Minutes from the Friendly Area Neighbors (FAN) Executive Board Meeting - Monday, March 11th, 2013

Present: Carlos, Matt, Greg, Nancy Ellen, Bruce, Rex, Marv, Christine, Deb, Bernie, Andrew

Absent: Kristina, Nancy, Edward

Guests: Michael Levick, ?, Larry Deckman - neighborhood residents, Jeannine Parisi (EWEB), Lance Robertson (EWEB), Brad Taylor (EWEB), Mike Kinnison (Neighborhood Services)

AGENDA ITEM: Public Comment


AGENDA ITEM: College Hill Reservoir

A presentation was lead by Jeannine Parisi of EWEB. It was identified that College Hill Reservoir is a neighborhood issue that impacts an area larger than the neighborhood. About 5 or 6 years ago it was realized that the top of the reservoir could use improved sealing. A balance is desired to keep it open but also protect the water therein. A membrane and sealing of the joints was installed. During routine maintenance in 2011 it was realized that the joints had pulled apart. In 2012, the caulk was removed and replaced. The gap may be beyond what normal caulk can seal effectively. Walking and riding bikes is okay as the water is chlorinated so it can tolerate some "ickiness". Unfortunately, pet (dog) waste is not always being picked up despite the availability of a pet waste station that was put in. There has been recent communication with the OHA (Oregon Health Authority) to ensure safe water. A plan was developed to sample the water two times a week instead of the previous once a month cycle. This began about a month ago. If a positive result was detected this would translate into (1) a Public Notification to whose who are potentially impacted (a map was shared that identified a large portion of South Eugene and (2) a Boiling Water Notice. EWEB has never had to issue a notice of such scale to date. They are looking for ways to work together with the neighborhood to provide great drinking water and great amenities. The long-term thinking is to waterproof the top. A two-prong approach is being considered that would first include installing gates at the entrances with prominent signs indicating "No Dogs" on top of the reservoir. The next step would be by July 4th to install fencing on the north, west, and east sides of the reservoir. Consideration would be made to allow scheduled use of the top of the reservoir for events such as star-gazing, etc. The probable timeline was: First conversations and tonight's meeting, a larger meeting in early April, and an info-share at an EWEB work session on April 16th.

A discussion amongst FAN board members, EWEB representatives, and a neighborhood resident followed. A board member suggested that people would be more understanding of disallowing dogs on the reservoir surface if a clear reason was presented along with signage. A board member stressed the importance of there being an educational component to any outreach and discussion on the topic. A board member asked if gutters could be put under the seams to catch potential leaks. A board member encouraged holding off the fencing as it would cost a lot of money and would result in a strong, neighborhood reaction if perceived as a prelude to no more access. A board member lamented the fact that irresponsible people are the problem. A board member suggested that once a fence is put up, it would result in diminished views, and it was likely the fence would not be removed later. A temporary fence was suggested. An EWEB representative indicated temporary fencing might not be desirable to look at. A board member reported that 6 years ago the cost to install wrought iron fencing was placed at 100K. An EWEB representative reported that a likely budget to install fencing today was around 40K (not including the gates). A neighbor stated that he recognized the reservoir was a public amenity and used by lots of people (including children). He encouraged the use of signs with a strong visual impact. He also felt that the fencing was not as important as protecting the water. Protecting the water should be the top priority. He felt that a balanced approach was best, acknowledged that the reservoir was important to the community, and that EWEB was on the right path with a gate, but also expressed that implementing fencing could result in a bad public reaction. A board member identified the need to get feedback from neighbors and expressed that the timeline identified seemed short. The most important things was to let the neighbors know and for people to come and hear what EWEB has to say about this subject. An EWEB representative reported that the April 16th EWEB Board meeting was for feedback and not for making a decision per se. A FAN board member stressed the importance of consideration for people who may have disabilities and that newly-installed gates be accessible. An EWEB representative stressed that pet waste is not the only concern regarding behavior on the reservoir. People are also known to set off fireworks and graffiti has been another issue (see FAN Summer 2012 newsletter).

AGENDA ITEM: Meeting Minutes

Andrew moves we accept the December and February minutes as posted online (no minutes from January due to Neighborhood Dialogue/Mediation). Greg seconds. 10 yay, 0 nay, 1 abstain. motion passes.

