Friendly Area Neighborhood Newsletter - October 2010
Slug Queen seeks volunteers to aid in Washington Park clean-up
By Lorna Baldwin, Coordinator, Volunteers in Parks

Saturday, October 23rd may be the last Washington Park volunteer day for 2010! Bring your children, cousins, and long-lost friends as Her Royal Majesty Queen Slugasana (also a Friendly Neighbor) will do a little weeding her royal self. And who knows what frivolity that might bring to the park…

The fun will start at 10:00 am and (if there are enough hands) the work will be finished by noon. We will be planting a replacement tree, mulching and seeding more tree wells, using the wire wheel to remove weeds from the sidewalk cracks and of course, regular weeding. There will be tools, gloves, snacks and tasks for all ages.

To date 31 tree wells and one landscape bed have been adopted by individuals or families in the neighborhood. Adopt-a-Park participants put in a request to the City for the landscape around the new pool to be native plants and blueberries (beautiful fall color)…carrying on the work of previous volunteers who planted the native plant area between the tennis courts and the pool.

For more information or to RSVP (very helpful) please contact: Volunteers in Parks coordinator, Lorna Baldwin by telephone at 541-682-4845 or by e-mail at Hope to see you there!
Fall General Meeting & Executive Board Elections October 21st
By Bernie Corrigan, FAN Board Co-Chair

All residents of Friendly Area Neighbors are invited to the FAN Fall General Meeting Thursday, October 21st at 7:00 PM at the Washington Park Cottage.

The meeting will open with an update on ideas being discussed for the future of South Willamette (see article page 3). Nancy Ellen Locke of FAN and Matt Sprick of Southtowne Business Association will talk about how the two groups and the City are collaborating to envision how to take advantage of the successes along the street between 24th and 29th. They will touch on ideas that have come up on how to foster an even more vibrant commercial and residential district and a safer street that better accommodates pedestrians and bicycles as well as vehicles. Patricia Thomas with the Planning Division will also be present to discuss how the City is helping and how Opportunity Siting, finding good places to incorporate well designed apartment, row houses, and other kinds of housing, could fit into the future of the area.

After the discussion of Opportunity Siting, we will hold the election for the FAN Board of Directors.  If you want to get involved with the Board PLEASE throw your hat in the ring.  After goodies, about 8:00 PM, the film Last Season, the story of the last season of baseball at Civic Stadium, will be presented by the film's co-director Bruce Kubert.
Block party was FABulous!
By Julie Marchini, FAB Block Party Committee

A huge THANKS to ALL who participated in the first –and hopefully annual – Friendly Area Businesses (FAB) Open House and Block Party on Sunday August 22nd.  Hundreds of friendly folk attended the 6 –hour - celebration of all things Friendly that featured dozens of local food producers, neighborhood artists and musicians, as well as a showcase of the Friendly Area Businesses.

The event transformed the currently vacant LUCiA lot across from Friendly Street Market into a colorful mélange of booths, vendors and revelers complete with a solar powered music venue.  A carnival atmosphere prevailed with the street and sidewalks filled with folks young and old walking, biking, strolling, skating and more.

We would like to give a special thanks to Andrew Fisher from FAN for his help in promoting the event in the FAN newsletter as well as hosting a FAN table at the block party.  The face painting was a much-appreciated addition for kids of all ages!
EWEB prepared for emergency water distribution should need arise
By Joe Harwood, EWEB External Communications Coordinator

The Eugene Water & Electric Board has a series of Emergency Action Plans in place for various scenarios ranging from a drought or the shutdown of the Hayden Bridge Water Filtration Plant to flooding and other natural disaster. It is difficult to forecast every possible situation when it comes to emergency water distribution. However, the information below should provide a high-level view of the plans the utility has in place.

  Depending on the location and magnitude of the outage, EWEB would use public announcements, up to and including the Emergency Alert System, to refer customers to locations where potable water is available. In cases where the outage is localized, potable water would be available near most of EWEB’s 27 reservoirs, or other facilities where the utility’s lab technicians have certified the water as safe for consumption.

