Minutes from the Friendly Area Neighbors (FAN) Executive Board Meeting on Monday, April 8th, 2013

Present: Carlos Barrera, Bernie Corrigan, Nancy Classen, Andrew Fisher, Greg Giesy, Edward Goehring, Deb Jones, Rex Redmon, Bruce Strimling, Christine Thompson

Absent: Kristina Lang, Nancy Ellen Locke, Matt Lutter, Marv Glover

Guest(s): Jill Davidson, neighbor

Agenda Item: Meeting Minutes

The March minutes of the FAN Board meeting were posted online the night after our March meeting and reposted on Friday, April 5th. Changes, edits, and additions were requested. Board members Thompson and Giesy provided additions. Board member Fisher moved we accept the March minutes as posted online including the additions. Board member Giesy provided a second. Board member Goehring shared feedback he'd received that folks reading the minutes want to know board member's last names in the minutes. A vote was taken. 9 aye, 0 nay, 1 abstain. Motion carries.

Agenda Item: NLC Report

Board member Jones submitted a detailed NLC report (see below) to the fanboard online. The annual City of Eugene Neighborhood Services leadership training is coming up May 9th. New neighborhood association board members are encouraged to attend and participate. It was acknowledged that at least board members Jones and Thompson plan to attend. It was noted that one usually received a neighborhood handbook and other informative hand-outs at the training.

Agenda Item: Eugene Neighbors Inc. (ENI)

Board member Giesy announced that ENI was having a meeting on May 30th. The location was currently unknown as the typical locale (Davis Restaurant) was currently undergoing some sort of remodel. The meeting is likely from 5:00 to 7:00 PM. Topics of the meeting include neighborhood agricultural venues, getting communications out (such as newsletters, kiosks, bulletin boards, social media, etc.), and Park Adoption. Interest was expressed in having board member Goehring attend ENI's meeting to share his thoughts on his recent experience launching and managing the Friendly Neighbors Forum on facebook.

Agenda Item: Sustainability Committee

No report

Agenda Item: Public Safety Committee

Plans are underway to help promote and devellop Neighborhood Watch and the Map Your Neighborhood programs in Friendly.

Agenda Item: Transportation Committee

Board member Redmon submitted a detailed report (see below) to the fanboard online. Board member Thompson shared that the transportation committee had met again since the last FAN Board meeting March 11th. The sidewalk in-fill project was discussed briefly. A guiding question was identified as "What are the existing (transportation) projects (in the neighborhood) and how can everyone be aware and participate if they want to?". It was reported that an appeal was filed for the 18th Avenue street improvement project. In regards to the Willamette Street improvement project from 19th to 24th, board member Redmon contacted Reed Dunbar at the city for an update (see below). Board member Thompson reported that several members (five) of the FAN Board attended the April 4th open house with planning commissioners on the South Willamette Concept Plan. Areas of ongoing attention in regards to the plan include the transition areas between the identified footprint of the concept plan and the surrounding neighborhood, implications to traffic flow in the future (including "cut-through" traffic), and the current and/or potential change in designation of streets (major collectors, "feeder" streets, "arterials", etc.). Board member Thompson reported that she had recently met with Patricia Thomas with the city to provide feedback on the subject of College Hill and how it relates to the South Willamette Concept Plan and area. Another item of focus for the Transportation Committee will likely be so-called traffic "Hot-Spots": areas or intersections that are viewed as confusing or potentially unsafe/dangerous and in need of consideration. Board member Barrera suggested that perhaps the intersection of 23rd and Olive might be made safer though designation as a 4-way stop. Board member Thompson noted that the Planning Commission was meeting April 15th to consider South Willamette Concept Plan. It was noted that in time there may be incentives to go along with supporting the South Willamette Concept Plan and that such incentives should be extended to the Civic Stadium property to encourage its thoughtful development.

Agenda Item: Communications / FANspeak

FANspeak is receiving neighborhood news and announcement via email. Board member Corrigan noted that Jenny of the South Willamette business Jenny's Hair had expressed her thanks for FAN's recent effort to help promote awareness and participation in the South Willamette Second Saturday Art Walks begun last year. The number of people attending the art walk is reported to have quadrupled. It was estimated that FANspeak has around 300 reliable (no undeliverable messages "bouncing back") email accounts signed up. Board member Fisher noted that FANspeak was being promoted in the current edition of the Friendly Area Neighborhood Newsletter arriving imminently.

Agenda Item: Public Comment

FAN resident Jill Davidson provided public comment. Jill lives near South Eugene High School and the Civic Stadium property. She came to the meeting to share the idea of creating a community garden in an unused plot of land on the north side of the Civic Stadium property that is zoned R2 and owned by the 4J School District. There is concern that the unused area is currently drawing some undesirable usage. Her property is adjacent and is impacted by potentially undesirable uses. It would be better to have eyes on the place. There is no asphalt on the site; it is grassy.