AGENDA ITEM: Regular Report - Neighborhood Leaders Council (NLC)

(the following report provided by Carlos via e-mail 03/11/13)

Jim Evangelista spoke seeking support from the neighborhoods for Reality Kitchen, an agency that supports young adults with developmental disabilities.  He would like op-ed pieces on a regular basis for his newsletter. Cindy Clarke from Neighborhood Services is seeking help to celebrate the neighborhoods through the WEgene Awards.  Seeking candidates for the neighborhood association of the year award and volunteers to host the event.  5-6 people needed.  A committee was formed to help. Jan Spencer reported on the Committee on Sustainability' work over the past year.  CoS has a speakers bureau that can provide speakers on a number of topics for your event.  They do 10-12 bike tours a year and could use some help in identifying tour sites and organizing tours.  They could use some new members.  Possibly recruit through the newsletters?  They have monthly meetings. Some housekeeping changes were made to the NLC bylaws and the bylaws committee is meeting to formulate other changes and additions to make the NLC more effective in it's mission. A new co-chair was elected--Alberta Cook from Active Bethel Citizens. Laurel Hill reports that 40 people came to the organizational meeting to oppose the large development proposed for their neighborhood. Jefferson Westside reports that there was a small fire at the Kaufman House.  Also that the OSU Extension Service is interested in leasing the facility.

AGENDA ITEM: Regular Report - Eugene Neighbors Incorporated (ENI)

Carlos is one of eight officers on the ENI board. They have an upcoming meeting which will feature a presentation called "Making Visions, Reality" which relates to gardening, food sharing, and more. Information on topics such as park adoptions, information kiosks, Map Your Neighborhood, and Neighborhood Watch was planned to be shared.

AGENDA ITEM: Regular Report - FAN Sustainability Committee

The Green Neighbors Faire was recently held (February 23rd) and about 200+ people attended in skill building workshops on topics such as raising chickens, bees. There were also 56 tablers who participated, including Carlos and Map Your Neighborhood information. EWEB also had a booth at the event. Additional volunteers were being sought for next year.

AGENDA ITEM: Regular Report - Public Safety & Crime Prevention Committee

It was reported that Nancy Ellen has been reaching out to her neighbors to develop a small neighborhood watch. The Map Your Neighborhood effort is underway.

AGENDA ITEM: Regular Report - Transportation Committee

It was reported that Christine, Bruce, and Andrew met for a quick brainstorm of the topic of transportation. Some identified areas of concern included the needs of all, walking paths, the current South Willamette projects engaged by the City of Eugene, high-speed areas, possible "hot spots" with possible safety issues, etc. The current sidewalk project and the South Willamette street projects are identified as existing transportation efforts underway. It is important that people can provide input. We should make sure the newsletter contains information on current projects. On the topic of the South Willamette street improvement project (24th to 32nd) meeting that was recently held, a board member reported that Alternatives 1 & 2 contained illustrations of trees between the sidewalk and travel lanes and that such placement is not practical/employable.

AGENDA ITEM: Communications - FANspeak

FANspeak is signing up to receive neighborhood news by e-mail. A sign-up link is available on the FAN website (www.FriendlyAreaNeighbors.org). There are about 200 people signed up to receive FANspeak news and announcements right now. The Second Saturday Art Walk on South Willamette has been announced through FANspeak.

AGENDA ITEM: Communications - Friendly Area Neighborhood Newsletter (deadline is March 18th)

It was reiterated that the deadline for the next newsletter is March 18th. Developing articles or items include: Spring General Meeting, Committees!, neighborhood surveys, Civic Stadium, open position on FAN Board, garage sale coming July 19th, 20th, 21st, Friendly Neighborhood Forum passes 800, how to sign up for FANspeak, then & now pics of 26th avenue and long-time residents asked to share memories/photos, summer picnic coming July 21st (contact us if you want to volunteer as a musician, food booth, info table, raffle donation of goods or services, set-up, tear-down, activities for kids, ?), the three South Willamette projects and the w 18th Ave paving project.

AGENDA ITEM: Communications - FAN website (www.FriendlyAreaNeighbors.org)

(the following report provided by Andrew via e-mail 03/11/13)

- researched, wrote and created/uploaded "A Brief History of the South Willamette Area in Eugene, Oregon" webpage and linked to it from top of history page or:

- added document identifying "Hospital Drive" proximal relationship to 20th Avenue:

- under history tab, under Historic Neighborhood Topics, broke the "Streetcars of Eugene" sections into two separate sections; one for the mule-drawn street railway and the electric street railway.
Linked to Lane County Historical Society image of the mule-drawn railway.

