Minutes from the FAN Executive Board Meeting - March 12, 2012
PRESENT:  Bernie, Carlos, Kristina, Nancy Ellen, Greg, Mike G., Nancy C., Andrew, Marv, Edward

ABSENT: Matt, Carly, Mike H.
GUESTS:  Bruce Strimling, neighbor and neighborhood watch member

PUBLIC INPUT: Bruce Stimling spoke about a potential neighborhood patrol. He has been in contact with Officer Schneider, Eugene Police Department would not want to be involved because of liability issues. FAN suggests that people sign a liability waiver. Edward warned that those may be overturned in court. Bruce will write something for the next newsletter. Carlos is interested in participating.


Minutes: Greg moved we approve, Nancy Ellen seconded. 8 in favor, 2 abstentions. Motion passed.

Treasurer's Report: Mike G. is waiting to receive the balance from the City. He will email the board when he gets it.

Newsletter: Deadline is today. Andrew has 10-11 articles. Some topics; spring general meeting, EWEB easements, garbage cans editorial, update on 24th Ave, business directory, and Olympic trials.

FAN Web Site: Andrew reported four changes; notice about the Solarize Eugene workshop, Healthy Bees/Healthy Gardens event, Transportation to College Crest, City conducted a street car feasibility study (under documents listing). Will be removing Rob from the website.

Business Directory: Edward reported that they have 250 businesses in the directory. A Safer Eugene and Lane County has been doing Facebook advertising. They've added 24,000 people in one week with an ad cost of $100. There are 1200 small business owners in the 97405 zip code. A Safer Eugene and Lane County will pay for outreach to them and share information about those businesses in FAN. As for the future of the directory, Andrew envisions a paper map that could promote the identity of the neighborhood, walkability, etc...


SOBA letter: Nancy Ellen was asked to be the contact person for neighbors, she will then contact Patricia. Andrew will be a supporting contact. Bernie moved that Nancy Ellen be named the South Willamette project liaison. Greg seconded. 10 in favor. Motion passed.

24th Street rebuilding project: Bernie spoke to Carly, she is willing to help with conflict resolution. Bernie wants to file a petition to have a hearing.
Board concerns include:

- the process feels rushed.
- people at the general meeting were from outside the neighborhood.
- there was an uneven presentation by the city at the general meeting, the next time we should give a representative from the neighborhood equal time to present.
- not enough neighborhood input in the process.
- a one day traffic study is not considered sufficient in traffic engineering circles.
- they didn't take into account the cost that was already spent to put traffic calming in (approx. $105,000 total cost divided among 6 street projects).
- Westmoreland Park has heavy summer use, which was not accounted for. Also, Adams Elementary School playfields are busy in the summer, further crowding the neighborhood.
- summer parking demand will impact neighbors on side streets who may not have been informed of the parking reduction on 24th.
- 22nd was suggested to be safer for bicyclists because there is much less car traffic.
- 22nd was also suggested to be a convenient route for bicycling because it goes through from Chambers (using the bike path) to Willamette, although some segments are steep. - A petition would be in response to parking being removed as per the City's Administrative Order, which does not mention removing the bumpouts. We're not talking about the outcome of the street design, we're concerned about the flawed process that the city used to justify traffic calming and parking removal. 

Edward moved that "The FAN (Friendly Area Neighbors) Executive Board will fund, carry out, and support an appeal of the City's decision to remove parking and traffic calming measures from 24th Avenue pending a longer seasonally balanced study of parking and traffic on 24th Avenue and in adjacent areas." Nancy Ellen Seconded. 9 in favor, 1 abstention. Motion passed. Individual board members will contribute the $50 petition fee and write the appeal. FAN will write the check.

Eugene transportation plan agenda: Envision Eugene luncheon cancelled. Andrew is studying maps.

Voting requirements and procedures at FAN general meetings: Edward will draft a voting policy.

Board membership: We currently have 13 board members. Andrew wants to recruit new members. He will solicit in the newsletter.

Historic Preservation: Andrew is a member of the Historic Review Board. He is seeking input about how we want to portray our neighborhood. Email Andrew before Wednesday. Carlos suggested they add a historic overlay to the city.


Submitted by Kristina Lang. 3/30/12, Revised 4/10/12

Meetings are held the second Monday of the month at the Washington Park Recreation Center, 2025 Washington Street, Eugene, OR. The public is invited to attend. For more information go to www.FriendlyAreaNeighbors.org