Minutes from the FAN Executive Board Meeting
February 8, 2010

Present: Carlos Barrera, Bernie Corrigan, Nancy Ellen Locke, Mike Giroux, Amy Henne, Nancy Classen, Andrew Fisher, Matt Lutter, Greg Giesy

Absent: Rob Tobias, Marv Glover, Mike Howard

Guests: UO Journalism Students—Susie Banel, Chelsea Bishop, Kayla Anchell
Save Civic Stadium: Joyce Berman, Scott Landfield, Dennis Hebert

PUBLIC INPUT: Introduction of UO Journalism students


MINUTES (Amy Henne) Minutes for December meeting presented. Greg moves we approve. Matt seconds. 2 abstentions. Carries.



ENI account 664.92

OCCU checking 1943.52

OCCU savings 5.00

City of Eugene 3943.57 pending explanation from City

NEL (Nancy Ellen Locke) and Greg sent email regarding the $150 the City has yet to reimburse for the work they did on the neighborhood surveys. Amy will confirm deposit of funds.

NLC (Neighborhood Leaders Council) – Carlos. City property that is not being used should be for community gardens. 2 City Council members are in favor of doing this. LTD opened the cuts in service discussion. UO student volunteer availability discussed to assist with a variety of FAN projects. New committee formed for public safety and emergency preparedness. Carlos is working on this Committee with various public service departments across the City, including CERT. This planning is now happening on the neighborhood level.

NEIC (Neighborhood Empowerment Initiative) – Basically defunct. Bernie volunteered to be on the City liaison committee.

NEI -Greg did attend the yearly meeting. Only 3-4 neighborhoods were in attendance. There are no membership dues this year in order to encourage more neighborhoods to become involved.

NEIGHBORHOOD TRAFFIC CALMING AND PEDESTRIAN SAFETY (Nancy Ellen Locke). NEL reports no real response to her request for review of Polk Street issues. Carlos checked out Polk Street traffic calming. Feels that rumble strips would be appropriate for that area.

COMMUNICATIONS newsletter and website. (Andrew Fisher, Mike Giroux, Amy Henne). Newsletter that went out was significantly more expensive than originally planned. Andrew has made multiple requests for extra copies.

SIDEWALK INFILL. (Carlos) Has gotten back the rough draft from Julie Fisher on the work plan. Now working on a simple map for the neighborhood.


JANUARY GENERAL MEETING - held Thursday, January 21st at Washington Park. City Manager Jon Ruiz spoke and took questions about the relationship between Neighborhood Associations and the City. Following this, Lorna Baldwin led a discussion about making Washington Park a Pesticide Free Park and Lisa Arkin participated. Those present voted to have Washington Park be a pesticide-free park.

SAVE CIVIC STADIUM—Joyce Berman, Scott Landfield, Dennis Heber presented current information on the Stadium. On Feb 17ththere is another meeting—4-J wants to remove the historic designation on the building and change the 2 parcels adjacent to Civic to change the zoning of two properties in order to sell to potential developers. There has been no public hearing on this at all. 4-J will be going out for RFP’s. In removing the historic status of the building appears to be the first movement towards the demolition of the actual building.

Wants FAN to make a stronger statement about sale of the North lots and the removal of the historical designation. North lots were not part of the initial property. Remained zoned R-1. 4-J would like to see apartments there, changing it to R-2. Greg encouraged Civic Stadium folks to look further into this change of zoning. Greg related background related to Willard School and untruths related to timing and planning. Details specific to the historic legal aspects of the struggle to Save Civic Stadium.

Joyce passed out a timeline of public meetings that will be happening over the next 3 weeks. Joyce requested representative from FAN to testify at meeting. Carlos B., Greg G., Nancy C. will all attend the meeting the 17th at 4-J district office. Greg, as a representative from FAN will request that 4-J pay for a mailing for people to be informed of what is driving this process and what decisions are on the table.

There has been no formal needs assessment on the property by the City or 4-J and then whether or not there is someone who can take ownership and development responsibility of Civic Stadium. The major concern is over 4-J ‘s rush to put this through without adequate public input.


February 8, 2010

Friendly Area Neighborhood Association Executive Board goes on record as being opposed to the haste of the decision-making process regarding the future use and disposition of the Civic Stadium properties by 4-J School District.

Friendly Area Neighborhood Association Executive Board believes Civic Stadium to be a major historic feature and asset to the integrity of our neighborhood and the community at large.

Friendly Area Neighborhood Association Executive Board fears that quick action without full-informed public input and proper consideration by the school board will produce a result that is detrimental to our neighborhood and community.

NEL makes motion to approve. Greg seconds the motion. 3 abstentions. Motion carries.

SUMMER SOLSTICE PANCAKE BREAKFAST (SSPB) – Mike Giroux. Washington Cottage has been reserved for the event. Neighborhood Services has been contacted. Eating utensils, recycling has been. Recreation Department will be contacted for face painting.


SNAP: Greg G. received additional information about SNAP from the City and upcoming information. Nothing is resolved related to our concerns, but the conversation remains open.

July Picnic-Slip and Slide. NEL is asking for $400 to fund the slip and slide for the Tenth Anniversary Picnid. Nancy Ellen moves that the FAN Board approve use of an insured slip and slide paid for by the $400 City 2010-2011 allocated budget. Greg seconds. 6 approve, 2 opposed. 1 abstained. Motion is approved.


Meetings are held the second Monday of the month at the Washington Park Recreation Center, 2025 Washington Street, Eugene. OR. The public is invited to attend.

Respectfully submitted: Amy Henne, Board Secretary