- Added written description of the 1891 - 1900 Street Railway route through Friendly.

- Uploaded map of the route the mule-drawn streetcar took through our neighborhood. Linked under Historic Neighborhood Topics or:

- uploaded historic pics of EWEB reservoirs (from summer newsletter), accessible under historic topics section or:

- created "Agenda" page and navigation bar item on front page of website:

- uploaded pics provided from board member Deb from former long-time resident of neighborhood of 26th Avenue in the 30's and 40's under FAN History Project on history page or:

- updates made for February and March Second Saturday Art Walk on South Willamette:

- created xml sitemap to aid in search engine indexing of our site.

- created html sitemap to aid people in navigating our website which is accessible on the bottom of the left-side, naviagation bar or:

- xml sitemap submitted to both google and yahoo/bing.

- added bios and pics from several board members prior to the winter general meeting:

- uploaded january 14th neighborhood dialogue/mediation notes:

- uploaded january 24th areas of focus work session notes:

- searched our old fanboard e-mails to find meeting minutes and have uploaded all our meeting minutes back to may 2008 that i can locate. there are gaps:

AGENDA ITEM: Communications - Friendly Neighbors Forum FNF (facebook.com/friendlyneighborsforum)

(the following report provided by Edward via e-mail 02/22/13)

804 Forum users, reaching 5,125 viewers/week (friends of Forum users)
Total available reach: 200,610 people

Hot topics:

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AGENDA ITEM: Old Business: Sidwalk Infill Project

It was reported that a meeting was expected this week with Julie Fisher to talk about the public outreach component of the project. This would be followed by a neighborhood meeting of unknown scope. The question was posed as to keeping the earliest meeting announcement focused on the immediate area of the project. A board member expressed that she knew people who lived in the west side of the neighborhood who frequently walk over the hill to Willamette Street. They likely had input on the project although they do not live immediately adjacent. A board member offered the opinion the timing was good right now to engage a public process in light of the current discussions and city projects focused around South Willamette. A board member referenced a 2008 memo on the subject as a guideline for engaging a public process. A board member read excerpts of the memo referencing development of a public process that includes opportunity for neighbor feedback and discussion of the proposed and alternative routes of the project.

AGENDA ITEM: New Business: Topics of Spring General Meeting (Thursday, April 18th)

It was reported that Pete Sorenson and Bonnie Bettman were interested in appearing to present and discuss important community issues; including possible city fees. A second possible meeting component was identified as sharing Disaster and Emergency Preparedness information. A third possible meeting component was to offer whatever current report was available on the issues surrounding College Hill Reservoirs and try to have official representation to respond to questions. A fourth possible agenda item was the recently formed committees (see above reports) and seeking volunteers to join. A fifth possible meeting component suggested was including a "social something" so participants could get to know one another. This might take place from 6:30 to 7:00 PM as a lead-in for the official meeting. It was suggested that if an official break is identified in the meeting, that such time is closely managed (limited?) as it has been observed that residents often exit the meeting during the break.

AGENDA ITEM: New Business: Summer Picnic (Sunday, July 21st)

The picnic will take place from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM. A neighborhood resident who performs in a bluegrass band sent a letter to the board offering to perform at the annual summer picnic. The band recently performed at the Friendly Street Market. Planning for the picnic might be managed by an ad-hoc committee. Identified tasks or areas included: bands/musicians, soliciting donations of goods and services from local businesses for the raffle, organizing the information tables, organizing a food booth or food cart participation, get-to-know-one-another game or event for residents, activities for the kids including Spray Play (we need to confirm the use until 8:00 PM if we can!). It was suggested that the Spring Newsletter contain an announcement on the summer picnic so we might seek volunteers earlier than later.

AGENDA ITEM: Items for consideration/discussion from Board Members

A board member identified the absence of a bike rack at the Washington Park Center and suggested one would be appreciated and used. It was identified that Parks and Open Space was probably the first contact to be made in pursuit of getting one installed or at least researching the matter. Board members offered to help realize a bike rack for Washington Park Center.


Notes by A. Fisher. Submitted 03/12/13.

The Friendly Area Neighbors (FAN) Executive Board meets the 2nd Monday of each month at the Washington Park Center beginning at 7:00 PM. The beginning of each meeting is devoted to public comment. Meet a neighbor...make a friend!

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