  In situations of drought or water shortage, EWEB would launch its Metropolitan Curtailment Plan. This program includes four phases, from the advisory “please postpone new plantings” stage, to the Stage Three emergency where prohibitions on non-essential water use are implemented. Stage Four, the worst-case scenario, includes a boiled water message and limits water uses to those that are necessary for human health and safety.

  In the event EWEB requires the assistance of other utilities to treat and deliver water, a mutual aid agreement between the Springfield Utility Board, Rainbow Water District and EWEB is in place. Interconnections between the three utilities are also in place in case of an emergency, which would provide EWEB minimal support in such an event.

  Should an event – natural or otherwise – somehow limit all three utilities, the Oregon Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network (ORWARN) would be activated to bring in assistance (people, equipment and materials) from other utilities in the state. Such a dire situation would likely lead to the activation of the Oregon National Guard and the Red Cross to help distribute water.

  But rather than waiting for others to come help immediately, EWEB recommends that all residents be prepared for any type of disaster or shutdown of services. EWEB recommends that every household keep an emergency supply of water and other provisions on hand to meet the needs of the household for three days. In any major disaster or a long-term interruption of vital services, it might be several days before assistance is available. For more information, go to:
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South Willamette Area Pilot Planning Project
(This article was originally printed in the Fall 2010 edition of the Friendly Area Neighborhood Newsletter

As you heard in the July FAN Newsletter, the blocks around South Willamette between 24th and 29th Avenues are the subject of a promising planning study. FAN leaders and the Southtowne Business Association (SoBA) had started working together to find a way to enhance South Willamette as a pedestrian, bicycle and shopping street and to attract more kinds of housing development into the area. After hearing about city initiatives under way to address these kinds of issues, FAN and SoBA invited city Planning and Public Works staff to participate in discussions about South Willamette, and initiated a visioning process aimed at achieving these goals.

The project is taking advantage of the city’s Opportunity Siting (OS) program, which targets finding good locations for desirable denser housing such as apartments, condos and row houses. As a starting point, the community has begun to paint a vision for what Willamette Street and the area between Amazon Park and the base of College Hill might look like in the next 20 years. This project is serving both as a pilot for the OS program and a tool to test some of the ideas in Envision Eugene…the planning process underway to determine how our city is to grow by 34,000 people in the next 20 years (see Envision Eugene meeting announcement in this newsletter). Those who have been involved in the visioning work for the South Willamette area thus far are supportive of quite dense housing development in the area and want to start talking about possibilities for street and transportation improvements.

It is time for more neighbors and business owners to get involved. It is still early in the process, with interesting preliminary ideas being proposed by people from the area… a great time to join in the discussion! Please use the contact information below to let Nancy Ellen, Matt, or Patricia know that you would like to participate!

Next Event:
WHAT: Project update at FAN General Meeting October 21st, 2010

Next Steps:
Fall and Winter 2010-11: Opportunities to share your ideas and concerns through stakeholder surveys, focus groups, or workshops.
Spring University of Oregon Design Studio: Studying the streetscape and the types of buildings that would work well in the area.
Spring: Apply for grant funding for street design

Project leads and contacts:
FAN: Nancy Ellen Locke,
SoBA: Matt Sprick,
Planning: Patricia Thomas,

As the conceptual vision above shows, neighbors and business people are starting to imagine a very vibrant business street along South Willamette and Oak Streets and an active neighborhood with interesting new housing options! From 24th to 29th Avenues this vision shows lots of trees along Willamette Street to improve the atmosphere for business, shopping and walking. Over the next 20 years, the participants envision much more housing in all types of buildings from row houses to high rises. This is a view looking north along Willamette St. Notice the Amazon Park in the upper right corner. This very preliminary, concept level vision from a FAN and SoBA workshop illustrates the level of housing density and street improvements the participants would like to see in the next 20 years. Next steps include additional workshops and market evaluation of development potential.
Garage Sale & recycling event results
By Andrew Fisher, FAN Board member & newsletter Editor

The 3rd annual Friendly Area Neighbors garage sale was held July 23rd thru 25th. Approximately 48 "official" sales were held over 3 days however numerous other sales were evident across Friendly that weekend. Support for the event was also provided by Little Y Market and Friendly Street Market.