Board members provided feedback and suggestions. The Eugene Friendly Neighborhood Farmers and website were suggested as a resource. Board member Barrera made note of an upcoming Eugene Neighbors Incorporated (ENI) meeting that will include a discussion on how to start a community garden.

Agenda Item: Communications / Friendly Area Neighborhood Newsletter

Board member Fisher shared that the newsletter should be arriving any day now. The newsletter includes information on our upcoming Spring General Meeting, Civic Stadium, and the city ballot measure 20-211.

Agenda Item: Communications / FAN website

Board member Fisher submitted a detailed report to the fanboard online (see below). Most recent work has been promoting neighborhood events (such as the South Willamette Concept Plan open house, the College Hill Reservoir meeting, and South Willamette Second Saturday Art Walk) on the front page of the site.

Agenda Item: Friendly Neighbors Forum (www.facebook.com/FriendlyNeighborsForum)

Board member Goehring submitted a detailed report (see below) to the fanboard online. He reported that recent, top topics on the forum these days are College Hill Reservoir, the Notes from the Areas of Focus Work Session (held January 24th), and the Historic Map of Friendly. It was suggested that the results of the neighborhood business directory might ultimately end up as a webpage online of some sort. This webpage might be linked to from the FAN website. Individual business owners might one day be able to maintain/update/edit their own listings.

Agenda Item: Spring General Meeting

The Spring quarterly General Meeting of the Friendly Area Neighbors will take place Thursday, April 18th, 2013. The working agenda for the meeting was presented in the Spring edition of the Friendly Area Neighborhood Newsletter. Items include: 6:30 PM Social Something, 7:00 PM Public Comment, Update on Issues affecting College Hill Reservoir, FAN Committees seek members, Lane County Commissioner Pete Sorenson, Ballot Measure 20-211 presentations & discussion, and an introduction to the Map Your Neighborhood program. Board member Barrera suggested the ballot measure discussion be moved to the end of the agenda. There was no objection. It was also reported that Pete Sorenson would be on hand to present a neutral tone on current issues at the county level.

Agenda Item: Summer Picnic

The annual summer picnic will take place Sunday, July 21st, 2013. The event was announced in the Spring edition of the Friendly Area Neighborhood Newsletter. Live music and food offerings are being planned. Local organizations will have information tables. A raffle is a traditional event. Donations of goods and services from neighborhood businesses were solicited in the newsletter. The contact email address for the picnic is summerpicnic@friendlyareaneighbors.org. Five important elements of the event that require planning are the seeking donations & holding raffle, locating and arranging for live music performance, coordinating with organizations with info-tables, and staffing a FAN table.

Agenda Item: Sidewalk In-fill Project

The sidewalk in-fill project seeks to install sidewalks to encourage walking for health benefits & neighborliness, promote pedestrian access to the nearby commercial district, and provide safe routes for residents to move about the neighborhood on foot. The project concept has broad support as all parties agree that having sidewalks is a good thing.

Some members of the FAN Board have expressed concern regarding a lack of defined process; in particular how the FAN Board does or does not relate to the project. One primary concern was an apparent lack of official public participation. Also, conflicting and/or "outdated" descriptions of the project that sometimes contained questionable information such as FAN Board financial support and/or oversight of the project. Finally, it was unclear to some whether the board had previously endorsed the entire project, the proposed route, the use of ENI as the fiscal agent, or just the concept of sidewalk infill in general. The board hoped to provide some clarity on these matters.

A group discussion was engaged to clarify the role of the FAN Board as it may relate to the project. Board members asked and shared what was their understanding of the process and scope of the project and any endorsements by the FAN Board. It was suggested that the board might reasonably withhold endorsement of the project until a current, public-outreach process and timeline was developed and available for board members to consider. Possible motions suggested would have "divorced" the board from the project entirely or engaged an executive session to develop project implementation. Board member Giesy made a motion that the FAN board maintain endorsement of only Phase I of the Sidewalk In-fill Project. The motion was seconded by board member Goehring. The motion would maintain FAN Board's endorsement of the project as it relates to phase I only which includes Olive Street from 24th Place to 25th Avenue. Our board chairperson reported to the board that 100% of the property owners in the "phase I" section have already indicated their support for the project. It was understood that the board would withhold endorsement of any additional phases until the board has had an opportunity to fully understand how subsequent phases would be implemented. It was reported by board member Barrera that all of the property owners in the first phase of the project are all on board already. A vote was taken. 7 aye, 0 nay, 3 abstain. Motion carries.

Meeting Adjourned 9:15 PM.

