Minutes from the FAN Executive Board Meeting
February 9, 2009

Present: Carlos Barrera, Bernie Corrigan, Greg Giesy, Amy Henne, Nancy Ellen Locke, Matt Lutter, Rob Tobias

Absent: Andrew Fisher, Mike Giroux, Mike Howard, Rick Grosscup, Nancy Classen, Dan Vishney

Guests: Bruce and Tracy Strimling


Bruce Strimling discussed his commitment to sustainable organic gardening at his home on the NW corner 23rd and Olive. His issue is that he has invested large sums of money to improve his property and build his garden and that would be lost should the sidewalk infill project proceed.

The property is 71 years old. He has lived in the property for 18 years. He also described expensive landscaping on his property that would be impacted by the sidewalk infill project that is currently proposed by FAN. Their family roots are deep in this community and asked that the current status by preserved.

He feels that the harmony of his neighborhood is being destroyed by this project and is asking that the project not proceed forward. Shares that other neighbors do not want it and feels that the project is being crammed down his throat. Feels that lack of sidewalk is not an impediment to quality of life in his neighborhood, but that to proceed with the infill project would diminish his quality of life. Feels that spending money on this project at the time there is such a crying need in other areas of life is immoral.


Reported that minutes were sent out 2x electronically with no corrections or additions from other Board members. Greg moves that we approve the minutes. Rob seconds. Minutes approved. Bernie abstains.


Rick emailed his report to Bernie who read it out loud to the Board. The transfer of the account to Oregon Community Credit Union has been delayed pending securing an IRS number for the FAN account. Excerpt of email sent to Bernie from Rick: Treasurer's report: bank accounts and cash in hand remain the same pending the opening of the new accounts in OCCU.† This is waiting the IRS response to our application for an ID#, FAN's own.† Carlos signed the app and I faxed it off.† They were supposed to fax it back, but did not.† So 2 week wait.† Other money at NEI remains the same, just under $1,000.† I have not had an update on City money since the last printout that we distributed.† When I get it I will propose a budget for an orderly spend down of City's monies. Discussion of budget cycle. Some discussion about April being a deadline for allotting the monies for remainder of the year. Bernie will talk to Cindy at the City this week to find out what is going on. Nancy Ellen asked that he report back to the Board as soon as he finds out something.


Neighborhood Leadership Council (NLC): Carlos Barrera & Greg Giesy. No report.

Neighborhood Empowerment Initiative (NEI): Bernie Corrigan. Requested that applications be submitted ASAP. March 7th, 6 hours total. Great opportunity for networking and meeting City employees.

Fillmore UPDATE, et al. Nancy Ellen Locke. No report

Eugene Neighbors, Inc. (ENI): Matt Lutter and Greg Giesy

FAN-CH (Friendly Area Neighborhood-College Hill): Rick Grosscup. Matching grant was turned in this afternoon. Greg will go to a meeting on Wednesday evening to discuss the grant. Excerpt from Rick Grosscupís email: FANCH† NMG is completed.† Greg is delivering to the City today, and will answer questions at the review on Thursday, I think.† Calls for work to start 5/15 and be done by 7/4 for a ribbon cutting by FAN, City and EWEB. Total for the grant: $8103.00 for the NMG and $138330 in matching value. This NMG has been 3 years in the making. Greg will be handling the grant while Rick is out of town. Carlos and Bernie as co-chairs of FAN will send a letter of thanks to EWEB and the City for the trashcan and dispenser for pet waste. FRIENDLY PARK: Greg Giesy & Nancy Ellen Locke. The grant is nearly finished. City must decide if they will install rocks and hold a ribbon cutting ceremony with remaining administrative funds. The wooden bracing remains in the part pending approval by the City to remove them. COMMUNICATIONS / FAN NEWSLETTER: Andrew Fisher and Mike Giroux. No report.

SAVE CIVIC STADIUM: Nancy Classen. No report.

SIDEWALK INFILL: Carlos Barrera. See public input comments listed above. Nothing new to report.

EWEB Grant: Matt Lutter. Is working with the folks at Adams School to write the grant. Will be submitting to EWEB. Nancy Ellen moves that FAN partner with the Solar Initiative at Adams School for the EWEB Greenpower Grant Proposal. Greg seconds. Passes unanimously.


Picnic Posters. Nancy Ellen brought forth the topic. Rob Tobias is interested in helping Nancy Ellen with this yearís poster. Greg moves and Bernie seconds. Passes unanimously. 200 posters with 40 laminated posters. Rob is encouraged to contact Andrew for the electronic file of last yearís poster.

Do you desire shoeless power lines? Per Nancy Ellen just call customer service at EWEB and they will come and cut them off.

At the close of the meeting, Greg generously moves that $200 is approved from ENI funds for a neighborhood pancake breakfast that Amy and Mike Giroux are discussing for warmer weather, perhaps Summer Solstice. Carlos seconds. Passed unanimously.


Meetings are held the second Monday of the month at the Washington Park Recreation Center, 2025 Washington Street, Eugene. OR. The public is invited to attend.

Respectfully submitted: Amy Henne, Board Secretary