The recycling event took place at Washington Park July 25th. A St. Vincent de Paul trailer was a popular resource for those who wanted to dispose of stuff. New this year were receptacles for accepting commingled recyclables provided by Sanipac. Home improvement items were accepted by the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and electronics were received by NextStep Recycling. According to Enid Lefton of NextStep, event participants "kept 571 lbs of stuff out of the landfill by donating it to NextStep. We will reuse whatever we can and responsibly recycle what can't be reused."

Feedback for next year's recycling event included receiving scrap metal.
Envision Eugene Open House October 28th
Submitted by Terri Harding, City of Eugene Planning Division

Over the summer, city staff have been analyzing different methods of planning for growth, concentrating on major transportation corridors, neighborhood hot spots and neighborhood edges.  Come downtown to see and hear about findings and themes that are shaping into a draft concept plan for how and where Eugene should grow.  Also view work produced by the Community Resource Group, art created by Eugene 6th graders, and a demonstration of modeling software being used to look at different growth options.

What Envision Eugene Open House and Map Room

Where Downtown Library Bascom-Tykeson Rooms

When 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM October 28th, 2010

Why To provide an informational update on Envision Eugene and gather input for our draft concept plan

Cost Free, light refreshments served

Additional information may be found on the Envision Eugene website:
Dutch elm disease takes FAN tree
By Greg Giesy, FAN Board member

By the time you get this newsletter the neighborhood will have lost one of its largest trees. The large elm in the backyard of a house on 19th between Willamette and Olive is being cut down while I am writing this article because of Dutch elm disease.

The tree was losing some of its small lower limbs. When my neighbor asked mewhat she should do about the tree, I told her to get an arborist out to look at the tree. She did and he recommended that a City of Eugene arborist should take a look. Test samples were taken and sent to OSU where they found proof of Dutch elm disease. Unfortunately there is nothing that could be done for the tree and it becomes a hazard for other elms if it is not taken down.

I am always saddened by the loss of a tree especially a large older tree but trees just like people have life expectancies. My suggestion is to learn about and take care of the trees you have and if you have the right space for a tree that will get large think about planting one so our neighborhood never runs out of old, beautiful, large trees.
Rock climbing opportunity for youth and families
Colette Ramirez, City of Eugene Recreation Services.

Please join the City of Eugene Outdoor Program for a weekly drop-in rock climbing event at the Arts and Technology Academy!

Youth (ages 4+) and families are invited to join us Wednesdays from October 6th to December 15th from 5:30-8:30 p.m.  Come learn how to rock climb, practice skills, and spend quality time with friends and family! 

The first event of the season on Oct. 6th is free, otherwise it is $5 per person or $75 for a season family pass, which includes climbing, equipment, and instruction.  It is a drop-in event so registratoin is not necessary. Feel free to inquire with Colette Ramirez if you have any questions by telephone at (541) 682-6321 or by e-mail at We hope to see you on the rock wall!
Thank you to local businesses for supporting FAN summer picnic
By Andrew Fisher, FAN Board member & newsletter Editor

Actors Cabaret of Eugene
Alterations by Jacquie
Barry’s Espresso & Bakery
Billy Mac’s Bar and Grill
Café Mam
Chapala Mexican Restaurant
Dari Mart
Down to Earth
Eugene Ballet
Eugene Center for Acupuncture
Friendly Street Café
Friendly Street Church of God
Friendly Street Market
Fox Hollow Creek Nursery
The Healthy Pet
Hult Center
In Shape Athletic Club
Jenny’s Hair Company
Katherine Bragg, LMT
KORU Health Center
Longs Meat Market
Market of Choice
Oregon Community Credit Union
Papa John’s Pizza
Play It Again Sports
Rite Aide
State Farm
STUDIO – E Architecture PC
Sunrise Foods
Supreme Bean Coffee Company
Three Forks Wok & Grill
True Value Hardware
Tsunami Books
UPS Store
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