Minutes from the January 11th, 2011 meeting of the Friendly Area Neighbors (FAN) Executive Board

Board members present:  Bernie, Carlos, Nancy Ellen, Greg, Nancy Clausen, Andrew, Mike G., Matt, Marv. Five guests.

  Gordon Kaswell played guitar and sang to give us an idea of his music, potentially to provide music for the Solstice Breakfast. 

  Mike Roberts from Master Development, with Carol and Stefanie, came to get input from us on what we would like to see happen with the Civic Stadium site.  We told them we would like to see the stadium preserved.  They said they didnít know what they were going to propose, though the owners were inclined toward condos.

  Matt Rasmussen spoke on the issue of 4J possibly closing Adams School . Discussion followed.  Bernie moved FAN draft a letter to 4J opposing the closing of Adams . Carlos second. Unanimous approved.

  Minutes approves as amended.

  Nancy Ellen reports that the City is still talking about the advisability of 22nd Ave. sidewalks going all the way through to Willamette .

  We decided to have our regular board meeting on Valentines Day.

  Greg moved we support Paul Conteís letter to the City Council on the issue of growth issues conforming to standards recommended by the Infill Compatibility Working Group and the Opportunity Siting Group.  Carlos second.  5 ayes, 2 opposed, 2 abstain.

  Nancy Ellen reports that Patricia Thomas will send out post cards re SoBA area planning.

  Andrew says he would like someone else handle the neighborhood garage sale and recycling event that is associated with our annual picnic.

  Submitted by Carlos Barrera.