Friendly Area Neighborhood Association (FAN) Executive Board Meeting
Monday, March 8, 2010 7:00 to 9:00 pm
Washington Park Cottage
Bernie Corrigan and Carlos Barrera – Co-Chairs

  Attending:  Nancy Ellen Locke, Amy Henne, Nancy Classen, Andrew Fisher, Matt Lutter, Greg Giesy, Marv Glover

Absent:  Rob Tobias, Mike Howard, Mike Giroux,

Guests: none   PUBLIC INPUT: none


MINUTES (Amy Henne) Minutes for February meeting presented. Greg moves we approve with corrections on Adams School motion made at the last meeting.  Matt will send correction via email to be included in this month’s minutes.  Matt seconds.  1 abstention.  Carries.

ENI account                     664.92
OCCU checking                 1943.52
OCCU savings                               5.00
City of Eugene                 2439.43

  Neighborhood Survey:  Money has been credited to the FAN account and must be used by December 10, 2010.  This money can be applied to defray the cost of the Slip and Slide for the July Annual Picnic.

  NLC (Neighborhood Leaders Council) – Carlos.  New co-chair, Randy Prince, who is also co-chair of Amazon.

                  NEIC (Neighborhood Empowerment Initiative).  Bernie. No meetings

  NEIGHBORHOOD TRAFFIC CALMING AND PEDESTRIAN SAFETY  (Nancy Ellen Locke).  Folks on Jefferson are getting more involved and interested. Alice Davenport is the main contact there.  City is looking at Polk and trying to figure out what to do.  It is being discussed.  Footpaths will be installed along Amazon Trail and Westmoreland Park-per Carlos.

  COMMUNICATIONS newsletter and website.  (Andrew Fisher, Mike Giroux) Deadline for next newsletter is March 21st.  Got $200 credit for last newsletter.

Topics to include:  April 22nd General Meeting, Madison Meadow update, Spray Play, Civic Stadium, Summer Picnic, Garage Sale and Recycling Event, Summer Solstice Pancake Breakfast, Neighborhood Survey results, Adams school EWEB Greenpower grant, South Willamette Committee.

  SIDEWALK INFILL. (Carlos). Copies of Olive Street Urban Trails Project were handed out.  Good milestone on the project as a whole.  Will approach City about doing the Engineer’s report, which is needed for the permit. Carlos also brought up the idea of FAN getting it's own 501c3 so that we could offer tax credits for items other than just money.  He is shopping around and looking at what is available.



  Common Ground Garden Update (Matt).  Need official letter of support.  Nancy Ellen makes a motion to approve the letter.  Marv seconds.  Passes unanimously.

  “The Common Ground Garden currently being created in the Friendly Area Neighborhood (FAN) in the W 21st Ave right-of-way, at the intersection of Van Buren.  The Common Ground Garden is a benefit to our neighborhood and is enthusiastically supported by the FAN Executive Board. 

  The FAN Executive Board is encouraged by the following ways that the Common Ground Garden may benefit our neighborhood:

  Creating a visual improvement to a neglected city right-of-way
Helping create opportunities for neighbors to get together, build relationships, and improve community
Providing a needed source of fresh food for the neighborhood
Improving neighborhood food security
Providing opportunities for neighbors to acquire skills in sustainability, including growing a variety of foods
Acting as a model for other possible gardens in the neighborhood and throughout Eugene

  The Common Ground Garden Neighborhood Matching Grant is an excellent proposal and the FAN Executive Board gives it our full support.”

  Letter signed by Bernie and Carlos at the Board meeting.

  SPRAY PARK MEETING attended by Nancy Ellen and Greg. Poorly attended.  Unsure that money will be available to start this year.  Greg is going to try and get the landscape contractors involved, removing concrete and putting plants in for free.  Concrete chunks may be recycled through Friendly Farmer’s Group.


  APRIL GENERAL MEETING – to include SAVE CIVIC STADIUM update. Andrew suggests that we invite 4-J Board members to come and discuss.  Nancy Ellen makes a motion that Civic Stadium be the focus of the April General Meeting.  Amy seconds.  Approved unanimously.  Greg will write up the invitation.  Should be front-page discussion.  Andrew is interested about format. Nancy Ellen will invite Dennis Hebert to the meeting to sell t-shirts and other things.

  SOUTH WILLAMETTE / SOUTHTOWNE PLANNING – possible meeting tomorrow night where work area will be defined.  Nancy Ellen has been attending meetings with Patricia Thomas and making various neighborhood contacts. Starting to reach out to businesses in the area.  Will also be involving other neighborhood groups.  Looking at being part of VISION PLANNING for the City of Eugene with affordable housing included in the planning.  Amy makes a motion that Nancy Ellen be the primary contact for the FAN Board for this group.  Greg seconds.  Passes unanimously.

  SUMMER SOLSTICE PANCAKE BREAKFAST (SSPB) – Mike Giroux. Washington  Recreation Department needs to be contacted for face painting.

  July Picnic-Slip and Slide.  NEL is asking for $400 to fund the slip and slide for the Tenth Anniversary Picnic.  Nancy Ellen moves that the FAN Board approve use of an insured slip and slide paid for by the $400 City 2010-2011 allocated budget. Greg seconds. 6 approve, 2 opposed. 1 abstained. Motion is approved. $150 generated by the Neighborhood Surveys will be used to offset this cost.

  Adjourned 8:45 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
  Amy Henne
FAN Secretary/Treasurer