Friendly Area Neighbors Board Minutes - January 9, 2012

Present: Bernie, Carlos, Matt, Nancy Ellen, Greg, Mike G., Andrew, Edward, Kristina

Guests: Randy Prince, co-chair of Amazon Neighbors; Paul Moore, owner of Arriving By Bike; Patricia Thomas, Associate Planner with the City of Eugene Planning Dept.; Erik Burke, Director of Friends of Trees Eugene

Neighborhood Matching Grants for the Map Your Neighborhood program: Randy Prince is writing a grant for $5,000 for the MYN program. He wants to get a critical mass of neighborhoods involved. He is looking for 12 people from FAN to host MYN events. He also asked us to endorse his grant proposal. Carlos motioned that we endorse the proposal. Greg and Ed seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Bicycle lanes on S. Willamette: Paul Moore advocated for bicycle access on S. Willamette from 29th to 24th, noting that it was lacking from the draft concept plan. He pointed out that you can park 12 bicycles in the space of 1 car, that not having them is inconsistent with the City's goal of reducing carbon emissions, that automobiles don't have exclusive right to the roadway, and that streets are not there for the convenience of the businesses. He believes the city should include full access for bicycles on Willamette Street.

Patricia Thomas came as a resource for our questions about Willamette Street. She said that the $150,000 master plan study is upcoming. She reiterated that the draft plan is ever changing. Also, she said that the next planning event will likely be a gallery-style casual discussion at the Atrium in early February.

Minutes from 12/12/11: Motion to approve the minutes proposed by Bernie? Seconded by ?. 7 in favor, none opposed, 2 abstaining. Motion passed.

FAN web site: Andrew added a pdf of the latest newsletter, an updated map, and two audio files.

Business Directory: Ed reported that they are getting responses from the newsletter article. They have about 250 listings and have gained another 60+ email addresses.

Neighborhood report: Greg needs information ASAP for the report. The City wants significant accomplishments, greatest needs, etc... Greg passed his draft list around and people added to it.

24th Avenue rebuilding project: Greg presented the letter that he and Nancy Ellen wrote regarding inadequate speed testing. The concern is that the city may use the information to justify removing the existing traffic calming bump outs to make room for bike lanes and possibly to make their upcoming paving project easier. There is a major safety concern along 24th, especially between Polk and Chambers, when the sports fields are active. Matt identified 22nd Avenue as a more desirable street to bike on. Nancy Ellen proposed a street design for 24th Avenue that keeps the bump outs, paints a double yellow line down the center of the street, and designates it as a "bicycle boulevard" with signage and large bicycles stencils on the roadway. Nancy Ellen and Greg will draft a letter on behalf of the board. Motion to approve the letter based on the discussion. Motion passed unanimously.

Tree planting: Erik Burke told us about the neighborhood trees program. They help plant yard and street trees for $35-$75. They also have a tree inspector program to check up on the trees. They've scheduled a planting for the Jefferson Westside Neighbors in March and want to get one going in FAN.

Smart Meters: Bernie voiced concern about EWEB potentially installing smart meters due to the class II carcinogen transmitted by emf. Also, there was a question about whether EWEB would pass savings on to customers who use power, at night for example, when there is less demand and rates should be lower. Matt told us that the health effects are minimal because the meters only transmit for 10 seconds per day with less power than a cell phone or microwave oven. The board agreed that more research should be done to followup. Andrew suggested that this could be a point-counterpoint topic for the next newsletter.

Submitted by Kristina Lang. 1/13/12

Meetings are held the second Monday of the month at the Washington Park Recreation Center, 2025 Washington Street, Eugene. OR. The public is invited to attend.