The Friendly Area Neighbors (FAN) Executive Board meets the 2nd Monday of each month at the Washington Park Center (2025 Washington) beginning at 7:00 PM. The beginning of each meeting is devoted to public comment. Meet a neighbor...make a friend!

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Notes respectfully submitted by A. Fisher 04/11/13
Revised 05/13/13




Neighborhood Leadership Council – Notes of 3/26/13
Prepared by Deb Jones

1. Neighborhood Services report:

- The city’s annual Neighborhood Leader Orientation will be May 9, 5:30-8:30. This training is aimed at new NA board members, but all may attend. Registration info forthcoming.
- City’s new website homepage has a “Stay Connected” link at top of page to let you easily subscribe or unsubscribe to all manner of city notifications.
- Two Eugene neighbors advance as finalists for 2013 Neighborhood USA (NUSA) awards – Harlow Neighbors for their Feed Hope project and Santa Clara/River Road for a joint project to educate residents about public service delivery.

2. News from other neighborhood associations:

- Many are having speakers at the membership meetings to discuss the spring city/county ballot measures.
- Mike Kinneson thinks that average attendance at any Eugene NA membership meeting, including board members, is about 20 people

  Bylaws – there was ongoing discussion of proposals for bylaws revisions relating to voting rights, filling vacancies, quorum definition


Friendly Neighbors Forum report
Prepared by Edward Goehring
Friday, April 5th, 2013

FNF membership: 832 people

Current popular topics - 3/20/13:

1. Backyard chickens & chickens as weed abatement
2. How to test for acid soil
3. Tiny homes/residential infill
4. Long's Meat Market
5. Eugene Weekly article about Friendly Area Neighbors (FAN) chairman Carlos Barrera
6. Party Cart & Red Wagon Creamery
7. Bicycles are Transit: Linking Cycling, Transit, Planning and People
8. Pix by Andrew Fisher
9. Free Shakespeare in the Park
10. Lane County Senior Network


Transportation Committee
prepared by Rex Redmon
Monday, April 8th, 2013

(The following information is based on a phone conversation with Reed Dunbar, assistant Transportation Planner with the City of Eugene regarding a couple of transportation related projects in our neighborhood.)

Willamette project north of 24th

With attention focusing on the two different Willamette St. area projects south of 24th we wanted to check in and see what the status of the 18th to 24th project was.

Project is at roughly 30% design stage.

Current design highlights: Bikelane would continue south on Willamette St. from existing bike lane at 17th to 23rd. Project is stopping at 23rd instead of 24th to coordinate with future south Willamette project.

Separate left turn only pocket at 18th would be removed. A single auto lane and bike lane would be provided heading south.

The Island at 20th would be Reconfigured & include curb extensions to facilitate pedestrian crossings to SEHS etc.; The dedicated left turn lane for south bound vehicles turning east onto 20th would be eliminated but the infrequent vehicles making this turning movement would be able to turn from southbound lane. Parking would remain between 18th and 20th.

On street parking between 20th and 23rd would be removed except in front of the Silver Lace Apartments. There is a 7’ planter strip where they are going to be able to carve out 3 spaces for them to keep their tenant spaces. For the north bound traffic there is proposed a bike lane from 23rd to 20th. The bike lane would turn right onto 20th and left onto Oak and continue as far as 18th. A bike box is likely to be provided at 18th for left turning cyclists.

The next action will be proceeding with administrative orders for parking removal for Willamette and Oak Streets while the design is proceeding into construction documentation.

18th Avenue Restriping Appeal

We wanted to try to get a better understanding of the concerns related to the appeal of the 18th street restriping project. We asked for information about who had filed the appeal and why and got the following:The project is being appealed by a resident in the 1100 block of 18th who is concerned about having visibility distance to back out of their driveway if the parking lane were to go away. A concern was also expressed about cars going faster and an open road feel.


FAN website report
provided by Andrew Fisher
Monday, April 8th, 2013

- promoted South Willamette Concept Plan meeting (4/4/13)
- promoted College Hill Reservoir meeting (4/9/13)
- added photo and bio for board member Matt
- created new email addresses (yourname@friendlyareaneighbors.org) for board members Deb and Matt
- created new email addresses "committees@friendlyareaneighbors.org" and "summerpicnic@friendlyareaneighbors.org"
- uploaded Spring 2013 Friendly Area Neighborhood Newsletter and promoted on front page, created new preview, posted info to FNF, added to "documents" page
- uploaded working agenda for Spring 2013 General Meeting (Thursday, April 18th, 2013)
- updated annual Garage Sale webpage (http://friendlyareaneighbors.org/gsale.html)
- updated summer picnic webpage (http://friendlyareaneighbors.org/picnic.html)
- on the history page, added link to City of Eugene Historic Mapping Tool and link to Lane County Historical Society photo database