Minutes from the FAN Executive Board Meeting
January 12, 2009

Present: Carlos Barrera, Bernie Corrigan, Andrew Fisher, Greg Giesy, Amy Henne, Nancy Ellen Locke, Mike Giroux, Matt Lutter, Rob Tobias, Dan Vishnty

Absent: Nancy Classen, Mike Howard, Rick Grosscup

Guests: Barbara Dumesnil


SECRETARYíS MINUTES: Minutes approved for December. No abstentions. Clarification that there are 3 signers on the account, but only one signature on the actual check.

TREASURERíS REPORT: Rick Grosscup. No report.


Neighborhood Leadership Council (NLC). Carlos Barrera & Greg Giesy. No report. Sustainability Committee is having a booth at the Green Show later this month at the Fairgrounds. Booth has been donated. Carlos will be doing solar cooking.

Neighborhood Empowerment Committee (NEI). Bernie Corrigan. Discussed the upcoming summit on Saturday, March 7th. Discussed how to continue empowerment of Neighborhood Associations. Outreach by neighborhood associations looking for diversity. Forms will be sent out to all the Board. 10 seats available.

Fillmore UPDATE. Nancy Ellen Locke. Yes. Polk Street has complete new configuration. The street was finished from 24th to 28. Fillmore will have its speed bumps, being packaged with 2 other cross-town projects. 27th St. from Amazon Pkwy to Portland is designated as one type of street from Portland to Lincoln is another type of street. There are different types of marking for different types of streets and traffic calming. Plastic field updateófinished. Westmoreland bike path will be pursued later. CALL: 682-4800 to report your favorite pothole.

Eugene Neighbors, Inc. (ENI) Matt Lutter and Greg Giesy. No report.

FAN-CH (Friendly Area Neighborhood-College Hill). Rick Grosscup and Greg Giesy. Reservoir neighborhood matching grantómoving slowly. Proposal is that there is an ADA path with curb cut out for wheelchair ramp. Path must meander rather than going straight so motorcycles donít have access. Greg suggested that project be done in pavers. Some discussion about what can and canít be done in pavers. Still negotiating minor details of implementation.

FRIENDLY PARK. Greg Giesy & Nancy Ellen Locke. The stretch equipment is in. Braces will come down in a few days to make sure concrete cures. Two dogwoods have been planted. 18 yards of playground mulch has been put into area under the adult stretch equipment. After grant is updated it will be determined how much money is left. Kiosk needs some work. Related to the cork bulletin board. It is being used by the neighborhood. NEL will talk to Marv.

COMMUNICATIONS / FAN NEWSLETTER. Andrew Fisher and Mike Giroux. Newsletter should come between the 15th and the 19th of the month. Andrew reviewed the contents of the newsletter for the Board showing a sample. Review of the Communications project by all and timeline.

SAVE CIVIC STADIUM. Nancy Classen. No report.

SIDEWALK INFILL. Carlos Barrera. Not a lot of progress. Call into an engineer for appropriate reports. Carlos now working on getting everything down on paper and incorporating creative ideas to make the project more visually interesting to pedestrians.


January General Meeting. We donít know if George Brown is coming or not. It has not been confirmed. If George does not show, Board members will report about the various projects that we have been working on.

Communications format. Bernie. Minutes and other written documents should be available in all formats. PDFs donít work.

Green Power grant through EWEB to be discussed further at the next meeting.


Meetings are held the second Monday of the month at the Washington Park Recreation Center, 2025 Washington Street, Eugene. OR. The public is invited to attend.

Respectfully submitted: Amy Henne, Board Secretary