Minutes from the FAN Executive Board Meeting
January 11, 2010

Present: Carlos Barrera, Bernie Corrigan, Nancy Ellen Locke (NEL), Mike Giroux, Amy Henne, Nancy Classen, Mike Howard

Absent: Rob Tobias, Marv Glover, Matt Lutter, Andrew Fisher

Guests: Matt Sprick (SOBA)

PUBLIC INPUT: Matt Sprick for Southtowne Business Association (SOBA)-meeting tomorrow at 4:30 pm to discuss SNAP and other collaboration possibilities, including opportunity siting. FAN will be the only neighborhood association present. Will be focused more on opportunity siting aspects of the plan and how to bring more residents to area to live and shop.


MINUTES (Amy Henne) Minutes for December meeting presented. Bernie moves we approve. Greg seconds. 1 abstention. Carries.



ENI account 664.92

OCCU checking 1943.52

OCCU savings 5.00

City of Eugene 3943.57

NEL (Nancy Ellen Locke) and Greg will send email regarding the $150 the City has yet to reimburse for the work they did on the neighborhood surveys.

NLC (Neighborhood Leaders Council) Carlos. No NLC in January. State of the Neighborhood address sounds like a good idea. Tuesday, August 3, National Night Out scheduled.

NEIC (Neighborhood Empowerment Initiative) Bernie reports that it did not meet. Greg moves that Bernie will stay in current role. NEL seconds. No discussion. Unanimous approval.

NEIGHBORHOOD TRAFFIC CALMING AND PEDESTRIAN SAFETY (Nancy Ellen Locke). Recent pedestrian accident between Lincoln and Washington on West 29th was discussed. Denise Satterfield was seriously injured by a hit and run driver. She was walking in the street because there were no sidewalks. Her medical bills total over $53,000 and she is uninsured with a significant head injury in addition to orthopedic injuries. She may be permanently disabled. Front-page article in Register Guard on 1/10/2010. Good argument for sidewalk infill. To be continued.

ADDENDUM FROM NANCY ELLEN: Discussion of incomplete sidewalks in FAN and the lack of a current infill process that would apply within FAN. It was suggested that possibility the best times to have sidewalk infill would be when the ownership of the property changed hands or when there were significant improvements to the property. We questioned how best to get the City of Eugene's attention on this very important problem.

Carlos checked out Polk Street traffic calming. Feels that rumble strips would be appropriate for that area. NEL has not heard anything back in response to her email from last month. NEL point out there is no double yellow line on Polk. Carlos has been filling cracks on his street with City provided materials. Wants to be seen as a neighborhood example.

COMMUNICATIONS (newsletter and website) (Andrew Fisher, Mike Giroux, Amy Henne). Andrew submitted a written report.

SIDEWALK INFILL. (Carlos) Continues to look for other donors and labor. Still a work in progress. Completed a work proposal and submitted to Julie Fisher Consulting.


JANUARY GENERAL MEETING set for Thursday, January 21st at Washington Park. City Manager Jon Ruiz is scheduled to come. Mr. Ruiz will be appearing to speak about the relationship between Neighborhood Associations and the City. He will then take questions. Following this, Lorna Baldwin will lead a discussion about making Washington Park a Pesticide Free Park and Lisa Arkin will participate. Amy and NEL will take care of refreshments.

APRIL GENERAL MEETING. STATE OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD. Paul Holvey, Pete Sorenson, Neighborhood Survey results.



General Meetings (to be held the second to the last Thursday of the designated month): January 21, April 22, July 25, and October 21st.

Bernie proposes a rule that General Meetings are to be held the second to the last Thursday of the designated months January, April and October. Annual Summer Picnic to be the last Sunday of July. Sunday closest to Summer Solstice will be designated for the Summer Solstice Pancake Breakfast (SSPB). Amy seconds. 5 approve, 1 abstention. Motion carries.

SUMMER SOLSTICE PANCAKE BREAKFAST (SSPB) Mike Giroux. Washington Cottage has been reserved for the event. Neighborhood Services has been contacted. Eating utensils, recycling has been. Recreation Department will be contacted for face painting.


Meetings are held the second Monday of the month at the Washington Park Recreation Center, 2025 Washington Street, Eugene. OR. The public is invited to attend.

Respectfully submitted: Amy Henne, Board Secretary