain impartiality. Nancy Ellen shared information from the binder that she and Wendy have created to submit as evidence for the appeal. Some of the information came from the presentation that Reed gave at the neighborhood open houses. Ed suggested that the discussion be tabled then discussed and voted on via email.

Voting requirements and procedures at FAN general meetings: Bernie stated that it is in the charter that only FAN members can vote but we do need to review the text for voting procedure at general meetings. We will discuss and revise it via email. It was agreed that we need to review it before the next general meeting. Greg also added that we need a policy regarding presenting balanced opinions and equal presentation times for opposing opinions at general meetings.

April General Meeting logistics: The candidates have been asking Nancy Ellen what the process will be. Nancy Ellen reported that Joann Ernst, EWEB Commissioner, will talk about the rate increase. We will have two candidates (or their representatives) for County Commissioner, and three candidates (or their representatives) for Mayor. Joann Ernst will speak first with a 15 minute limit, including a question period. The County Commissioner candidates will speak next and the mayoral candidates will speak last. The schedule for each of the two offices will be as follows: 5 minutes maximum stump speech, people write their questions on cards, and a board member will read questions out to the candidates during a 20 minute question period (per office). There may also be a representative from the Olympic Trials there although they haven't been confirmed.

Neighborhood Sustainability Committee: Matt reported that the Green Neighbors Faire was successful with lots of people attending.

Andrew moved to appoint Bruce Strimling to the FAN Executive Board. He is eligible for board membership because he has attended the past 3 meetings. Bernie seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Andrew moved that Kristina be appointed as Secretary of the FAN Executive Board. Bernie seconded. 9 in favor, 1 abstaining. Motion passed.

Historic Preservation: Andrew has created a rough draft to submit the hospital staircase across from Civic Stadium as a historic landmark. He thinks that FAN Board support for the application would take it to another level. He has been researching its history and has found a potential connection to the street car running down Willamette. The platforms on the bottom of either run of stairs may have been loading platforms for the street car. Andrew would also like help in defining the historic character of our neighborhood.

Greg reported that there is an upcoming Envision Eugene meeting at South Eugene High School on April 12 at 6pm.


Submitted by Kristina Lang. 4/12/12