Friendly Area Neighbors Board Minutes - February 13, 2012

  Present:  Bernie, Carlos, Matt, Nancy Ellen, Greg, Edward, Kristina

  Guests:  Bruce Strimling, neighbor and neighborhood watch member; Kristin Grieger, neighbor

Crime: Bruce Strimling voiced his concern about a recent crime spike, 38 burglaries in Eugene in a week, 3 of which were in his immediate neighborhood. He suggested inviting Todd Schneider of the Eugene Police to come speak at one of our meetings and told us about potentially doing some volunteer citizen patroling. Greg asked if he would write an article for the newsletter and mentioned that we have some money available from an old neighborhood watch that might be used toward a crime prevention project.

Minutes from January meeting: motion to approve the minutes made by Greg. Bernie seconded. 6 in favor, none opposed, 1 abstaining. Motion passed.

NLC (Neighborhood Leaders Council): Carlos reported that Amazon neighbors want bike lanes on Willamette. Envision Eugene information is available online and there were some complaints that the timeline is too short. Opportunity siting recommendations were approved. Wegene award nominations are open, they are looking for feedback about poor participation last year. Co-chair elections are next month, Carlos was nominated.

Sidewalk infill: Carlos explained the project to the guests. Bruce Strimling stated that he and his neighbors want sidewalks on their street (23rd Ave) because it is a popular route for kids going to and from school.

Business Directory: Ed reported that they only received 6 responses from the newsletter article. He's concerned that the newsletter is not being sent to businesses, only residences. Bernie will look into the city's current mailing procedure. Nancy Ellen suggested Ed reach out to SOBA. Greg thought SOBA might be willing to distribute the newsletter to its members. Ed will contact them.

NLC Sustainability committee update: Matt reported that they successfully organized seminars for the Good Earth Home Show and announced the upcoming Green Neighbors Faire on March 3 at the First United Methodist Church (1376 Olive St).  

FAN policy regarding political appearances: Bernie wants to establish a written policy. Nancy Ellen reported past policy:
- invite all candidates to speak (allowing a stand-in if people were not able to make the meeting)
- equal time to each person (3 min.?)
- set time for questions with a limit for asking and answering
- have had people write down questions and had board members read them to keep things moving.

24th Street Rebuilding Project: Many people were concerned that the presentation at our general meeting was one sided. The city got a lot of time to speak while opponents were only allowed a brief time during the question and answer period. It was a suggested that equal time be given when a contentious topic is presented. The bicycle community was mobilized by the city but when follow-up bicycle planning volunteers were solicited from them, no one volunteered. Greg to talk to Friends of Trees about planting trees on 24th along the play field side to help calm traffic. Nancy Ellen to talk to George Brown about the city's weak protocol in assessing the traffic and parking realities on the street. Ed to give Nancy Ellen information from his planning community connections with the opinion that a one day study is inadequate.

Eugene Transportation Plan agenda: Nancy Ellen reported that Paul Moore of Arriving by Bike wants the city to add bicycle lanes to the Willamette Street draft plan. Nancy Ellen moved that we support bicycle lanes on Willamette Street. Carlos seconded. Greg suggested that we specify that we want bike lanes from 29th to 17th Avenues. Motion passed unanimously.

South Town area redevelopment: Carlos has been getting email from neighbors concerned about code changes that will dramatically change the area. Do we want to weigh in on the effect of the city's draft plan? Not at this time, we will continue to individually contribute to the process.  

Submitted by Kristina Lang. 2/13/12

Meetings are held the second Monday of the month at the Washington Park Recreation Center, 2025 Washington Street, Eugene. OR. The public is invited to attend.